Dungeons 2 Wiki – Everything you need to know about the game

Everything you need to know about Dungeons 2

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Dungeons 2 Wiki – Everything you need to know about the game

Dungeons 2

Kalypso Media

Realmforge Studios

PC, MAC, Linux

Genre:Real Time Strategy

Release Date:April 24th, 2015

Dungeons 2 is an upcoming dungeon simulation video game with role playing and real time strategy elements that is serving as a sequel to 2011’s Dungeons.

Dungeons 2 is currently being developed by Realmforge Studios, a Germany based developer that was founded by Kalyspo Media as majority shareholder and who will act as publisher for the same. Realmforge has worked on Dungeons, it’s stand alone expansion and the vampire based action RPG, Dark while Kalypso Media is better known for the Tropico series. Dungeons 2 is currently set to launch on PC, Mac and Linux on April 24th and it is available for pre-order on the Steam platform.

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Dungeons 2 has already received a fair amount of praise in the lead up to its release as a true successor to EA’s much loved Dungeon Keeper video game but details are fairly sparse regarding its development.

Unlike most games, which are typically announced during press conferences or by way of a press release, Dungeons 2 was given a stealth announcement. Players of the critically underwhelming vampire action role playing game Dark, came across an Easter Egg in the game that served as both the official reveal and announcement of the game, despite initially being considered a joke on the part of the developers.

The Easter Egg came in the form of graffiti in a shadowed alleyway, largely being out of view. The graffiti depicts a goblin-esque character resting his hands on a skull that might be a cane. Text above and below the goblin creature reads, “Brace Yourselves Dungeons 2 Is Coming.”

Speaking about some of the new mechanics and visuals that have been implemented into the game, namely the real time strategy portion, Viktor Linke, Art Director of Dungeons 2, has said, “I think a lot of people expected the first Dungeons to be another Dungeon Keeper, and it really wasn’t. It was more like a tower defence game. So we knew we wanted to have more management for the sequel, like you have to manage your dungeon, build up your creatures, care for your creatures.”

It was this demand for a more Dungeon Keeper-esque management system in the game that led to a fundamental shift in the games art style. Linke goes on to talk about how things have been made “chunkier, bigger” and “more cartoonish”.

The game also made an appearance at GamesCom 2014 alongside other Kalypso titles like Crookz, Crowntakers and Grand Ages Medieval. It was announced to include “2 playable factions, 26 unique creatures, multiple types of heroes and game modes”.

Although information is scarce, the game will support multiplayer for up to four players and stretch across four game modes.

While avoiding giving details about the gameplay modes on offer, Christian Wolfertstetter, Creative Director at Realmforge Studios,  has said, “The missions have very different objectives. One time there’s another Dungeon Lord to destroy, another time you will have to collect a special artifact, protect creatures traveling through your dungeon, kill heroes roaming through your dungeon, pervert heroes to join your side or just survive waves after waves of heroes.”

Plans are also underway to make sure the level editor sees a release to the public for use in-game. “We use an in-house level editor to create these missions and we’re planning to make this tool public after the release of the game,” according to Wolfertstetter.


Dungeons 2 video game

The Dungeon Lord, also known as the Dark Lord, is back on a quest of vengeance that will see him recruiting all manner of creatures from every part of the world. Not content with his domain in the underworld, he is setting his sights on the overworld of the human realm.


Dungeons 2 pc

Gameplay remains largely unchanged from the original Dungeons game which means the player will be charged with the upkeep and maintenance of Heroes and not the minions that so populate the halls of your dungeons. This is what makes the game so different from Dungeon Keeper.

Perhaps the biggest change in Dungeons 2 is the inclusion of the “Hand of Terror”. This hand of influence gives you control of your units and enables you to give them commands that will let you attack your foes with directly. It’s this new inclusion in the game that has seen it receive the real time strategy classification.

The game offers two gameplay aspects, one of which is a Dungeon Manager Sim in the classical sense and the other mode is set in the outside world in the realm of humans which introduces players to real time strategy.

The game is said to sport a “thrilling single player campaign” that contains two playable factions.


Dungeons 2

At this time, only two Factions have been announced. One faction is the Combative Horde, with the other yet to be named.

Note: This wiki will be updated once we have more information about the game.

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