Destiny The Taken King Guide: Exotics, Unlimited Engrams, Glimmer, Level Up Faster And More

A complete guide for Destiny The Taken King.

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Using this guide you will be able to farm unlimited and infinite Hadium Flakes, Legendary Marks, Wormspore, find secret chest locations and keys for Wyrding, Yuul, Dreadnaught, A Scent Is Key, Skyburners Security, Taken Consumption, Wormsinger Rune chest and chest of Maggot. Furthermore, we have also includes video guides for the fastest way to 285+ [300] light level, the best ways to level up to 40 and find out light level gear.

We also take a look at Ghost locations, collectibles such Grimoire Cards, Calcified Fragments, Dead Ghosts locations and how you can earn unlimited Engrams and Glimmer. Furthermore we also take a look at the number of exotics weapons, armor and items that the game has to offer and where you can find them along with consumables that makes Exotic Engrams drop more often.

And finally we take a look at how players can ”Silent Scream” secret emblem, Darkblade Helm, Legendary Helmet, best vendor weapons you can buy in the Tower and how to get The Suros Arsenal Pack And Vanguard Early Access Weapons.

Farming Hadium Flakes:

Here is a quick way to farm Hadium Flakes in the Destiny The Taken King.

Secret Chest Location – Key of Wyrding:

Here’s how you can find the secret chests on the Dreadnaught in Destiny The Taken King which includes The Chest/Key of Wyrding.

How to Get Legendary Sword heavy weapon:

Here’s how you get the new Legendary Sword heavy weapon.

Legendary Marks Farming:

Here’s how to get Legendary marks in Destiny The Taken King.

Skyburners Security Pass & Beacon – How to Open Skyburners Security Door & Chest:

Here is how you can find Skyburners Security Pass needed to open the chest and door in Destiny The Taken King’s Dreadnaught.

Secret Chest Location – Key of Yuul:

Here’s the location of one of the secret chests on the Dreadnaught in Destiny The Taken King – The Chest/Key of Yuul.

Fastest Way to 285+ Light Level

Here’s a guide on how to get your Light Level up as fast as possible in Destiny The Taken King.

ALL Dreadnaught Chest Locations :

These include: Ur, Xol, Eir, Wryding, Spawn, “A Scent is Key”, Maggots, Gnashing Teeth, Yull and Akka. And here is how you can acquire the chest keys:

Acquire a Wormsinger Rune from a hive drop
Insert it in “Crota” Chest
Kill the incoming hive drop & hive champion (Ogre) to drop “Wormfeeder Rune”
Complete Wormfeeder Rune challenge (Kill 50 enemies)
This transforms into a RANDOM key (9 Possibilities)

How to Open “A Scent Is Key” Chest

Calcified Fragments Locations

Below you will find a way to find all 6 Calcified fragments.

Fastest Way To Get Hadium Flake’s:

How To Get The ”Silent Scream” Secret Emblem! | Ultra Knight Spawn Tutorial Dreadnaught:

Best Guide to Level 40

How To Open The “Taken Consumption” Chest

Skyburners Command Beacon Guide

Wormspore Farming Guide

Opening A Wormsinger Rune chest (Gornith Battle)

Infinite / Unlimited Hadium Flake Chest Farming


How To Get The Key Of Maggots & Open The Chest Of Maggots:


How to Get “DARKBLADE HELM” Best TTK Legendary Helmet


Best Vendor Weapons You Can BUY In The Tower – Destiny Vendor Weapons:

How To Get The Suros Arsenal Pack And Vanguard Early Access Weapons

Exotic Class Items, New Emotes and Shaders

Exotic Armors & Class Items:

How To Get An Easy Exotic Weapon

How to Get New Consumable that Makes Exotic Engrams Drop More Often

“FREE EXOTIC” Deceptive Engram

How to Get the Boolean Gemini Exotic (Exotic Scout Rifle Quest)

Exotic Weapons With Sources To Obtain:

Dead Ghosts locations:

All The New Grimoire Cards:


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