Call of Duty: WW2 Mega Guide- Scorestreaks, Prestige, Divisions, and More

A complete guide for Call of Duty: WW2.

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It’s November, which means that, as is the case every single year, we have a brand new Call of Duty game out. This year’s game takes the series back to its roots.

This guide walks you through those mechanics- we’re going to discuss perks, Divisions, scorestreaks, Headquarters, Prestige level, weapons, unlocking epic weapons and uniforms, unlocking Nuke V2 Rocket, getting rare supply drops, leveling up faster, Zombie mode- Final Reich perks, Final Reich weapons, and Final Reich power ups.


Training Perks in Call of Duty: WW2 give you passive and active abilities, as well as bonuses on the battlefield that can help. The following ones are the ones that are available to you:

  • Hustle: Reload faster, and spring while reloading
  • Espionage: Opponents with score streaks, and opponents who have killed you, appear on the minimap
  • Forage: Obtain supplies and ammo from fallen enemies; swap weapons quicker
  • Gunslinger: Fire gins while sprinting and diving
  • Lookout: You can see enemies from much farther away
  • Requisitions: Your score streak will not be reset when you die; but your score streak is also scorable only once
  • Launched: Makes your secondary weapon a launcher
  • Rifleman: You can now have two rifles instead of one
  • Bang: You get to carry an extra tactical and Mk 2 Frag Grenade.
  • Duelist: Your primary weapon can have double attachments


Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 was the first game in the series to introduce classes, and World War 2 turns them into ‘Divisions’. There are five divisions in World War 2.

Expeditionary: Specialize in Explosives


  • Rank I- Shotgun Incendiary Shells
  • Rank II- Select Both Tactical And Lethal Equipment
  • Rank III- Throw Equipment Farther and Faster While Sprinting
  • Rank IV- Resupply Equipment From Killed Enemies
  • Rank V- Classified Shotgun Unlock

Armored: The ‘tank’ class


  • Rank I- LMG Bipod
  • Rank II- Immune To Shellshock
  • Rank III- Take Less Fire Damage
  • Rank IV- Take Less Explosive Damage
  • Rank V- Classified LMG Unlock

Airborne: For players favoring run-and-gun


  • Rank I- SMG Suppressor
  • Rank II- Sprint For Longer Distances
  • Rank III- Climb Over Obstacles Faster
  • Rank IV- Increased Spring Speed
  • Rank V- Classified SMG Unlock

Army Infantry: Specializing in using rifles


  • Rank I – Bayonet
  • Rank II- Additional Primary Attachment
  • Rank III-Additional Magazine
  • Rank IV-Move Faster While Aiming Down Sights
  • Rank V- Classified Rifle Unlock

Mountain: The sniping class


  • Rank I- Sniper Sharpshooter
  • Rank II- Invisible To Enemy Recon Aircraft While Moving
  • Rank III- Hidden To Player-Controlled Streaks
  • Rank IV- Silent Movement
  • Rank V- Classified Sniper Unlock


Killstreaks in Call of Duty were changed to score streaks a while ago, to make the game less focused on lone wolfing and K/D ratios, and more on objective base teamwork. Scorestreaks are back in WW2, and they work the same way they always have.

  • Scoring multiple points in succession gives you a scorestreak
  • Depending on how high you get your streak, you can call in bonuses for yourself and your team; these can be anything, from supplies to aerial support
  • If you die, you lose your score streak, and have to start over (unless you have the Requisitions Perk)
  • You can choose three score streaks for a game; you should try to switch these up based on what map and mode you are playing


Prestiging is what happens when you hit your level cap in Call of Duty– you then get to start over, while keeping your Prestige badge (and all the benefits and perks you have accumulated by getting your badge). Keep the following in mind if you intend to hit Prestige in WW2:

  • The Level Cap is 55, as always
  • You can Prestige ten times
  • You receive a Prestige reward for Prestiging- this depends on your Division:
    • Airborne:  MP-40 automatic SMG
    • Armored: MG-42 full-auto LMG
    • Expeitionary: Sawed-off shotgun
    • Infantry: SVT-40 semi-automatic rifle
    • Mountain: KAR98K bolt action sniper rifle

Leveling Up Quicker

Of course, given the absurdity of ten Prestiges, you probably want to, you know, level up quicker to be able to get there. Thankfully, we’re here with some basic advice to help you do just that!

