Farming Simulator 17 Wiki – Everything you need to know about the game

Everything you need to know about Farming Simulator 17.

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Farming Simulator 17 Wiki – Everything you need to know about the game

Farming Simulator 17

Focus Home Interactive

Giants Software

PC, PS4, Xbox One


Release Date:2016

Farming Simulator 17 is a farming simulation game and is the continuation of a series that was started with the first Farming Simulator. Giants Software is developing the newest title in this now long running franchise. Focus Home Interactive is the publisher for Farming Simulator 17 and has also been the publisher for the other games in this franchise.

Giants Software has largely only developed games in the Farming Simulator genre, though they have also dabbled in other simulators such as Ski-Region Simulator 2012. The company has become centered on this line of games over the last few years. The game was announced as coming to the PC, PS4 and Xbox One by the end of 2016 though the title does not yet have an official release date.

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On February 22, 2016 Farming Simulator 17 was officially announced by both Focus Home Interactive and Giants Software. At the same time the game was announced, it was given a release date of “end of the year, 2016.” That was as close to an actual date as the developers were able to provide at the time of the announcement. While the continuation of the series and the partnership between Focus Home Interactive and Giants Software was accompanied by a couple of screenshots of the game, no trailer has been released as of April of 2016. At the same time the game was announced, Focus Home Interactive announced it would be holding a press event in Paris, France. This event would allow members of the gaming press to get a look at several titles Focus Home was publishing, as well as have a Q&A session with the developers of Farming Simulator 17.

The two teams have said the game will be released simultaneously on the consoles as well as the PC, though it isn’t clear whether the game is only going to be on the current generation consoles or whether there might also be an Xbox 360 and PS3 version. The two companies have also offered some version of a Farming Simulator on mobile platforms such as iOS, though there hasn’t been any mention of porting the title to mobile platforms in the small bit of information Focus Home Interactive or Giants Software has given out so far.

The game is expected to land sometime in the fourth quarter of 2016. It’s expected to be on the PS4 and Xbox One as well as the PC. In the past, the game has been released through Giants’ online portal as well as Steam. There is no indication yet whether or not the game will also be offered through the Windows 10 store, but games offered on PC and Xbox One have been getting offered through the Windows 10 store since it went live.


farming simulator 2017

There is no story mode like other games traditionally carry in Farming Simulator 17. The basic background of the game is that the players are running their own farm and must try and not only make sure the equipment and food are being produced and kept up but also that the farm is actually turning a profit. The story unfolds however the players choose to have it unfold.


Farming Simulator 17

Online Multiplayer was first introduced into the series with Farming Simulator 15 and it would makes sense for that feature to be offered again in Farming Simulator 17, though those kinds of additions to the newest game have not been confirmed by either Giants or Focus Home Interactive. It’s likely that the game will have a number of the advancements that other versions in the series have seen, with new items and vehicles put into the game. Along wth a kind of open world approach where players can act as farmers who run their own property, there are a number of missions that will lead to the overall success of the game mode.

A Career mode allows players to decide what they want to plant, or what kind of animals they want to raise on their farm. In past versions of the game, players have started out with the most basic and dated equipment and must either raise enough money to update and repair the equipment or buy brand new equipment for the farm. As the Farming Simulator series has progressed, more of the equipment featured in the series have been branded and named. These brands are all the most well known farming equipment in real life and users will be able to choose through these brands depending on how much money players have to spend. Upgrading the farm itself, either by getting more land ready for new crops, or by adding new buildings and employees have been included in previous versions of Farming Simulator and will likely be included in Farming Simulator 17.



Farming Simulator 17 does not have any named characters to speak of in the game. Because this is a simulator, the player is expected to insert himself into the game as the main character, but there are very few interactions with NPCs inside the title. Farming Simulator 15 was the first in the series that offered a kind of online multiplayer that allowed players to compete or collaborate with one another. In this regard there were other characters in the game but there are not many if any at all expected to be included in Farming Simulator 17.

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