Fallout 4 Guide: All Side, Institute, Brotherhood of Steel, Railroad, Minuteman And Miscellaneous Quests

Complete almost every side quest in Fallout 4 using this guide.

Posted By | On 02nd, Dec. 2015

Fallout 4 is massive- this doesn’t just have to do with the game’s staggering game world, it also owes itself to just how much there is to do in the world to begin with. Fallout 4 is chock full of all manner of quests that you can undertake that give you things to do, outside of the main storyline.

This section of the guide lists all the side quests, Institute quests, Brotherhood of Steel quests, Railroad quests, the Minuteman quests along with miscellaneous quests. Please note that we have tried our best to include each and every quest in this guide although there a few missing.

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Side Quests:

Benign Intervention:

The Big Dig:

Confidence Man:

Curtain Call:

Detective Case Files:

  • The Disappearing Act
  • The Gilded Grasshopper
  • Long Time Coming

Diamond City Blues:

The Devil’s Due:

Emergent Behavior:

Here There be Monsters:

Human Error:

Kid in a Fridge:

Last Voyage of the U.S.S. Constitution:

Long Road Ahead:

The Secret of Cabot House Quests

  • Special Delivery
  • Emogene Takes a Lover
  • The Secret of Cabot House

The Silver Shroud

Vault 81 and Hole in the Wall

Pull the Plug

The Institute Quests:


Synth Retention

The Battle of Bunker Hill

Mankind Redefined

Mass Fusion


Powering Up

End of the Line

Airship Down

Nuclear Family


Building a Better Crop

Plugging a Leak

A House Divided

Pest Control (Radiant)

Hypothesis (Radiant)

Appropriation (Radiant)

Reclamation (Radiant)

Political Leanings (Radiant)

Brotherhood of Steel Quests:



Fire Support

Call to Arms

Semper Invicta

Shadow of Steel

Tour of Duty

Show No Mercy

From Within

Outside the Wire

Liberty Reprimed

Blind Betrayal

Tactical Thinking

Spoils of War

Ad Victoriam

A New Dawn


The Lost Patrol

Duty or Dishonor

A Loose End

Getting Technical

Blood Bank

Reactor Coolant

Cleansing the Commonwealth (Radiant)

Quartermastery (Radiant)

Leading by Example (Radiant)

Learning Curve (Radiant)

Feeding the Troops (Radiant)

The Railroad Quests


Road to Freedom


Underground Undercover

Operation Ticonderoga

Precipice of War

Rockets’ Red Glare

Burning Cover


Boston After Dark

Memory Interrupted

Butcher’s Bill 1 (Radiant)

Butcher’s Bill 2 (Radiant)

Mercer Safehouse (Quest) (Radiant)

Jackpot (Radiant)

Concierge (Radiant)

Weathervane (Radiant)

Randolph Safehouse (Radiant)

Variable Removal (Radiant)

To the Matresses (Radiant)

Lost Soul (Radiant)

A Clean Equation (Radiant)

High Ground (Radiant)

The Minutemen Quests


When Freedom Calls

Sanctuary (Quest)

The Sight

Taking Independence

Old Guns

Inside Job

Form Ranks

Defend the Castle

With Our Powers Combined


The First Step


Defend a Settlement (Radiant)

Defend Artillery at a Settlement (Radiant)

Stop the Raiding (Radiant)

Kidnapped Trader (Radiant)

Water, Food, or Power (Radiant)

Suspected Synth (Radiant)

Miscellaneous Quests

Atom Cats Garage: Atom Cats (Quest)

Bunker Hill: Fallen Hero

Bunker Hill: Meg’s Tour

Bunker Hill: Prep School

Bunker Hill: Traffic Jam

Cambridge Polymer Labs: Cambridge Polymer Labs (Quest)

Charles View Amphitheater: A Pillar of the Community

Chestnut Hillock Reservoir: Edwin’s Terminal

Combat Zone: Combat Zone (Quest)

Diamond City: Botany Class
Diamond City: Brother Against Brother
Diamond City: Diamond City’s Most Wanted
Diamond City: End Game
Diamond City: Fly Fishing
Diamond City: Holidays
Diamond City: Out in Left Field
Diamond City: New Hair, New Face
Diamond City: Nuka Cola Needs
Diamond City: Painting the Town
Diamond City: Pool Cleaning
Diamond City: Wedding Day
Diamond City: World Series Win

Drumlin Diner: Order Up

Dunwich Borers: Dunwich Borers (Quest)

Egret Tours Marina: Phyllis Daily
Finch Farm: Out of the Fire

Fens Street Sewer: Dear Detective

General Atomics Factory: Quality Assurance

General Atomics Galleria: Galleria

Goodneighbor: Art Appreciation

Goodneighbor: The Cleaner

Goodneighbor: Familiar Faces

Goodneighbor: Hazardous Material

Goodneighbor: MacCready for Action

Goodneighbor: Tough Times

Goodneighbor: Trouble Brewin’

Graygarden: Supervisor Brown

Graygarden: Supervisor Green

Greenetech Genetics: K1-98

HalluciGen, Inc.: HalluciGen Exploration

Jamaica Plain: Treasure of Jamaica Plain

Longneck Lukowski Cannery: Mystery Meat

Longneck Lukowski Cannery: Trader Rylee

Pickman Gallery: Pickman’s Gift

The Prydwen: Blood Bank

The Prydwen: Getting Technical

The Prydwen: Reactor Coolant

Rocky Cave: Virgil’s Cure

Rook Family House: Barney Rook

Skylanes Flight 1981: Random Encounter: Ness

the Slog: Arlen Glass

the Slog: Holly

the Slog: Marlene’s Holotape

the Slog: Wiseman

Vault 75: Vault 75 (Quest)

Vault 81: Austin: Vault 81 Tour

Vault 81: Bobby DeLuca: Dependency

Vault 81: Calvin: Maintenance Man

Vault 81: Doctor Penske: Fertilizer Woman

Vault 81: Erin: Here Kitty, Kitty

Vault 81: Katy: Short Stories

Warwick Homestead: Bill Sutton (Quest)

Wicked Shipping Fleet Lockup: Wicked Shipments

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