Destiny House of Wolves Guide: Bounties, Farming, Dead Ghost, Coins, Bosses And More

A complete guide for Destiny House of Wolves.

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Destiny’s much anticipated expansion pack, House of Wolves is finally here. Using this guide you will be able to know all about farming vandals, Treasure key, engram and shiplinks, tips and tricks for Trials of Osiris, The Prison of Elders boss fights, best class, loot system and treasure room. Furthermore, we also take a look at the Shadow of Thief, The Queen’s Wrath, Dead Ghost Locations, Saviks Ether Chest Locations and  Passage Coins.

Lastly, we take a look at the bounty locations for Wolf Scavengers, Howling Raiders, Queenbreaker Vandals, Weksis, Beltrik, Peekis, Saviks, Kaliks-12 and Drevis. Destiny House of Wolves is now available now for the PS4, Xbox One, PS3 and Xbox 360. Let us know if you have any questions in the comments section below.

Farming Treasure key, Engram, Vandals and Shiplinks

There is a farming spot on Venus. You need to hop on a sparrow and make your way to the Shattered Coast. You will then see a door with vandals and some dregs. Kill them and make your way outside the door towards the right, jump on the edge of the door and boost towards the right. The enemies will respawn again and once again you can take out the vandals. Rinse and repeat.

The Hunt for Skolas:

This is your first story mission in House of Wolves and it will be given to you by Petra. You will return to Venus and fight off against the Fallen and Skolas. The best way to start off is to claim a Heavy Pike and fight against Wolf Walker which belongs to the House of Wolves. Here Petra will brief you about the mission so make sure you listen what Petra has to say and keep and eye out for reinforcements. After you have defeated the walker, make your way through the winding cave. You will come across Kell and make sure you fight against him. Kell will escape but follow him until you enter a cavern. Enemies will come in, ensuring that Kell escapes.

Gone To Ground:

Return to Venus and kill as many Fallen as you can and they will drop shiplinks. Collect them and give them to Varkis. Now you need to speak to Petra who will tell you to go to Earth, where you need to undertake a mission called the Silent Fang in the Gateway of Old Russia. After fighting the enemies at the Cosmodrome, you will come across tunnels where you will face more enemies. Take them out. After you are done with the tunnel, you will fight against House of Wolves commanders. These commanders are a part of Skolas’s Silent Fang. Once you get the better of them, return to Reef and speak to Petra once again. The next mission will see you return to Earth where you need to fight the House of Kings. Within the Cosmodrome you will see that the Hive and Fallen are fighting against each other, make sure you make your way to the lair. During your journey, you will observe that your signal is not working due to Servitors. Destory them and fight against the enemies to make your way to the King’s Watch. At the end of this mission you will face off against Wolf Barons. Take them out and return to Petra.

Kells of Kells:

Once you return to Petra, you will then come back to Venus. Here you need to return to Vault of Glass in Wolve’s Gambit. The objective of this mission is to fight against the Fallen and Vex. Both are trying to get hold of a technology called as Vex. In your battle you will come across  Headless Praetorians. Finish them off and make your way to the vault. However, in your journey you will face off against Scortch Captains and Fallen wolves that will make your mission a tad tough. So makes sure you finish the Fallen Wolves and make your way to the Terminus. From there you need to head to the Citadel. Upon reaching the Vex Citadel, you need to capture Skolas as you fight against enemies and make make your way through the Citadel. Here you will face off against Kells of Kells, where you would need to be cautious about Skola’s Fallen as they have a special ability to teleport. Once you take down Kell, capture Mora Salve.

Trials of Osiris Tips and Tricks:

Trials of Osiris will see two teams of three players fighting against each other. Please note that there is no way to respawn in this mode, so once the player dies they remain dead. In this mode you need to win 8 matches and each of these matches can be won by winning five combat rounds. Rewards are given for every win but there is catch. If you have played 4 matches and lost two of them you will only receive the award of 2 matches.

