Defiance Mega Guide: Weapon Modifications, Arkfall Codes, Data Recorders, Keycodes And Synergy List

The complete guide to Defiance.

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Through this Defiance guide we are going to show how you can modify weapons, find data recorders, secret vendor locations and even mention some of the recently released Arkfall Codes.

Defiance is an MMO that was released by Trion Worlds for the PlayStation 3, PC and Xbox 360. Being an MMO, there are bound to be a lot of secrets and unlockables. We have the complete guide for you to unlock those. So let’s get started.

1. Guide to Gun Modification:

Guns are an important part of Defiance or for that matter any video game. Defiance is a game that throws a lot of weapons at you and the only way to be successful in the game is to mod the guns. The guide below will help you do just that (via Reddit):

In order to get started, you should have atleast 100 Ego Rating.  It is required to unlock the Salvage Matrix, with the help of which you can unlock mod slots for a particular gun.

Now lets take a look at the Salvage Matrix.

Salvage Matrix defiance

Now the first thing you have to is break down the weapon so that it gives you ark salvage.

In order:

  • White – 250
  • Green – 500
  • Blue – 750
  • Purple – 1000
  • Orange – 1250

Let’s assume you have to mod your FRC  Magnum. This is what it looks like when it is not modded:

unmodded gun defiance

This is how the modding screen looks like when you have decided to put on some attachments (mods).

mod screen

You can clearly see that the mod stats and the barrel lit up, which means it’s time to load up the Salvage Matrix. Now before you go ahead, make sure your weapon is un-equipped. You can’t mod a weapon which is currently equipped by a player.


Now you have options to remove or retrieve the mods. Removing the mods destroys all mods that are attached to the weapon. Recovering the mods destroys the weapon, but you get the mods back.

Remember there is a price attached to using mods.You won’t lose anything by simply attaching a mod but it will cost you ark salvage and time. You can check out the screen below which shows that you will lose salvage and time, should you decide to remove the mod.


The amount you will loose depends onthe  EGO rating. The lower it is, the lower the cost. The higher it is, the higher the cost.

You can find the complete list of Modifications over here.

Additionally, you can unlock new mods by completing side quests, hotshots, arkfalls and rampages.

They are also available from some vendors on sale such as Iron Demon Ranch and Headlands Transport.

You can also get them from the faction vendors of Toolworks, VBI and Echelon. They have a random mod from a synergy set for sale.

Synergy are a set of  bonuses that  can be on weapons and mods, and the more of synergies you have of the set on a weapon, the more bonuses from the set appear. This is where the fun actually lies.

 2. Synergy Locations:

You can find them at secret vendors, Toolworks, VBI, and Soleptor. Below is the complete list:


  • Hard Boiled
  • Prepared
  • Random Prepared Mod

Von Bach Industries:

  • EGO Precision
  • Nano Mastery
  • Random Precision Mod


  • Nano Executioner
  • Scavenger
  • Random Scavenger Mod

Paradise Territory:


  • Sawbones



  • Wrecker

Secret Vendor 1:

  • Machinest
  • Outlaw

Secret Vendor 2:

  • Veteran
  • Survivalist

Secret Vendor 3:

  • Rolling Thunder
  • Brutal

3. Guide to find Hidden Vendors in Defiance:

This video guide from Youtube user Arkfalls shows how you can trigger Hidden Vendors in Defiance.

4. Defiance Data Recorder Locations:

Using the videos below you can find Data Recorder’s locations in Defiance. This video guide is from Youtube user Arkfalls (via arkfalls).

Defiance – Hidden Data Recorder

Defiance Data Recorders – Marin

Defiance Data Recorders – Sausalito

Defiance Data Recorders – San Francisco

Defiance Data Recorders – Mount Tam

Defiance Data Recorders – Madera

5. Arkfall Codes:

The developers have offered a chance for the players to unlock special perks and packages using the Arkfall codes. You can find some of the recent ones below (via In order to redeem your code, you have to go here.

