E3 2009: Live Previews Day 1

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E3 2009: Live Show Previews:

The Beatles: Rock Band:










We take a look at The Beatles: Rock Band. This time around you get to get three singers sing which was a challenge for Harmonix to make. The drum set actually has the Beatles emblem on it on the front of the base. It has three guitars as well which look quite awesome.


Splinter Cell: Conviction:

This time around, Sam Fisher is back to find out what happened to his daughter that got killed in the last Splinter Cell, Double Agent. There are no loading screens. They are using the cut scenes as loading scenes. This is a sand box game this time around where you can execute a house or mansion from anywhere from like windows. This is coming exclusivly to Xbox 360 this fall.


Brutal Legend:

We get a rock at this game with a look at it. This gory viewer is the main character, voiced by Jack Black, has found blood on his favorite belt buckle, which in actuality his belt buckle is the gate to a hell world which is like the covers of the rock songs that he enjoys. So this is what he loves. You have an axe that you can just chop people in half and you can play a guitar where you just send electricity through the body of people when you play. You can cast a shock of pain by jumping up and coming down with a BOOM! This will not only make the enemies fly but cause the whole environment to fall apart. Since this is the place where all the rock things are, he gets rot rods, women, and much more, ohh…yea…did I mention women.

If you pre-order from GameStop, you will get the code for the Love Giver guitar. This game is coming for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 on October 13, 2009.


Left 4 Dead 2:

This is located in New Orleans. Are adding over 20 new items and weapons. Getting incendiary ammo. How is that? It is fire ammo. We will have to wait and see this. There is going to be a new game mode to the already game modes of Left 4 Dead. From this sequel, you find out that the virus is spreading every where, all over the country. This is going to come out on November 17, 2009, exclusivly to Xbox 360 and PC.


Mod Car Racers:

This is another Play, Create, Share game like LittleBigPlanet. You get to customize your character, vehicle, to the actual race track of this cart racer. You can make tracks very fast in under five minutes.  The tracks are like adding the actual track to the terrian to trees and mountains. Adding water.  Even Houses. It is very simple. Just hold X if mountains are selected to make mountains and by holding it in an area longer, it will make the mountains bigger. The release of this game is looking for the first half of a 2010 release.



Uncharted 2: Among Thieves:

We see some old characters in a trailer that they release and show. We get to see Elena Fisher, so she is back. The story is that Marco Polo was going to find a treasure. So Drake goes and looks for it. We see him go through numerous buildings with some great visuals like last game and a helicopter comes at you and just demolishes the building that you are  in and while you are still playing, not a cut scene, the building starts breaking up and sliding down and you have to get out of here. It is good. They also announce that the single player will be longer than Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune. The multiplayer beta goes live at midnight tonight only on Playstation 3.



This is a First Person Shooter that has a massive 256 players. With a leader on each team. Then there are a officer of each squad of 8. The leader talks to the each officer and then the officer then communicates to his squad of what the leader says to do. They showed actual gameplay of this and no lag on this. It was guys trying to protect the heart of the refinery and the other team starting one on each side just going and taking out the middle. This looks like a great game. You have a chose of three factions that you can chose. They are all different but all evenly spread out. If you do good, you work on your faction to make your faction go on top. And no announcements of a beta coming yet, but will come.


Ratchet and Clank: A Crack in Time:

We get to see actual gameplay of this. The story takes off where the last 2 tites, Tools of Destruction and Quest for Booty, left off. The story starts out with someone taking Clank and you have to go find him. Ratchet actual gets a new item, which are like hoovering boots which you can go anywhere with them and not just on a certain area. They shoot you really fast acroos the now open area of Ratchet and Clank. Runs at 60 Frames per Second. There was a mention of special editions but wouldn’t say if there was or wasn’t.  There is no cliff hanger for this game at the end like the other games, so this may be the end of Ratchet and Clank. You be the judge.  This title is to released this fall 2009 only on Playstation 3.


Heavy Rain: The Origami Killer:

This game is ALL about the story on how YOUR decisions can affect how the story turns out. You play with 4 different characters. You do everything with the arms to exactly how and when you open a car door. You move the right stick to the left to open a car and you can move it slow or fast to move it. You move foward by just holding R2. You turn your head by holding L2 and if you look to the right and press R2, then your character turns to the right.

The demo starts out with you getting to a junkyard and saying you are looking for a 83 blue Malibu. He big tuff guy says get lost. You can turn on ARI (which is sunglasses that can scan the area).  You notice some clues that are relating to the Origami Killer. He then walks up and puts a gun to your head and he says he is now going to take you out. You finally make a move and escape. He puts you in a car handcuffed to a steering wheel and you have to escape. You have a gun in your glove compartment so you can get it or die and that is the end of the story for this character. You then can fight if you are still alive. We will post more of this tomorrow so check back soon. This is released early 2010 only on Playstation 3.


Forza 3:

Some new things to Forza is a new cockpit view with over 400 carsand 15 manufactures. Also actual a rollover for the car. The car  could always take damge but now the car can now flip.  The Forza team even went into making the tires flex around turns with the new engine they have made for Forza 3. The cars are 10Xs poly-count compared to Forza 2 so better graphics. So the damage is as good as ever.

The Forza team has made a decision to add SUVs into the Forza 3 game, so I see a lot of damage into this game. This is a Xbox 360 exclusive.


Thanks for coming to Gaming Bolt and check back with us tomorrow at 10 am PT where we will bring more games that you will love.

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