Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Havoc DLC: Mark 25, Perks, Keycards, Glitches, ‘Game Over, Man!’

A complete guide for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Havoc DLC.

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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Havoc DLC was recently released and we have a complete guide for the same. Using this guide, you will be able to unlock every achievement/trophy in the game inducing  ‘Game Over, Man!’ for both modes, single player and co-op.. We also have complete guides on the locations of the four key cards i.e. Oz, Lilith, Decker and Kahn’s card, along with locations for handprint scanners. This guide also includes how you can level up your weapons to Mark 25 instead of the usual Mark 20.

We also take a look at several perks, weapons and abilities this DLC offers along with several glitches such as unlimited rounds: 50+, reaching the top of the Urban Sky barrier & going out of map, and best high rounds pile up glitch.

Mark 25 upgrade, Keycards locations, ‘Game Over, Man!’ achievement trophy/guide:

You need to find the crashed warbird’s black box. You can find it near the entrance of the Exo Medic. Once you get there, go behind the bus  and grab it. Then you need to place the Black Box in the computer. The computer is in the Morgue which is situated next to the power switch of the Exo Reload. Place it and then you need to find four security cards to gain access to the consoles.

The first card is the Oz’s card which is found in a glass box in the Holding area. But in order to reach there you need Exo Slam ability. Once you get there, you would need to smash two glass cells but make sure you shoot the pipe close before smashing the glasses. Doing so will pop out the Oz’s card. Next you need the Kahn’s card but first you need to get infected. Once you are infected, you will find four boxes with green lights on the wall. Go there and press them. The locations of these lights are:

The first one of towards the left of the security window near Exo Medic. The next one is one across the double door near the Upgrade station. The third one is near a trash can where you will find a locked door. The last is near a ledge which can be access using Exo Jump ability. Once you find them all, the card will be available in the security window.

The third card is the Lilith’s card but you need a laser weapon like the EM1. Once you have one, blast the 3D printer using the laser weapon and buy it. Once done, you can find the card from the 3D printer.

The last card is the Decker’s card and getting it is bit tricky. If you are playing solo, you need to get to the incinerator room where you will trash chutes. Purchase one of them and walk away from them asap. Buy the chute but this time don’t move and you will land in the incinerator room. If you are playing in co-op mode, unlock the chutes, but both players have to be at the chutes at the same time. This will give them access to the incinerator room.

Once you reach there, shoot the ground and press the use button continuously. The card is buried underneath the trash.

After gaining all the four cards, you need to upgrade it. For that you need to kill zombies, which in turn will drop key cards. Once each card is upgraded to level 49, you need to return to the computer station. You will then need to find a handprint scanner to reach level 50. The scanners for each of the cards are at:

Lilith: Morgue, Decker: Back stairwell in the Exo Room, Kahn: MP11 in Administration, Oz: Exo Medic in Holding.

Once this is done, go back to Black Box Station and insert the keycard. Go to the Exos and use one. You will then see a Warbird hovering around outside, which will be shot down. At this point the achievement Game Over, Man! will get unlocked. If you go back to the Exo Room, and you pick another exo, you will gain access to a secret upgrade station. Using this you will be upgrade your weapons to Mark 25 instead of Mark 20.

Perks and Weapons:

Here is a complete look at all the perks and weapons that this DLC offers.

All ‘Exo Abilities’/Perk Locations in Exo Zombies Outbreak:


Unlimited Rounds: 50+ Team Glitch:

Ontop of Urban Sky Barrier & Out of Map:

Best High Rounds Pile Up Glitch:

Solo Out of Map Core:

Achievements and trophy guide:

Below you will find the complete guide for every achievement and tropy you can unlock in the game.

I’m Alive!
Survive until round 10.

Survive until round 25. Refer video guide above.

Upgrade 2 weapons to level 20.

Have 15000 credits in the bank

Acquire the Exo suit without spending any money.

Burgle Burgle Burgle
Steal 10 kills from a teammate.

Game Over, Man!
Call in a rescue. Already covered in the guide above.

Come On And …
Slam 10 zombies at once.

PC Load Letter
Use the 3D Printer 15 times in a single match.

Do You Even Exo?
Exo Melee kill 10 zombies in 30 seconds.

This guide will be updated once we have more information on the game.

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