  • Complete Challenges. While not as effective as in previous games, they are still a very reliable way to earn some good XP
  • Support Score Streaks. Your loadout should ideally have nothing but Support Score Streaks. Why? Because those are easier to activate, and you get massive points for Assists if a teammate gets a kill because of one. More points=more XP.
  • Orders and Contracts. Yep, these are still a great way to get XP- plus, you get other rewards along the way for completing these, too.


A shooter lives and dies by the guns that it offers its players. This is the one area that Call of Duty has always excelled in- it always gives its players a huge arsenal of varied weapons, across multiple types and styles, and suiting how you play the game. WW2 is no different, in spite of its setting demanding concessions being made for authenticity.

Okay, but… which weapons are the best? That is a very good question. While asking ‘what one weapon is the best?’ is an asinine question, since there are different kinds of weapons, and comparing a grenade to a rifle makes zero sense, we can still answer what the best weapons for each kind are. So, we’ve done that.

  • Assault Rifle: SVT-40
  • Shotgun: Sawed-Off Shotgun
  • SMG: MP-40
  • Sniper Rifle: KAR98K


The Nuke score streak is the absolute best, most powerful, most devastating one you can call upon in the game- as such, it is something that is reserved only for the best, most dedicated, most skilled players. Here’s some information on it:

  • The Nuke Score Streak will kill every single player on the map
  • You need to Prestige all five Divisions at least once
  • Only when you have, achieving a 25 point Score Streak will let you summon a V2 Rocket


Epic Weapons and Uniforms are basically variants of existing weapons and uniforms in WW2– not every single weapon and uniform has an Epic, but for those that do, we’ve listed the unlock requirements below:

(Shorty) Epic MG 15

  • Volunteer – Pistol
  • Fish Food – Pistol
  • Slow Clap – Emote
  • Done For – Emote
  • Rate of Fire – Calling Card
  • Invasion Force – Calling Card
  • Aurora – Uniform

(Candy) – Epic Grease Gun

  • Test Fire – Calling Card
  • Parachute Battalion – Uniform
  • Facepalm – Emote
  • Good Job – Emote
  • Factory Girl – Pistol
  • The Greaser – Calling Card
  • Wreckage – Calling Card
  • We Can Do It – Pistol

(Roundabout) – Epic Lee Enfield

  • Hot Shot – Calling Card
  • Calgary Highlanders – Uniform
  • Ear to Ear – Emote
  • Cheers Mate! – Emote
  • Headshot – Calling Card
  • Tea Break – Pistol
  • For the Queen – Pistol

(Shack Man) – Epic SVT-40

  • Charge! – Calling Card
  • Semi-Automatic – Calling Card
  • Red Fox – Pistol
  • Full Moon – Pistol
  • Number 40 – Calling Card
  • The Old Guard – Uniform
  • Jumping Jacks – Emote

(Revised) – Epic FG 42

  • Fallen – Calling Card
  • British ATS Officer – Uniform
  • Jerries! – Emote
  • Cheer Yeah! – Emote
  • Fully Automatic – Calling Card
  • Above the Clouds – Pistol
  • Aerial Advance – Pistol

(Trigger Happy) – Epic Waffe 28 

  • Strafing Run – Pistol
  • Dive Bomb – Pistol
  • Bupkis – Emote
  • Push Forward – Emote
  • Soviet Naval Infantry – Uniform
  • Designed for Battle – Emote
  • Hubba Hubba – Emote

(Jupiter) – Epic 1911

  • Single Action – – Calling Card
  • Sidearm – Calling Card
  • Mechanized Infantry – Uniform
  • Wings of Freedom – Pistol
  • Always Watching – Calling Card
  • Eagle Eyed – Pistol
  • Hot Dog! – Emote

(Checked Out) – Epic Type 100

  • Answer the Call – Calling Card
  • GG – Emote
  • Battle Cry – Pistol
  • Surprise Attack – Pistol
  • Running and Gunning – Calling Card
  • Spraying Bullets – Calling Card
  • Dog Fighter – Uniform
  • Eye Contact – Emote

