Destructive And Crazy Things One Can Do In Far Cry

Talk about insanity.

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Far Cry has really come into its own as a franchise over the last few years. And why would it not? No other series in the world provides the deft mix of globe trotting, exotic locales, first person shooting, and an open world sandbox full of crazy things to do, all paired with intriguing narratives.

It’s the sandbox part of Far Cry that often gets overlooked- there is so much crazy stuff to do in these games, so much havoc and mayhem to wreak. When you’re playing Far Cry, you’re either doing it to complete the campaign, or, more likely, just to screw around in an expansive sandbox.

In this feature, we look at just how many ways Far Cry’s sandbox can be exploited destructively.

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You can Kill Pagan Min While He is in The Helicopter

To be honest, I kind of liked Pagan Min, because he is one person who is actually honest with you throughout the whole game, so I let him go. But if you want to see him explode in a ball of fire, then as soon as he flies off in his helicopter you can blow him out of the sky and you can find his remains and loot them.

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