E3 2010: Nintendo Press Conference Live Feed

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Nintendo are going live with their press conference over at E3 2010 in just an hour. Are you ready to take in the surprises? Get a hold of the live feed here at GamingBolt. Whether you are at work or at school and unable to catch the conference live you can get the complete feed here. Stay tuned.

Press F5 to refresh the feed.

Press Conference is about the begin

Bluish environment with a really cool music running in the background.

More cool music, I cant see any empty seats. The auditorium is jam packed.

More music. Start the damn thing already.

More awesome  music. “Nobody knows….I am still…I am still an animal”. I wonder what album is it.

Countdown over and the show is ON!

Reggie is taking stage and indirectly mocks MS and Sony :”Button Control, Motion Control, Technology is only a tool.”

New Zelda about to be revealed. Miyamoto on the screen. Shows the various game play features using the Nun Chuk and Wii Motion.

Trinen on the stage about to demonstrate the game.Miyamato makes one hell of an entrance, tearing through the lower screens. Demonstrates the game, looks like the sword and shield using the controls are going to be a part of the game but in a big way.

You can do spin attacks and slash attacks using the nunchucks. HUD shows how to use various elements of the game. Link is now surrounded by multiple enemies, uses combination of spin and slash attacks. Now they are talking about items. Now you can use the item selection wheel to assign items to particular buttons. Now you can select bombs and TAP the A button to throw it. Looks solid!

Bow demonstration..FAIL! Apparently there is some interference. They are now demonstrating the beetle. You can use it to pick up items from hidden locations. Next up is whip, which really kicks some serious ass. You can up root stuff with this and obviousl whip some asses!

Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword releases 2011! OH NO! Game play video now being shown.  Jumping between lava slides, rope swinging and much more. Over the top action RPG. Looks fun! Arrives this Holiday season.

Reggie takes stage again. “Our goal is to provide new experiences for everyone”

Madden NFL, PES, MLB 2K, NBA Jam are one of the big games coming on the Wii.

Reggie again.”People will tend to buy a Wii more then the home consoles in the next 6 months.”Talks about Mario Kart, has sold 22 million copies and Mario Bros over 20 million. Wii party revealed.

Montage of Mario the Sportsman being shown. Basketball, volleyball every sport that you will enjoy. Mario Sports Mix releases 2011.

Wii Part revealed. Balance boat and house party games and much more to be included in the game. Just Dance 2 revealed with a video montage. Will support upto 8 players, now that’s a lot!

Golden Sun Dark Dawn is coming to the DS. Trailer rolls in. Will have turn based battles in full 3D. James Bond: Golden Eye trailer being released. 007 action baby! 16 game modes.8 bond characters! Crowd going ballistic. Multi player included, releases this fall.

Now about Mickey Mouse. Warren Spector takes stage. “Epic Mickey is exclusive to Wii.” Looks fantastic, depicting the old style cartoons. “He has not become the hero in video game games that we all have wished to be.”

Players can paint and erase their world. The way you paint will result in to enemies turning in to friends. Action zone will get you engage in missions which will impact the story. Travel zone will take you from one part to another and will have side scrolling adventures and a black and white too!

Reggie again. Talks about Masahiro Sakurai and his works. KIRBY IS COMING after seven years. Game play being shown, looks fantastic with “hand stitched” environments depicting embroidery. Coming this fall.

Now about Dragon Quest IX. 120 quests and 900 items. Now supports multi player with 4 of your friends. Arriving in US in just 26 days.

METROID OTHER M now being shown. Lots of video montage including puzzles, shooting and platforming. Releasing August 31 st.

Donkey Kong confirmed by Retro Studios, side scrolling FTW!

Nintendo 3Ds revealed. Two screens and analog sticks.! Can take photos and view them in 3D. “Is a mass market device and lets you enjoy 3D photos.” It is also capable for rendering 3D enabled movies. Project Sora one of the first games to be made on the system. Kid Icarus for the DS! WTF! Trailer rolls in, lots of action and laser fighting. EPIC! Yeahhhhh! Kid Icarus uprising coming soon!

3DS will be able to download New stages, quests, ghost data, and rankings. No online fees for Nintendo 3DS. This is cool stuff.

Next, NintendoDogs with CATS! Nintendo 3DS software coming from Activision, Atlus, AQ, Bandai, Capcom, EA, Harmonix, Take 2, Sega, Ubisoft, Warner Bros and Harmonix, Ninja Gaiden, Metal Gear Solid  and much more!

Metal Gear Solid wtf!!! Now that’s huge! Short Montage showing various developers and their experiences on working with the 3DS. Very strong support with 20 of the biggest developers supporting 3Ds.

Itwata on screen. Apparently showing his expereince with 3DS, followed by Miyamoto who gets sucked in to 3DS while Reggie is shown to be laughing like crazy.

Lots of women walking out with 3Ds strapped to their bodies. Wii’s rising from the ground and lots of them. As attendees move ahead and try out the new 3Ds. That’s a wrap up!

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