Far Cry 3: A Look at the level editor

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The entire world has proclaimed Far Cry 3 as one hell of a game, well maybe there could be one or two unbelievers, but the game genuinely looks awesome and we, at GamingBolt, also gave it a glowing 10/10 score. Now, that’s no mean feat as a game has to be spectacular to achieve something like that.

The game’s level editor allows player’s to create levels of their own, and we have a lot of details on what exactly is in the editor for people to utilize. Ubisoft showcased this at Malmo Sweden, and these details are revealed by Ubisoft forum member “Fallen Champ”.

The editor is also coming to the consoles and I am not exactly sure how that’s gonna work, but according to Fallen Champ, it’s true and he has posted a list of commands below which will allow players to tweak the game as they wish.

Here’s his final thoughts on the editor: “The thing that impressed me a lot was the Temple selection and also Walls – there were some big sheets that are kind of terrain walls which could also be used to work as a ceiling or floor and should blend in very well with the right terrain paint selection.

“Also the signs – these were really jazzy with bold graffiti that will look superb on walls, those of you that commented on the cannabis plants will get to make their own drug fueled hideouts as we get (I think it was) 2 different weed plants and 2 (what looked like) pallets of coke all wrapped up, so I am sure there will be some crazy maps made in this game.”

Check out the details below.


Town 87

Temple 118

Airport 25

Village 47

Mines 49

Radio Tower 54

Native 47

WW2 31

Chinese Tomb 51


Accessories 144

Construction 44

Debris 105

Fire Camps 6

Pipes 17

Roads 9

Towers 15

Bridges 35

Corpses 14

Decorations 99

Household 117

Posts 8

Signs 63

Walls 51

Cages 13

Crates 42

Fences 65

Industrial 59

Quays 14

Tents 5


Barrels 9

Doors 30

Beds 14

Chairs 29

Storage + Tables 49

Miscellaneous 29

Static Vehicles

Land 5

Sea 24

Air 14


Trees 39

Plants 11

Vegetation 79


Coastal 65

Jungle 42

Grass Land 33

Caverns 31

Coral 16


Lighting 45

Decals 31


Explosives 10

Ladders 24

Weapons 33

Vehicles 23

Hostile Mercenaries 34

Allied Mercenaries 8

Wildlife 67

Aquatic Wildlife 15


Terrain Bump

Terrain Raise / Lower

Terrain Flatten

Terrain Set To Height

Terrain Smooth

Terrain Raise

Terrain Ramp

Terrain Noise

Terrain Erosion

Terrain Hole (that’s the new one)

Texture Painter

Water Layers (water at different height, this allows from o-255)




Collection System


Map Limits (Playable Zone)


Global Modes





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