(Thrive) – Epic PPSh-41

  • Bullet Hose – Calling Card
  • Fire from the Hip – Calling Card
  • Red Towers – Pistol
  • All Quiet – Calling Card
  • 61st Battalion – Uniform
  • Cheer – Emote
  • Ease Up – Emote

(Ranger) – Epic M1903

  • This is My Rifle – Calling Card
  • Deep Breath – Calling Card
  • Ruby Loftus – Uniform
  • Bring it on! – Emote
  • Belly Up – Emote
  • Admit One – Calling Card
  • Lady Luck – Pistol
  • Air and Sea – Pistol

(Rookie) – Epic M1 Garand

  • The Bleeders – Uniform
  • US Winter – Uniform
  • Heartland – Pistol
  • Liberty and Justice – Pistol
  • Battle Implement – Calling Card
  • Storming the Beach – Calling Card
  • Cat’s Meow – Emote

(Jawbreaker)  – Epic M1941

  • Bayonet Fixed – Calling Card
  • Netherlands Infantry – Uniform
  • War Toon – Pistol
  • Pain Killer – Pistol
  • Fire Fight – Calling Card
  • Thumbs Up – Emote
  • Amazing – Emote

(Zipper) – Epic MG 42

  • Covering Fire – Calling Card
  • Soviet Infantry – Uniform
  • Lighning War – Pistol
  • Buzzsaw – Calling Card
  • Thunderstruck – Pistol
  • Fantastic – Emote
  • Buy the Farm – Emote

(Heimat) – Epic Machine Pistol

  • Comical – Calling Card
  • Gravy – Emote
  • Fast Fire – Calling Card
  • 25th Rifle – Uniform
  • Bombs Away – Pistol
  • Jaws of Death – Pistol
  • Thanks – Emote

(Eagle’s Nest) – Epic M1 Bazooka

  • Stovepipe – Calling Card
  • Paint it Green – Calling Card
  • US Medic – Uniform
  • Gobbledygook – Emote
  • All Aboard – Calling Card
  • Feeding Frenzy – Pistol
  • Great White – Pistol

(Bite the Dust) – Epic M1A1 Carbine

  • Paygrade – Emote
  • War on all Fronts – Pistol
  • United We Stand – Pistol
  • Steady Shot – Calling Card
  • Sharpshooter – Calling Card
  • Golden Sun – Uniform
  • What’s Buzzin – Emote

(Wunderwaffe) – Epic MP-40

  • Heavy Recoil – Calling Card
  • War Machine – Pistol
  • Close Quarters Battle – Calling Card
  • Spearhead – Uniform
  • Forest Sapper – Uniform
  • Caution – Pistol
  • Over Here – Emote

(Thunderclap) – Epic Panzerschreck

  • Launch Time – Calling Card
  • Sovier Sapper – Uniform
  • Up in Flames – Pistol
  • Short Fuse – Pistol
  • Tank Buster – Calling Card
  • Hot Damn – Emote

(Fortitude) – Epic US Shovel

  • Soviet Winter Infantry – Uniform
  • Bust Your Chops – Emote
  • Bloody Mess – Pistol
  • Diggers – Pistol
  • Improvised Weapon – Calling Card
  • Multi-Purpose – Calling Card
  • Desert Heat – Calling Card

(Serum) – Epic STG44

  • Assault Rifle 44 – Calling Card
  • At the Ready – Calling Card
  • What’s Cooking – Emote
  • US Riveter – Uniform
  • US Tanker – Uniform
  • Flying Circus – Pistol
  • Ace of Aces – Pistol

(Enigma) – Epic Toggle Action

  • US Pilot – Uniform
  • Ruffled Feathers – Pistol
  • Night Owl – Pistol
  • Munitions – Calling Card
  • Down the Hatch – Calling Card
  • Black and White – Calling Card
  • Take a Gander – Emote

(Midnight) – Epic Karabin

  • Break the Silence – Calling Card
  • Lens Glint – Calling Card
  • The Cherry Picker – Uniform
  • Not Yet Lost – Pistol
  • Yes! – Emote
  • No Way! – Emote
  • Emblem – Pistol

