Captain America and Fantastic 4 Pinball FX 2 DLC Review

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Now we all know that a simple Pinball Add-On is not that much content and some might say it’s not even worth reviewing.  Here at, we consider everything just so you can get some insight on it and know whether it’s worth that purchase.. no matter the price.  To start off another Marvel table has been added to the marketplace, which is hard to go wrong with in the first place and I am speaking of the Captain America table.  I am sure that this film being released had something to do with it coming out but it is no way disappointing.  The graphics even seem better while the table layout is more of a classic larger style, which was nice to see.  Just seeing Captain America himself standing in the back of the table, shield in hand, is awesome looking in itself, not to mention his character painted on the main part of the table as well. In the Captain America table you will see characters such as Bucky, the Red Skull  and Zemo’s castle as the older classic version from the Comic was chosen to be portrayed (I suppose the World War II version would be more accurate).  But the battles you get into, that is if you good at pinball look fabulous and I couldn’t stop playing it.  Any fan of Captain America, Marvel or just Pinball FX 2 should definitely pick this up for the cheap price of 240 Microsoft Points.

For the Fantastic Four table, they really packed in here, and don’t get me wrong it is great, but while you are playing it is hard to concentrate on so many characters.  They managed to get the Fantastic Four of course, being Mister Fantastic, the Invisible Woman, the Human Torch, and the Thing which each have something to say or do related to the game.  For instance you might hit a bonus where Mr. Fantastic will stick out his arm and you will have to hit his hand with the pinball, which is the way all the Pinball FX tables play out.  This particular table was done quite well and also includes Dr. Doom and Galactus as well.  For the same price I would say it is worth it, but I will say that the Captain America one was done better.

It seems that the tables that are constantly being released for Pinball FX 2 (which is a free arcade I might add) are just getting better and better.  So the newest add-ons you person might just be the best ones.  However some people will never be torn apart from their classics.  The new table though sure do beat out Rocky and Bullwinkle if you ask me.  Each table also adds Achievements as well, and everyone likes those.  So if you are a Pinball fan and own an Xbox 360, you should not be reading this.. you should playing Pinball FX 2!  As for Marvel fans like myself I couldn’t stop playing it and being that there is a trial for each table I suggest you give it a shot.

This game was reviewed on the Xbox 360.


Great value for money, The Captain America is very well done.


The Fantastic 4 table pales in comparison to the Captain America one.

Final Verdict

Some of the best additions for the Pinball FX 2 series so far.

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