Cliff Bleszinski Explains Why Announcing Trilogies Can Be a Bad Idea

Posted By | On 02nd, Jul. 2010 Under News

During an interview with Eurogamer, Cliff Bleszinski said that he knows that gamers tend to get suspicious once they hear about a game going to a trilogy direction.

“You can never put gamers on the defence faster than saying, ‘This is a trilogy’,” he said.

“If I went up on the EA press conference with Adrian [Chmielarz] and Tanya [Jessen] and was like, ‘Here’s this new game we’re doing, it’s called Bulletstorm, it’s going to be a trilogy,’ the gamers would have been like, ‘F*** you’, right?

“They’d be like, ‘Show me a good game first and then we’ll talk about buying a sequel.'” he added.

Cliff later on talked about how much he likes constant DLC, which can be found in games like Fallout 3 and Borderlands, and why its a key to success.

“Personally I’m a fan of DLC that takes risks,” he told Eurogamer.

“I think the DLC that’s been the biggest success in the past have been the ones that have been consistent, like every so many months, like Borderlands or Fallout.

“And they also play with the formula a little bit, you know – like Fallout adding in giant robots and UFOs, that doesn’t feel like it was on the cutting-room floor.

“Those are the things I’m a big fan of. I’d love to do something completely crazy but who knows what’s actually going to be possible.”

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