Emergency Nurse

  • Canada Black Watch – Uniform
  • Defeat – Emote
  • Checkmate – Pistol
  • Gear Up – Calling Card
  • Land Ship – Calling Card
  • Day at the Range – Calling Card
  • Royal Armor – Pistol


  • 12 Gauge – Calling Card
  • Smoking Gun – Calling Card
  • Clean Sweep – Pistol
  • Navy Code Talker – Uniform
  • No…No, No, No – Emote
  • Take a Powder – Emote
  • Little Red Wagon – Pistol

Armored Battalion

  • Terror of the Deep – Pistol
  • Here be Monsters – Pistol
  • Beneath the Waves – Calling Card
  • Kraken – Calling Card
  • British Commando – Uniform
  • Cheer and Clap – Emote


  • The 83rd – Uniform
  • Hibiscus – Pistol
  • Paradise – Pistol
  • Proud to Serve – Calling Card
  • Overkill – Calling Card
  • Action Shot – Calling Card
  • Hi – Emote
  • Paper – Emote

Hell on Wheels

  • What’s up Ace? – Emote
  • Raining Brass – Pistol
  • Shotgun Shells – Pistol
  • Viper – Calling Card
  • Splatter – Calling Card
  • British Air Force – Uniform
  • Wohoo! – Emote

Special Boat Service

  • For Glory – Calling Card
  • Rough Terrain – Calling Card
  • King of the Castle – Pistol
  • War Games – Pistol
  • Transport Service Officer – Uniform
  • Yawn – Emote
  • Time to Grandstand – Emote


  • Scissors – Emote
  • No… – Emote
  • Iron Talons – Pistol
  • Hand Gun – Calling Card
  • Bullseye – Calling Card
  • Task Force 9 – Uniform
  • Mascot – Pistol

Royal Highland Regiment

  • Ice Cream Bar – Calling Card
  • Clinical Nurse – Uniform
  • Homefront Hero – Calling Card
  • Candy Bar – Calling Card
  • Rock – Emote
  • Holy Mackerel – Emote
  • Out to Sea – Pistol
  • Battleship – Pistol


Because it is impossible for a modern AAA game to exist without loot boxes, WW2 has loot boxes too- they are called supply crates, and they give you cosmetic items for the multiplayer and Zombies modes. Here are some easy ways to procure some Supply Drops for yourself:

  • Just play more matches. You get random supply drops each time you do, and there is always a chance that this includes rare drops.
  • Daily/Weekly Orders: Complete six in a 24 hour period, to get a guaranteed Rare drop
  • Quartermaster Contracts: Some of these can get you Rare drops- make sure to check the rewards for the contracts you are interested in!


Zombies mode returns in WW2, because basically it’s now an integral part of the Call of Duty package. It’s called The Final Reich this time around, and it has you take on…you guessed it… Nazi Zombies.

Anyway, here’s some basic guides to get going with this mode:


Just in case you want to see what you are getting into, since The Final Reich is surprisingly scary for what it is, here’s a full play through of the mode.

Perks Locations

There are seven Perks you can pick up in this mode from Perks machines- the video below walks you through these and their locations


There are weapons scattered all over the map- and then there are their upgraded variants. You ca try to find these yourself- or you can use our video guide below instead.


Power-ups are power-ups. I don’t think they need much explanation. These are the ones you can get:

  • Refund Coupon: Get a 25% refund after a purchase from a Weapons Locker.
  • Elektromagnet: Doubles up the amount of Jolts earned for 30 seconds.
  • Blitz Machine Coupon: Get a 25% refund after a purchase of a Blitz.
  • Bazooka: Get a Bazooka for 30 seconds with infinite ammo
  • Totengriff: Lets you score One Hit KOs
  • Überladen: Gives you and your teammates a 100% Special Ability meter.
  • Taschen Voll: Gain maximum ammo capacity
  • Flamethrower: I shouldn’t have to explain this
  • Weapon Guarantee: The Mystery Box will throw a matching weapon.
  • Vernichten: Kills all zombies on the map. W00t!

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