E3 2009: Live Previews Day 2

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E3 2009: Live Show Previews:




Lost Planet 2 (PS3/360/PC):


Capcom brings Lost Planet 2 with a bang with 4-player co-op with a sprint feature this time. The 4-player co-op is only a system link or online. Single-player co-op is not a feature right now but looking into it.  In this demo that we see a giant salimander, which is stated to be one of the smaller boss fights on this game in a 4-player co-op. You get to see how long it took to take down a boss which took about 10 minutes. So, long boss fights. They wouldn’t release the dates of the demo and the actual game.

In this game, you have more customization features the way you look. The multiplayer modes will be the same as last time with a few surprises.


Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles (Wii):


This is a sequel to Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles. Even this being a Wii only title, they actually stated it being scarier than the previous Resident Evils. A lot of places from the previous Resident Evils will be brought to this game. This is only a point and shoot game. You don’t move the character, but all you do is point and shoot (so rail shooter) and shake your Wii remote to reload. They are showing a demo with two-player co-op which is bringing back like I sated before a lot of previous places. But even though this is a rail shooter, you don’t go through one way all the time. You can choose to take different paths. This is remake of Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil Code Veronica. Being easy to choose weapons or herbs, you can set them to the D-Pad like on Resident Evil 5. So check this game out this winter.


Spyborgs (Wii):


Capcom says Spyborgs is Ratchet and Clank meet Devil May Cry. This looks like Ratchet and Clank playing syle but you get combo counters like Devil May Cry. We see a demo that looks pretty good that shows a 2-player co-op. You collect orbs, but they help you pull off special moves. Like on the Xbox 360 and the PS3, you have epic boss battles with huge bosses. Well they actually bring a huge boss battle with the graphics that actually look pretty good for a Wii game. Capcom is also adding emblems to this game like the PS3 has trophies and the Xbox 360 has achievements. You always play with 2 players on the screen even if you play by yourself, you choose your characters and the computers character. If you play 2-player co-op, each player chooses character.  They are trying to do Wii-motion plus with Spyborg, but this might set-back the date of the game. Capcom said the release would be around fall 2009.


Tekken 6 (PS3/PSP/360):

Tekken 6 is launching with an amazing 40 characters. Everyone from Tekken 5 will be returning and some new ones. New game modes besides Versus of course like arcade mode and online  campaign co-op. Yes, online campaign co-op. Tekken adds a feature to the campaign that is actually running through areas and not just fighting a character.  It adds a faster feel with motion blur to add a sense of more realism and “more natural and believeable.”  And now a Tekken with GUNS! There are flamethrowers, guns, and other great stuff. So check this out on the PSP,  Xbox 360, and the PS3 fall 2009.


Pixel Junk Shooter (PS3):

Pixel Junk Shooter is about going through underground game with 2D graphics of saving survivors. It has water and lava, which when they mix, they form molten rock, which you can shoot to get to the survivors to help. It is very cool looking. If you get to close to the lava for a while, your ship turns red and you have to cool off by getting to the water. The physics of the water and lava is great and the lava flows slowly while the water flows faster. So be sure to check out Pixel Junk Shooter out.


Fat Princess (PS3/PSP):

Fat Princess is coming to the PSP and PS3 with the PS3 version coming this summer, and the PSP version coming this fall. Fat Princess is a multiplayer game the with eight maps and an extra bonus map. Fat Princess has different classes with workers and warriors and archers and more. The workers can go around building things. And warriors and archers doing their things and fighting. You will be surprised in the gore of this game.

The story mode is single player only and no co-op involved. So if you want a gory game with a little child in it. This is it.


Assassin’s Creed 2 (PS3/PSP/360/Wii/PC):

This time you will be going through the Italian Renassiance with actually night and day changes. You are not an assassin at first but have to become to survive. The demo starts out with you sitting on a bench and a guard comes up and says, “It’s you!” You take him out from the bench and sit him there where you were. Then you are to assassinate a guy in a castle.

