Destiny: The Dark Below Mega Guide: Exploit, Chests, Bounties, Exotic, Legendary Weapons And Gears

A complete guide for Destiny: The Dark Below.

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The Dark Below is the first expansion pack for Bungie’s Destiny. Using this guide you will be able to find collectibles such as Dead Ghosts, Crota’s End Raid Gear Hidden Chests Locations, bounties, Eyes, Heart and Hand of Crota Read along with a way to unlock Heroic Strike and Nigthfall missions.

We also take a look at Vanguard and Crucible Commendations, double reputation, bounty Duplication and the fastest way to to rank up Crota’s Bane and Factions. Furthermore you will also know what gears, weapons and shaders Eris the vendor provides, the fastest way to reach level 31 and 31, a comprehensive list of exotic weapons, armor and legendary items.

And finally we take a look at Vanguard And Crucible legendary armor stats and abilities, farming Farming Vanguard Commendations For Legendary Gear and an easy expolit/cheat to get The Extermination bounty.


Dead Ghosts Locations Guide:

There are six Dead Ghosts locations in the expansion pack. Collecting them all will also unlock the Ghost Hunter trophy/achievement. When you collect them, each will give you new Grimoire Card which in turn will increase your Grimoire score. So where exactly can you find? We have handy video guide which you can check out below.

Times in the video where you can find Dead Ghosts in the video above.

[0:09] – Siege of the Warmind – Seraphim Vault
[0:45] – Siege of the Warmind – Seraphim Vault
[1:16] – Siege of the Warmind – Seraphim Vault
[2:04] – The Wakening – Chamber of Night
[2:39] – The Wakening – Chamber of Night
[3:15] – The Wakening – Chamber of Night

Crota’s End Raid Gear Chest Location [possible spoilers]:

You can complete the raid while going solo and then step on the plate that will trigger the walkway. Now you need to make your way towards the glowing light and turn left and look for an orange light. The chest is behind the doors but if there is no orange light, the player’s character need to do die and try again. The chest will give you Radiant materials as well reward a Raid Gear. You can find more in the video below.

Crota’s End Raid Hidden Chests [possible spoilers]:

This may contain exotics weapons and armour.

This may contain legendary items.

How and where I can find new Bounties?

You need to complete a series of side quests which are hidden on the planet Earth via Patrol mode. You need to complete Kill 25 Knights / Wizards Bounty from Eris Morn before you can unlock the three bounties.

Bounty Locations( Eyes, Heart & Hand of Crota Read ):

The Heart of Crota can be found in the Refinery, Hand of Crota in the Lunar Complex and Eye of Crota in the Terrestrial Complex. You can check out the video guide below which will tell you exactly where to find them.

00:06 – Heart of Crota (Refinery)
01:54 – Hand of Crota (Lunar Complex)
03:10 – Eye of Crota (Continue of Hand of Crota – Terrestrial Complex)

Unlocking Heroic Strike And Nightfall Missions:

Once you are done finding the heart, eye and hand of Crota, the new weekly Nightfall and Heroic Strike missions will get unlocked. However make sure you complete all bounties through Patrol mode on the planet Earth.

Vanguard And Crucible Commendations:

Other than Vanguard and Crucible marks, if you want to purchase legendary items, you will require Vanguard And Crucible Commendations. You can get those via the Postmaster who delivers the Reputation Rewards package when you reach a new reputation level.

Double Reputation – Bounty Duplication – Fastest way to to Rank Up Crota’s Bane & Factions:

Check out the video to know how you can earn double reputation, bounty duplication and rank up Crota’s Bane and Factions quickly.

All Vendors: New Gears, Weapons And Shaders:

Check out all the weapons, gears and shaders that Eris Morn has for sale.

How To Reach Level 31 and 32:

The video below will explain how you can reach level 31 and 32 quickly in The Dark below.

Exotic Weapons, Armor And Legendary Items:

Dragon’s Breath Rocket Launcher:

Fusion Rifle “MURMUR”:

Legendary Gear:

Exotic Sniper:

Top 5 Exotic & Legendary Auto Rifles:

Top 5 Exotic & Legendary Sniper Rifles:

All Legendary Weapons:

Vanguard And Crucible Miscellaneous Guide:

Vanguard And Crucible Gears And Weapons:

Vanguard Weapons: Stats And Abilities:

Crucible Weapons: Stats And Abilities:

Crucible / Vanguard Armors: Legendary Armor Stats & Abilities

Farming Vanguard Commendations For Legendary Gear:

An easy exploit to get the “The Extermination” bounty:

This guide will be updated once we have more information.

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