Dangerous Golf Wiki – Everything you need to know about the game

Everything you need to know about Dangerous Golf.

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Dangerous Golf Wiki – Everything you need to know about the game

Dangerous Golf

Three Fields Entertainment

Three Fields Entertainment

Xbox One, PC, PS4


Release Date:2016

Dangerous Golf  is an upcoming miniature golf game developed by Three Fields Entertainment. The development team itself has claimed Dangerous Golf is a mix of Burnout, Black, and of course, NBA Jam. Players will be trying to cause as much destruction as possible inside some rather closed spaces using just their shots on a rather detailed miniature golf course. The company is both developing and publishing the title. The game is expected to launch in June of 2016, though an actual release date has not been officially announced.

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The founders of Three Fields Entertainment, Fiona Sperry and Alex Ward, were also the founders and lead developers at Criterion Games. While with that firm, the two were part of a team that did work on both the Burnout and Need for Speed franchises. Sperry has said she always knew the most popular modes in these games were the Crash modes and the mini-game Burnout Crash! The point of these modes was to go into certain areas and cause as much wanton destruction as possible.

Sperry and Ward left Criterion after the studio was purchased by Electronic Arts, and the company started moving away from the games these developers loved. When the two started their new company, they had the stated goal of making what they were calling a spiritual successor to the Burnout series, though with the new studio’s own personal touches. Despite that game being their long term goal, both developers knew they would likely make another game before they could make another addition to this racing series.

When the company announced Dangerous Golf in January of 2016, the company said the game was a kind of bridge that led towards their next version of Burnout. Three Fields has said they arrived on this title in part because they wanted to make a short and fun game that still had aspects of the crash mode they found so popular in their other series.

The idea of making this kind of an arcade like golf game apparently came after the development team sat down and watch a number of videos that had people hitting ridiculous trick shots with golf clubs. Three Fields says it realized that a miniature golf game that centered around trick shots as well as wanton destruction was the concept of the game they wanted to work on, while at the same time the team called the idea “ridiculous. “ The team says it was the same kind of stupid and ridiculous that was around the Burnout racing game. The concept was “stupid” and “ridiculous” for a golf game in the same manner that Burnout had been in regards to the racing genre.

The team has said that the game was also a kind of test case, as the massive amount of destruction was a way for them to see how current technologies could handle this kind of game. They put the title on the Unreal Engine 4 in order to have as realistic physics and graphics as possible.

Three Fields has said they started prototyping Dangerous Golf by setting the scene in the palace level. In this particular palace, the developers had put a ton of different pieces of fine china in order to see just how much breakage and destruction they could come up with. The developers said they took the idea of one of the levels from the movie Clerks, where the idea for a convenience store level also came from.

Dangerous Golf was originally slated for a May, 2016 release but the company pushed the date back a month. Now Dangerous Golf is slated for release on the PS4, Xbox One and PC in June of 2016.


Dangerous Golf 1

Dangerous Golf does not have an actual story surrounding the game. The concept is that of trying to cause as much destruction as possible while playing through a rather interesting miniature golf course. The game doesn’t have characters so much as it just has players that go through the course.


Dangerous Golf 2

Dangerous Golf has more than 100 different miniature golf holes that are all placed in different areas that come equipped with a ton of destructible items. While getting the ball in the hole on the course is one of the goals, the other part of the game is knocking around as many of these items as possible. Players earn points by crashing through the different pieces of scenery and these destruction scores are included in the score that is earned by actually playing out the hole.

Among the holes that are included in the massive miniature golf course is a china shop, a kitchen, a bathroom, a gas station, and a regal palace. The game has a single player mode, as well as multiplayer game modes. The multiplayer functions allow for both online and offline games. When playing in the multiplayer mode, players take turns not only trying to cause destruction and get the ball in the hole, but also make a number of trick shots. Each of these tricks will give the player a higher score and some of the holes are more difficult than others.

The final piece of the game allows for players to turn their golf ball into something called a “SmashBreaker”. This means the ball turns into a miniature bomb that is capable of causing even more damage. The way to turn the golf ball into this SmashBreaker is if the player is able to score enough points on a number of given shots. In this regard, Dangerous Golf emulates NBA Jam. Some of the courses have obstacles that include multiple rooms as well as teleporters. Some of these more difficult rooms have objectives outside of hitting the hole that have score multipliers. In addition to the offline multiplayer, Dangerous Golf allows for a party mode that includes up to eight online players.


Dangerous Golf 3

There aren’t actual characters in Dangerous Golf. The players never appear onscreen, but the game is played in a first person point of view with no named characters.

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