The Prison of Elders Tips and Tricks:

Videos explaining the best class, treasure room and rewards, and loot system in Prison of Elders.

As the name indicates, the Prison of Elders is a prison. It’s run by Queen Mora of the Reef. This mode involves firefight and awards the players with loot. So make sure you have a treasure key as this can give more expensive loot. At level 28, players will need to fight off against four enemies and a boss however at Level 32-34, you would need firetream and good players who are ready for challenge. As expected, the rewards are even better. The mode has has four locations each being protected by a different boss.

Wretched Knight and Valus Trau’ug boss fights:

Here is how you can defeat these two:


Here is how you can take down Skolas:

VValus Aru’un:

Health is the major focus for this boss and his attacks and minions are a major challenge as well. Using his jump ability, he might slam on you. So makes sure you keep you are on the move while fighting him.

Urrox Flame Price:

The Shadow Thief:

This is a new strike in the expansion. A Fallen apparently has friendly relations with the House. However, Tankis wants to fight on his own terms and guess what? Skolas has allied with him. Your mission is to take him down. You need to reach the tunnels of the Moon. This will ensure that you reach the Fallen teleport. However there are enemies here, take them out. Make your way to the Fallen Ketch where you will come across the Fallen Walker. Destroy it and make your way to the final part of the mission. The Fallen is an expert is launching rockets and teleporting. So plan accordingly and take him out.

The Queen’s Wrath:

You can access this event in the Reef. You need to go through Petra to enter this. You can purchase goods but this requires completion of missions. The Queen’s Wrath offers new bounties, completing them will grant you experience points. You can also get gold of special gear. For more on this check out Bounties guide above. Once you complete them you will be able to buy Legendary weapons, gears and armor.

All 9 Dead Ghosts Locations:

You can find all Dead Ghosts locations using the video guide below. There are nine of them and you can find them at the following time stamps in the video.

[0:05] Mystery: Fate of Skolas (Patrol: Cosmosdrone / Mission: Silent Fang)
[3:09] Ghost Fragment: The Reef (Social Space: The Reef)
[3:30] Ghost Fragment: The Reef 2 (Social Space: The Reef)
[3:53] Ghost Fragment: The Reef 3 (Social Space: The Reef)
[4:27] Ghost Fragment: Fallen 3 (Mission: The Ruling House)
[4:55] Ghost Fragment: The Queen 2 (Mission: The Ruling House)
[5:28] Ghost Fragment: Fallen 4 (Mission: Queen’s Ransom)
[6:24] Ghost Fragment: Vex 4 (Mission: Queen’s Ransom)
[7:09] Ghost Fragment: Thorn 3 (Mission: Queen’s Ransom)

Bounty Locations:

Queen’s Wrath Wolf Scavengers Wanted Bounty Guide:

Here is how you can hunt down the Wanted Wolf Scavengers in the Halls of Wisdom on the Moon.

Queen’s Wrath Howling Raiders Wanted Bounty Guide

Here is how you can hunt down the Wanted Howling Raiders in the Halls of Whispers on Venus.

Queen’s Wrath Queenbreaker Vandals Wanted Bounty Guide

Here is how you can hunt down the Wanted Queenbreaker Vandals in the Halls of Whispers on Venus.

How to find Weksis on the Moon:

How to find Beltrik on the Moon:

How to find Peekis on Venus:

How to find Saviks on the Moon:

How to find Kaliks-12:

How to find Drevis:

Saviks Ether Chest Locations:

All Saviks Ether Chest Locations on The Moon / Anchor of Light (Moon):

All Peekis Ether Chest Locations in The Citadel (Venus):

All Weksis Ether Chest Locations in Archers Line (Moon)

How To Get Passage Coins:

Here is a video explaining how you can get passage coins which is the currency in Trials Of Osiris.

This guide will be updated once we have more information about the game.

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