F1 2015 Video Game Mega Guide: Tips, Tricks, Achievements And Trophies

A complete guide for F1 2015.

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Using this guide for F1 2015, you will be able to unlock each and every trophy in the game. Furthermore we have also provided a good bunch of tips and tricks to get you started with the game. F1 2015 is now available for the PS4, Xbox One and PC. The game is developed by Codemasters Birmingham and published by Codemasters.

Miscellaneous Tips and Tricks:

F1 2015 features an advanced AI system according to the developers. They are aggressive and will take every opportunity to overtake so even if you are successful in overtaking them, don’t be surprised if they are on your tail all the time. Another point to take of note of is that F1 games differ from the likes of Forza, DriveClub and Gran Turismo. F1 games requires a lot of patience and the learning curve for new players could be quite an undertaking since there are specific race rules for tires, flags etc unlike other racing games out there. So be patient if you are new to F1.

The game features communication with your Pit crew but doing it could be quite difficult if you are passing a chicane or overtaking someone. So your best bet is to keep the communication limited to straight lines or when you are on the finishing/starting line.

During championship mode, Qualifying is of utmost importance. So try and perform your level best but make sure you are maintaining your tires. If you push them too hard than your race strategy could get affected. Listen to your car. If you hear your tires squealing, it probably means that you are pushing them too hard so try and ease off. If your engine is roaring at full throttle except on straights, try and ease off your accelerator pedals. All of this seems quite an overwhelming thing to do in the heat of the moment, but during long races it will help you maintain the engine and tire’s stability.

And finally, take your time. A race can’t be won in the first corner, but can be lost.

Achievements and Trophy Guide:

F1 2015 features a rather easy trophy and achievement list. Honestly, for a veteran player it won’t take too long to platinum this list. Regardless, we have a complete guide and tips on how you can unlock each and every trophy and achievement in F1 2015.

Trophies in this video:
– Me, Myself and I – 00:36
– Pole Sitter – 03:43
– Grand Slam – 05:32
– Clean Club – 05:39
– 1, 2, 3, Podium – 05:45
– One Aim – 05:50

Trophies in this video:
– Stay on These Roads – 00:32
– Total Recall – 02:07
– Pack Leader – 02:50
– It’s All about Time – 04:10
– Points Mean Prizes – 04:50
– Stirling Job – 08:31
– Putting in the Laps – 11:09
– Pole Position – 12:12

Phone Home
Set 50 clean laps at the Red Bull Ring in a Red Bull in Time Trial.

One Aim
Meet or exceed a race objective given to you from the team in Championship Season. Simply finish in a position better than what is expected by your team.

Pole Trophy
Achieve the most poles within a Championship Season. This is dependent on your skill and it may take multiple seasons to achieve this since you would need a better team to unlock this trophy/achievement. If this is too hard for you, try lowering the difficulty.

Win the Drivers’ Championship in Championship Season on any difficulty. This is straightforward. You need to win a single season to unlock this bad boy.

Construction Time
Win the Constructors’ Championship in Championship Season on any difficulty. You will most likely unlock this trophy when you get into a better team with a competitive team mate.

Elementary, My Dear Watson
Win the race from 22nd place on the grid in the 2014 Championship Season. Quite possible, provided you are in a good car and have excellent driving skills OR have tone down the difficulty. This will allow you to over take AI cars easily.

Master and Commander
Get 14 wins in a single Championship Season to beat Michael Schumacher’s record of 13 wins. This is pretty much self explanatory.

Super Monaco
Drive a total of 78 laps at Monaco in Pro Season mode. The circuit in Monaco is one of the demanding tracks in the F1 calendar with tons of chicanes, slow corners and short and fast straights. This is certainly not an easy one to unlock.

Hard Times
Complete a race in Pro Season mode. The right car along with the right driving skills will make this apparently hard trophy damn easy to unlock.

Easier than Expected?
You need to be placed in the top 16 in qualifying in Pro Season mode 5 times.

Boiling Point
You need to accumulate 100 points in an online championship to unlock this trophy and achievement.

Online Winner 
As the name indicates, the player needs to win an online race to unlock this achievement.

Just the Beginning
Players would need to complete an online race in the Beginner Hopper.

Players would need to complete an online race in the Standard Hopper.

Players would need to complete an online race in the Hardcore Hopper.

Players would need to complete 5 online races.

Online Pony
Players would need to complete 25 online races.

Players would need to complete 50 online races.

One with the Car
Players would need to set a time during a Time Trial Event.

Keep It Clean
Players would need to set a time at 5 different circuits in Time Trial in the dry.

Wet Wet Wet
Players would need to set a time at 5 different circuits in Time Trial in the wet.

Sweet Dreams
Players would need to drive through 30 clean laps at Singapore in Time Trial.

Welcome to Russia
Players would need to drive through 50 clean laps at Sochi in Time Trial in a Marussia.

Sauber Wolf
Players would need to drive through 50 clean laps in a Sauber on any track in Time Trial.

Ticket to Ride
Players would need to drive through 100 clean laps in Time Trial on any combination of tracks.

Clean Sweep
Players would need to drive through clean lap times for all circuits in Time Trial.

Three of a Kind
Players would need win a race in Quick Race, Championship Season and Multiplayer mode.

Final Lap Heroics
Win a race on the final lap, coming from behind.

Continental Circus
Players would need to drive at least 20 laps on a track in each continent, in any game mode.

The Final Countdown
Players would need to drive 500 laps on European tracks in any game mode.

F1 Super Hero
Players would need to spend at least 600 minutes out on track.

This guide will be updated once we have more information about the game.

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