Divinity Original Sin 2 Guide: All Abilities, Skills And Talents That Players Can Unlock

What you can do in Divinity: Original Sin 2.

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divinity original sin 2

Like all RPGs, Divinity: Original Sin 2 has a slew of abilities and skills that your character can learn and use. There’s a lot of them to keep track of- you could either learn them on the fly and by trial and error as you play the game, or you could take the shortcut, and use our guide to learn about them yourselves, and get a head start on the game. The decision is up to you.


  • Elemental Affinity – Spells cost 1AP less if you stand in their element
  • Glass Cannon – Start each round with maximum AP, but loses resistance to statuses
  • Duck Duck Goose – You can evade attacks of opportunity
  • Elemental Ranger  – Arrows can deal additional damage
  • Escapist – You can escape from all battles
  • Pet Pal – Talk to animals
  • Comeback Kid – Revives you once per battle
  • Mnemonic – Memory attributes get 3 extra points
  • Five Star Diner – Food effects doubled
  • Executioner – Get 2 AP after dealing a killing blow.
  • Picture of Health – Get +3% extra Vitality
  • Savage Sortilege – 50% of your critical shot score chance applied to magical skills
  • Slingshot – Grenades have an extra 5 meter range
  • Stench – Attitude towards you will decrease by 25
  • Ambidextrous – Grenades and scrolls cost 1AP less if your offhand hand is unoccupied.
  • Arrow Recovery – 33% chance to recover a special arrow
  • Far Out Man – Spells and scroll range increased by 2 meters
  • Bigger and Better – Get 2 Attribute Points.
  • Walk it Off – Reduces all status durations by 1 turn
  • What A Rush – Increases your recovery and maximum Action Points by 1 when you are low on health
  • Morning Person – Revive at full health
  • Opportunist – Enables Attacks of Opportunity
  • Parry Master – +10% dodge chance when duel wielding
  • Leech – Standing in blood heals you
  • The Pawn  – 1 free AP of movement every turn
  • Torturer – Statuses you inflict last one turn extra
  • Unstable – Deal  100% of your vitality as physical damage to everyone in a 3 meter vicinity
  • Guerilla – 40% damage bonus while sneaking
  • Ice King  –  +15% Water resistance and +15% fire weakness.


  • Necromancer – Regain health whenever you damage Vitality
  • Aerotheurge – Increases damage done to magic armor
  • Scoundrel – Increases movement speed and Critical Damage
  • Polymorph – Get another stat point per point
  • Huntsman – Increases damage bonus when attacking from high ground
  • Warfare – Increases damage done to physical armor
  • Summoning – Summon and buff creatures
  • Pyrokinetic – Boostsfire damage
  • Hydrosophist – Boost healing and armor restoration
  • Geomancer – Increases poison damage and physical armor restoration


  • Ranged
  • Dual Wielding
  • Single Handed
  • Two Handed


  • Perseverance – Grants Magical and Physical armor
  • Retribution – Damage countered to attacker
  • Leadership – Gain bonuses for the party

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