You finally climb up to rooftops with a glider/”flying machine.” Da Vinci will be the creater of many of the things that you use in this game. You fly to the place where the person who is going to be assassinated is. Since this is Assassin’s Creed 2, you have two wielding blades and stab two guys in the throat at the same time. He then chops this guy right in the head and it just sticks. Then you assassinate the target and numerous guys come in so you can through smoke bombs and escape. Also they stated they want, “diversity.” So I hope no more repetitivness. And you can now swim. “100 missions for the main quest and 100 missions for the side quests.” Some examples of side missions are say you are doing a lot missions and the guards are aware of you and the signs are all over and you can go rip them down, and people and guards won’t be as worried.

Desmond is back but Altair will not be in the PS3, Xbox 360, and the PC version. Said, “if you want to continue the Altair experience then get the PSP version.” No plans for a demo.

And left with the words, “[what you have seen] is just the beginning.”


Rabbids Go Home (Wii/DS):

You start off with them starting to say that they heard something in the Wii remote so I stuck a camera inside there and found a rabbid. You can shake the controller and everything and he will fly around and press buttons and do all of this. You then get to see a demo of it where you are in a shopping cart and there are humans all around you. They get annoyed at you and send things to get you and you then have to defeat them. You get to see hoping on to jet engines and just some great stuff. A co-op mode with customizable characters with 40 missions. This wil not a a Wii game to miss. Go rabbid this holiday season.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Smash Up (Wii):

You get to choose from any of the four turtles, Shredder, april, or Splinter. This is a fighter where you fight each other. The stages are only horizontal designs but some up and down like Mario. This is a multiplayer focused game with a story single player mode but wouldn’t release any news on it.  The playstyle is holding the Wii remote horizontal like a controller. So lets smash it up this September.


Red Steel 2 (Wii):

This is a whole new story with a whole new character. You play as a swordsman, the hero with no name. You is a “gunslinging samurai.”  The setting is like a western but in the present time. Someone killed you your friends and you are out to find out who. You start the demo with being dragged by a motorcycle by a rope. You then pull out your hidden pistol and shoot the motorcycle. This game is for Wii-motion plus and bundled with Wii-motion plus. You have to have the Wii-motion plus to play this game. With Wii-motion plus, it can messure the angle and hot hard you are swinging it. The harder you swing, the more damage done. There will NO blood in a game like even though it will be centered around blood.

They show off a boss fight where there is a giant guy with a huge hammer. It looks like an exciting boss fight and a Wii game that shouldn’t be missed. So get it this holiday season.


Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 (PS3/PS2/PSP/360/Wii/DS):

Now with 24 heros and new heros as well. Has 4 player co-op offline or online. The story is around the Civil War when a lot of when they are trying to get rid of mutants. We get to see Captain America, Song Bird, Storm, and Juggernaut. Also you will get some boosts to play style on types of teams you choose. For instance, if you put the Fantastic Four together or all girls them. You can use your powers to send on to another player as well. For example, they showed Song Bird sent powers to Juggernaut to make a sound barrier around him to make him a wrecking ball. Another example is Storm sends electricity off Captain America’s shield to great lightning bolts everwhere. Alternate costumes with each character with at least one alternate costume. So lets get some super powers this fall.


Modern Warfare 2 (PS3/360/Wii/PC):

We get to see Modern Warfare 2 now and it looks amazing and is in a arctic climate. You start out by climbing up a mountain. You then continue to jump and then you start sliding off the mountain and you get saved. When you finally reach the top of the mountain, you get a get and it has a heart beat monitor on it so it acts like a UAV.  You  also see two guys walking away from you, and you shoot one in the back while your partner shoots the other. Then you continue to a building to plant C4 while being stealthy because there is foggy wind in the air. You then are surrounded and told you come out with your hands up and have 5 seconds to do so. You hear Cpt. MacTavish say plan B and you hit the detonator to blow some stuff up behind them. You then open fire you kill a lot of the guys and proceed on. You will then come to guys with snowmobiles and drive them and shoot some SMGs.

They talked about the Collector’s edition and said it was really awesome but would NOT say anything about it. So go get it November 10, 2009.

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