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DC Universe Online is an amazing title for many different reasons, one being that it’s an MMO that brings you into the world of DC and all its heroes and villains, which there are plenty of that even the most die hard DC fan might have not known about.  Another aspect of the game is that is was not just released on the PC but the Playstation 3 as well making this one of the first true MMO’s for a console and the best part about that is that it actually works well on the PS3, which even surprised me.  Sony Online Entertainment does a great job of making this a true MMO that both PC and Playstation 3 owners can enjoy.

Why So Serious?

One downside of course is that DC Universe Online is not cross-platform so you cant play people on the PC while you are on the Playstation 3, which would have made an out standing edition to the game as there is not much difference when it comes to pros and cons between platforms.  This game also will bring non MMO players into the MMO world being that it is available on a console and that it has characters most people are familiar with.  This makes people feel like they are not taking on a whole new fantasy world MMO-RPG when they nearly are.  This might turn off some hardcore MMO players and reel non MMO players in, but in short, DC Universe Online in not turn based, but more of a hack and slash kind of MMO.  You don’t have to hack and slash your way through the game as you can choose all ranged abilities, but are always given the option to run up and punch someone as there is a combo system added to the game, even when it comes to certain ranged attacks.

On the PC you can set your powers/abilities as you unlock and purchase them to slots which you can then map keys to use.  But it is not complex as the PS3 version just requires you to hold down the left or right trigger and press one of the face buttons.  This does not include certain abilities that are used by combos.  For instance, I can hold down the left trigger while pressing circle to throw magical bat blades on my specific character as I chose Batman as my mentor.  I can also hold down the left bumper and press square to shoots magical beams out of my eyes that can be used as a ranged or close combat move, close combat hurling the enemy into the air while this is a combo move.  Joining a PvP server will let you see other players that have aligned as villains and as a a hero you can bang it out right there, or choose to just walk away unless he feels a strong need to fight you.  After reaching a high enough level you can join PvP Arenas where you can take on the role of an iconic figure like Superman.  PvE servers do not have those capabilities where you are safe from everyone but AI.

Dual Wielding Pistols

The character customization is a large role in the game and not just because it is so in depth.  Sony Online Entertainment has gone to the trouble of giving you the option to create your character choosing Morality, Personality, Super Power, Movement (Flight, Super Speed, Agility), Weapons, Emblems and the look of your player.  Nearly all these decisions will affect your game while you also have the option to make a quick character based on an iconic figure like Batman, Joker, Superman and more that can be fine tuned later.  This option is good for casual players or making a new character on the go to enter a different server.  Once you make you character you can only use that character in the server you choose be it a PvP one or a PvE one, however you can create new characters for that same server or a different one.  You must choose a mentor, either Superman, Batman or Wonder Woman(Good)/Joker, Lex Luther or Circe(Evil) which each have which will coincide with your  unique  abilities/skills you will unlock and purchase using points from leveling.  One of the best parts about this is that you never see the same looking character running around, I even saw Harvey Birdman for those of you who are familiar with the old and new cartoon.  Whatever mentor you choose if where you will begin your journey, Batman mentoring you will start you in Gotham City while Superman will start you off in Metropolis which can all be visited no matter your mentor.

As you level up , you gain Skill Point and Power Points.  Skill points can be used on weapons and movement abilities while Power Points are concentrated on your tree.  These Power Points can be used to gain abilities depending on the tree path you take to grant you abilities in Destiny, Summoning and Iconic Powers.  These powers are are iconic and resemble the super heroes in the game.  For instance, I had Batman as my mentor and I gained a power where I threw three ninja star looking items that resembled Batman’s Bat Blades but there are many, many more as well as many variations depending on you character’s creation as well as your tree path.  DC Universe Online is unlike other MMO’s, being that it is grind free as far as  XP goes, you only level by completing missions, whether side quests or main missions.

That’s What Friends Are For

There are Raids in the game, including Raids that only maximum level players can join with the max level being 30.  Some of the Legendary Armor that can be only be worn by level 30’s  can be seen in certain areas of the game and looks… fucking awesome.  You can play the game by yourself but it HIGHLY unrecommended, the game if forced to be played by yourself is much less fun as it is a lot more difficult by yourself much like many MMO’s so with out and XP grinding, you almost have to play this game with other people, be it a group, a squad, league  or guild.  This is a downside of the game, especially on the PS3 as while you chat and shout text asking for help or to create a group, if you can’t get people to join you in your venture, you might find yourself at a stand still unable to progress, which is not good.  So getting this game with at least one friend to play it with is a really good idea.  Sony Online Entertainment promises to keep updating the game with new content and change the world you no now to evolve.  This is important being that there is a $15 monthly fee or a fee just under $200 for a lifetime subscription.  The standard missions are all quite very similar, requiring you to kill a certain amount of enemies and collect things.

DC Universe Online is a truly intriguing MMO especially anyone who is familiar with any of the DC heroes or villains, which is very common in today’s age.  The different moves and attacks that are unique depending on the player are very impressive see visually and chained together being a real time fighting system.  Whether you have rock skin or are set ablaze, or flying through or using your agility to climb building or swiftly attack enemies, the game is very impressive, in those any many more aspects.  You won’t find a hero or villain looking alike as you travel through the world of DC Universe, where you can aid a random hero in need of help or jumping an morally evil person from behind in PvP outside of the arenas.  Just remember, two heads are better than one, so it always better to play with friends or random people for that matter.

This game was reviewed on the PlayStation 3.


Works well on the PlayStation 3. Familiar Universe of characters. Good enough to stand against other MMOs.


Hard to play by yourself to a degree. Could use a better in game open chat aspect. The missions are all quite very similar, requiring you to kill a certain amount of enemies and collect things.

Final Verdict

DC Universe Online is a great MMO that works well on the Playstation 3 as well as the PC, It has great elements from your average MMO while it has its unique aspects that make it work in the well know world of DC heroes and villains.

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