Elden Ring’s Open World Is Inspired By Fumito Ueda Games And Scotland – Rumor

The game’s world takes inspiration from some unexpected places.

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When Elden Ring was unveiled, there was much excitement. The next RPG by FromSoftware seemed to promise a return to the dark fantasy setting that has helped put them on the top of the mountain. But since that reveal, there’s been little said or seen from the game. There’s an almost eerie level of silence that has driven some fans of the company to the brink of madness (if you don’t believe me, check out the Elden Ring Reddit page). While we’re still starved for official information, there is some unofficial stuff leaking out there that could give us an idea of what to expect.

In a massive post on ResetERA (as seen here via Reddit), known FromSoftware insider Omnipotent talked at length about aspects of the game that he’s aware of. When talking about the game’s open world, he says there’s two inspirations there- one is the games from beloved designer Fumito Ueda, such as Shadow of the Colossus, and the other in the beautiful landscapes of Scotland. However, the game will still have an interconnected feel with smaller, more defined areas that made the Dark Souls series so unique and beloved.

“Areas will connect to one another like Dark Souls and I think it’s worth mentioning that they are aware of the problems of the infamous Iron Keep > Earthern Peak and the increased space allows things like that to be avoided,” said the insider.

“In terms of the landmass itself, it’s far more similar to the works of Miyazaki’s idol Ueda than anything else (at least outside of Fromsoft), so it’s not just about having a super large mass of open field, but also degrees of verticality (where it makes sense) as well as natural transitions between the more open sections and the less open sections like castles and ruins and whatnot. When I mentioned Scotland in the original E3 post this is what I was referring to. Not Celtic or Gaelic Mythology (and such rumors had nothing to do with me). The landscapes of Scotland served as an inspiration for Elden Ring’s landscapes. That being said you’ll also be sure to see plenty of cool fantasy locales.”

This, coupled with more dynamic systems in the game, seems to promise something much different than what many are probably expecting. As always, take leaks with a grain of salt, though it fits with what director Hidetaka Miyazaki said in regards to what they did with open world design. Hopefully, more official footage and information will come for Elden Ring soon and dispel at least some of this mystery.

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