Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare – Retribution Mega Guide: Beast From Beyond, Collectibles, Locations And More

A guide for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s Retribution DLC.

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The newest DLC pack for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is out now. You know what to expect from it- it adds some more multiplayer maps, and it expands and continues upon the story of the game’s Zombies mode.

You don’t need my help with the multiplayer maps- realistically, the reason these expansions are as popular as they are is because of the Zombies mode. Everyone knows that- okay, that’s a lie, I’m sure lots of people actually care about the multiplayer maps too. Still, Zombies is what most need help with- that’s what we are dealing with here. That, and the Trophies/Achievements.


Zombies Mode is actually fairly easy this time around- the entire process can be broken down into seven simple steps:

Turn on the power

For this drop through the hole i the ground to collect N31L’s head, and return to the main area and put it into the terminal

Get the Entangler weapon- this is necessary to find two of the four hidden floppy discs you will need later

  • Activate the first “Ghosts and Skulls” skull, which spawns as an 8-bit skull icon randomly in the spawn room
  • In the cargo bay, there are four very small X’s on the ground- each member should stand next to one of them, and battle the hordes of zombies without moving until the Skull icon rises out of the ground. Collect it
  • The Entangler Bay will now spawn in the spawn room (go figure)

Collect the four floppy discs

Go to the hallway next to the Bang Bangs perk machine, and find a metal grate that you can see a floppy behind- shoot it with the Entangler, which will cause it to drop off in a random location

Collect a White Helmet with the Entangler, and take it to the Cryptid autopsy room. You will find a blue force field in a corner. Throw the helmet through it at the monitor, disabling the force field, and collect your second floppy disc from there

For the third floppy disc, you need to collect three satellite parts:

The last floppy disc is to the left of the P-a-P portal, in the snow

Figure out which order to insert the floppy discs in. This is where things can get complicated- you need to memorize the symbol on your floppy, find the white lists if floppy combinations across the map, and find the list that has all four symbols as the floppies you found. Read that list top to bottom, left to right- that will give you the order to insert the floppies.

Complete the 4X4 switch puzzle in the med-bay- remember, this is pure problem solving skill here. Reset the puzzle if you feel you have gone wrong at any step.

  • Completing the puzzle hacks N31L’s head. This is good- but now you have a limited time to get the next few things done:
    • Go back to the spawn room
    • Use the Entangler to get N31L’s head
    • Drop it on the desk in the Projector Room
    • At this point, prepare for the final battle
  • Defeat the final boss

That’s it! We are done. Check out the video below for a full video walkthrough of the mode, if you want some actual visual aid to go with the steps:

Collectibles and their locations:

Additionally, for some of the smaller collectibles and easter eggs, we have some further videos for you to peruse:

All 15 Astronaut Doll Locations:

Getting the Venom-X and Upgrading It

Perk Machines

Alien Fuse Parts

Easter Eggs


Cracking Skulls
In The Beast From Beyond, complete Skullbreaker.

Failed Maintenance
In The Beast From Beyond, kill zombies with every trap.

The End?
In The Beast From Beyond, collect the final piece of the Soul Key.

Broken Record
In The Beast From Beyond, unlock the hidden song.

Double Feature
In The Beast From Beyond, return to the theater.

Egg Slayer
In The Beast From Beyond, equip the Venom-X.

Encryption Decryption
In The Beast From Beyond, Pack-a-Punch the Venom-X twice.

Friends Forever
In The Beast From Beyond, fully restore N31L.

Message Sent
In The Beast From Beyond, send the Turnstile back to the past

Super Duper Combo
When playing Skullbreaker, build a combo of size 10 or larger

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