E3 2009 : The best games of the show

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With E3 2009 closed and all things coming to a wrap, we at GamingBolt.com decided to do a feature on what were the games shown at E3 that really caught the eye. E3 2009 just like every E3 hold true to one fact : The games will always have a bright future. So without any delay let me present you the best games of E3 in various categories :

1. Best On Stage Demo :

Winner : Assasins Creed 2

Ubisoft has nailed it right. Ezio really looks like he has what it takes to be a likeable character just like Altair from the first game. Now you  will have all the moves in the bag. The players will now be able to swim the canals of Venice , fly with the help of Leonardo Da Vinci’s flying machine , drive boats and much more. The developers emphasized on the term “diveristy” in the game, and the demo showed us the game will be much more bigger and better than the original.

Runners Up :

1.God of War 3

2. Alan Wake

2. Best Graphics :

Winner : Uncharted 2 Among Theives

Naughty Dog have always been known for the fact that they always use the hardware to its maximum abilities. Uncharted 2 showed us just that and why we should care about this game. The demo during Sony’s press conference was epic. Nathan Drake and other supporting character models are top notch. The absolutely destroyed sections of Nepal are stunning to look at. Of all the games at E3 , this was the most eye candy.

Runners Up :

1. Alan Wake

2. Forza 3

3. Biggest Surprise of E3 :

Winner : Final Fantasy XIV exclusively for Playstation 3

Last year Mircosoft broked millions of Sony’s fanboys hearts when it was declared that the famed game is also coming on the Xbox 360. This year Sony gave them back  by surprisingly announcing Final Fantasy XIV for the PS3. Now the funniest thing about this is that FF13 is not even released for the PS3 and Xbox 360.

Runners Up :

1. Metal Gear Solid franchise makes its debut on the Xbox 360

2. Project Natal on the Xbox 360

3. PS3 new motion sensor controller.

4. Biggest let down of the show :

Winner : Gran Turismo 5

Well gamers all around the world have been wondering whether this E3 will be the one where they will get their hands on the game. And just like the last 5 years ( GT5 was announced way back in 2005 ) the same happened. Just a short trailer. The game director just said in a recent interview : ” We can release GT5 anytime we want “. Tough words there ………….

Runners Up :

1. No Heavy Rain Presentation during Sony’s Press Conference.

2. Alan Wake to be released in Spring 2010

5. Best Fighting Game :

Winner : Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny (PSP)

Eventhough we dont cover the Playstaion Portable as of now, we just cant let this game off the list. With Kratos confirmed as a playable character , Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny looks like it will deliver just like its predecessor.

Runners Up:

1. Tekken 6

6. Best First Person Shooter :

Winner : Halo Reach

Bungie had decided that Halo 3 was supposed to be the last in the trilogy, but here they came and teased us with a short trailer. Whether Master Chief is making a coming back for this one remains to be seen.

Runners Up :

1. MAG

2. Singularity

7. Best Racing Game

Winner : Forza 3

Forza 2 revolutionized the genre of simulator racing games. With its great customization and other features fans were expecting that sequel will hit soon. No worries, the game is due in October 2009. We just cant wait.

Runners Up :

1. Mod Nation Racers

Winner : Fight Night Round 4

Fight Night Round 4 is shipping on June 25th 2009. The game has been made on an improved physics engine that will be able to detect where an opponent’s blows land, as well as utilize a fighter’s height and reach. In short if you are a fan of the other games in the series you just cant afford to miss this one.

Runners Up :

1. FIFA 2010

2. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2010

9. Best Role Playing Game :

Winner : Mass Effect 2

Yes ! You will be indeed be playing as Shepard in the sequel. But for how long is still unknown. The game is looking beautiful and it looks like Bioware are indeed pulling off the issues that bugged the original. The only bad news is that we have to wait till 2010 to get this game.

Runners Up :

1. Dragon Age Origins

10. Best Multiplayer Game :

Winner : MAG

Of what we had seen during the Sony’s conference we can definetly say that we are in a treat. Zipper Interactive is working around the clock to get this game ready. 256 players online will certainly bring a lot of fun and variation to the gameplay. MAG is expected to hit the PS3 sometime in fall 2009.

Runners Up:

1.Left 4 Dead 2

11. Best Game on the Show :

Winner : God Of War 3

If theres one game that PS3 owners have been waiting to get their hands on , than it has to be God of War 3. Whatever we have seen so far of the game just reminds us that Kratos is growing increasingly brutal. Some of his moves seems really brutal like pulling man’s head  and popping up a eye. The game looks like its going to continue where its predecessor left off. With an engaging storyline, great score and Kratos more angry than ever, this is game thats going to make the buzz in March 2010.

So Folks we stated ours. Whats your pick ?

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