April 7, 2013: WEYA24
April 7, 2013: VS4UME
April 7, 2013: UXAD6W
April 7, 2013: PMBFQ3
April 7, 2013: RREIHH
April 7, 2013: XYQ5LK
April 7, 2013: PB8Q61
April 7, 2013: HCWBEY
April 7, 2013: YG8EFG
April 4, 2013: HKSBC2
March 31, 2013: VSMYJY
March 31, 2013: ZHRLWH
March 31, 2013: JCKRYQ
March 31, 2013: AGZYHC
March 31, 2013: AQXJPT
March 31, 2013: UUZZKH
March 31, 2013: WHJNDP
March 31, 2013: YTRTAW
March 31, 2013: HYAELZ
March 31, 2013: VEWMZY
March 31, 2013: PGFGNT
March 31, 2013: PLNCAF
March 31, 2013: KQGDVS
March 31, 2013: RWLGKU
March 31, 2013: CUWPMX
March 31, 2013: EBCVQN
March 31, 2013: AQCKUE
March 31, 2013: 2SCpqW
March 28, 2013: U6Q9O7

6. Fastest Way to get Keycodes (from here):

  • It’s not Arkfalls or running through Co-Op Missions. it’s the following random events.
  • Recicide – Kill the Monarch
  • Skitterlings! – Kill the hellbugs
  • Hellbug vs Mutant EMC – Start the generator/ secure the area
  • Feeding Frenzy – Kill the Hellbugs
  • Crystal Clear – Secure the area
  • No Good Deed – Clear out the Hellbug nest
  • Hellbug Nest – Clear out the Hellbugs
  • Turf war – Assist E-Rep
  • Crystal Cargo – Defeat the 99ers
  • Wandering Hulker – Kill the Hulker
  • Hellbug Extermination – Assist with killing the hellbugs
  • Pest Control – Help Echelon Mercs clear the Hellbug nest (Caution: A Monarch is the final enemy)
  • A Matter Of Time – Rescue Echelon Soldiers From Dark Matter

8. Complete list of Synergy (from here):

Synergy: Assassin
[1]: +2% Crit Mult
[2]: +4% Crit Mult
[3]: +5% DMG on next shot after critical kill (Expires after 10 sec)
[4]: +10% DMG on next shot after critical kill (Expires after 10 sec)

Synergy: Brutal 
[1] +5% Melee DMG
[2] +10% Melee DMG
[3] +5% Reload on Melee Kill
[4] +10% Reload on Melee Kill

Synergy: Cannoneer 
[1] +3% Fire Rate
[2] +6% Fire Rate
[3] +10% nano-effect chance for 2 sec after full reload
[4] +20% nano-effect chance for 2 sec after full reload

Synergy: EGO Precision 
VBI Mod Cache / Shondu’s Consulate (fast travel)
[1] +10% Accuracy
[2] +20% Accuracy
[3] +3% active EGO ability duration on critical kill
[4] +6% active EGO ability duration on critical kill

Synergy: Hard-Boiled
[2] +2% refresh self-revive on a kill

Synergy: Machinist 
[2] Take 5% less damage while reloading

Synergy: Nano-Executioner 
[2] +5% nano-effect chance on a kill

Synergy: Nano-Mastery 
[2] +5% nano-effect chance on a critical hit

Synergy: Outlaw
[2] +5% damage from last shot in clip

Synergy: Prepared 
Top-Notch Toolworks Mod Cache / Top-Notch Toolworks (fast travel)
[1] 1% ammo regen/10 sec
[2] 2% ammo regen/10 sec
[3] +5% DMG on next shot after melee kill (expires after 10 sec)
[4] +10% DMG on next shot after melee kill (expires after 10 sec)

Synergy: Quartermaster 
[1] +5% Reload
[2] +10% Reload
[3] +50% Reload on self-revive
[4] +100% Reload on self-revive

Synergy: Rolling Thunder 
[1] +5% Mag
[2] +10% Mag
[3] +10% Hip Accuracy
[4] +20% Hip Accuracy

Synergy: Run-n-Gun 
[1] +5% Movement Accuracy
[2] +10% Movement Accuracy
[3] +10% Accuracy and -10% Recoil at low health
[4] +20% Accuracy and -20% Recoil at low health

Synergy: Sawbones 
[2] Fully reload weapons after reviving another player

Synergy: Scavenger 
Soleptor Enterprises Mod Cache / The Crater (fast travel)
[1] +1% item drop chance
[2] +2% item drop chance
[3] +10% nano-effect chance against out-of-combat targets
[4] +20% nano-effect chance against out-of-combat targets

Synergy: Survivalist 
[2] +2% damage to targets with full health and shields

Synergy: Veteran
[2] +10% rate-of-fire after a full reload

Synergy: Wrecker
[2] +10% DMG to vehicles

Note: This guide will be updated as we have more information.

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