Call of Duty Infinite Warfare: Weapons, Gadgets, Robots And More Detailed

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call of duty infinite warfare

One thing is for sure- after a terrible debut that went on to be one of the most disliked in history, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare seems to have won people over with its E3 showing. It wasn’t anything special, but it looks to be a well made shooter, and one that will be able to provide players with the kind of tightly controlled cinematic Call of Duty experience that made the franchise so big in the first place- and which was something that last year’s Black Ops 3‘s campaign failed to deliver on.

Arguably the most intriguing aspect of this campaign, and of this game at large, is the very aspect of it that proved to be the most controversial upon its debut- the futuristic space setting. Speaking to gamereactorTV, narrative director Taylor Kurosaki and design director Jacob Minkoff explained exacttly what this setting would entail.

“In your normal on ground Call of Duty combat, we have all sorts of other features as well. Since we are in the future, we have some interesting weaponry, like in our demo you saw the pellet sight, which is a type of shotgun that will track the different parts of your opponent’s body, and target the pellets towards that. You saw we have a seeker grenade, which is this kind of spiderbot that you throw out on the ground, and it goes and runs after your enemies and tracks them and jumps on to them, and you have to watch out, because the enemy can also use them against you.

“And we have all sorts of interesting things, like this hacking mechanic that allows you to take over robots, even if they are inside another vehicle- so you saw this robot that was inside another vehicle self destruct, causing it to crash. So there’s lots and lots of new abilities that you have, and opportunities on the ground as well.”

On the whole, it sounds like Infinite Warfare will be giving players a far more nuanced and varied arsenal of abilities and weapons than any previous Call of Duty game. It has my interest now- let’s see if the final game lives up to this kind of promise, when it launches in November this year on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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