Destiny Beta: Possible Solution For Game Getting Locked Out And Resolving The CE-34632-8 Error

Possible tips to get you inside the beta.

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The Destiny beta is now live and with millions of users apparently trying to access it, there are bound to be problems. Several users have already reported that PlayStation Network has crashed and as a result they have not been able to access the beta. But here are few tricks that might help you access the game under certain conditions.

For players who have redeemed the code but the game won’t start or is locked out, a Neogaf user has suggested the following solution.

Those who did the EU preorder trick (I’m in EU though, but it should work for US peeps too)

You have the preloaded game, but it wont start/is locked

1. Redeem code HERE (login first, and you’ll see where you can redeem) [This is the the code from This is for those who did the trick to preload the game, but can’t get it to start!]
3. Start game.

Just worked for me now, didn’t have to download it over again. 🙂

For players who are receiving the CE-34632-8 error, a user suggested the following solution:

If you get the ‘CE-34632-8’ error code Go to Settings -> PSN -> Restore Licences then I shut down my machine (warning this step is probably voodoo) Started my PS4 and now I have Destiny 🙂 See you on there GAF!

Update: Added one more possible solution from Neogaf user Exploratory.

Step 1: Get your beta code from the bungie site. That’s just perseverance. Keep spamming until you get through. 

Step 2: Don’t even try redeeming your code through your PS4 you’ll end up flipping a table. Instead read…n-network-card Click “PC or Mac: Redeem Vouchers through the SEN website”. Follow the steps to redeem your code. 
Step 3: After redeeming your code you will not be able to download the game from the same site. Now you’ll have to deal with PSN. This step was provided by TimeEffect:

For people getting kicked from PSN Store: When you get the error message, DOUBLE TAP THE PS BUTTON to go to XMB.

Then, DOUBLE TAP AGAIN to go back to the Store. You may get the error again, but KEEP DOUBLE TAPPING IN AND OUT.

Pressing circle closes the store, while double tapping keeps it open in the background (I think)

You will eventually make progress without having to start the launch of the PSN store all over again (by double tapping PS button instead of circle)

Keep this in mind for future betas.

Don’t use the circle button like I was! Follow this procedure. 

Step 4: Go down to the Destiny pg on the PSN store and click it. Keep following the quoted method whenever you get an error screen. If the download button doesn’t work just keep trying the quoted method. 

Step 5: You’re in! Or you should be unless something changes. You can’t actually play unless Destiny can connect to PSN which I haven’t solved yet but hopefully you’ll be lucky and won’t need additional assistance.

For some users the above two solutions have worked. Let us know in the comments section below whether this worked for you and whether you have been able to access the PS4 beta.

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