FIFA 19’s Latest Update Tweaks Timed Finishing, Finesse Shots, and More

Goalkeeper movement has also been tuned, while some issues in the Career Mode are addressed.

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EA Sports have rolled out Update #7 for FIFA 19 on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC, and though there are no headlining improvements, changes, or additions to speak of, the latest patch does tweak some key areas in the game, while also addressing bugs and issues that have been cropping up in places such as the Career Mode.

Timed Finishing is one of the mechanics that has received one of the aforementioned tweaks, which basically entails fixing issues with error reduction for timed finesse shots, to bring them more in line with other shots. Meanwhile, the window for a perfectly timed Timed Finish has also been reduce, to make it harder in situations where the ball was coming into players from long distances, where players were apparently finding it a bit too easy (unrealistically so) to get the timing of these shots right.

The effectiveness of Timed Finishing shots that fall into the yellow range has also been reduced. The potential for Powered Finesse shots to be met with errors has been increased, since apparently, the developers noticed that players were finding it too easy to score from such efforts. Other tweaks as part of the patch include, but aren’t limited to, goalkeeper movement being tweaked, and some bugs and issues in the Career Mode being addressed.

You can check out the full detailed patch notes through here, or below. FIFA 19 is currently available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, with a truncated version being available on Nintendo Switch as well.


Timed Finesse: 

  • The level of error reduction for a timed finesse shot is now in line with the level of error reduction for other timed shots.
  • Maximum size of the Timed Finishing window for a green timed shot is now reduced.
  • Yellow timed shots effectiveness were reduced for this new update.

Powered Finesse:

  • Reduced the effectiveness of higher powered finesse shots, both timed and non-timed shots.

In-box Near Post Shots:

  • Further reduced the likelihood that a shot which was correctly aimed into the net, and that was targeting a location near to the post, would miss the net in a shooting situation where the attacking player is under no defensive pressure and is not off balance.

Goalkeeper Movement:

  • Goalkeeper movement speed when being controlled by manual movement was reduced in this patch. The impact of this will be higher when using manual movement during open play and lower when in set pieces situations (corners and free kicks). Goalkeepers will now maintain a ready posture when being controlled by manual movement through the right stick controls.


After the last patch an issue with both Manager and Player Careers occurred where players were unable to grow their overall rating and instead was showing as -1 overall in multiple screens. This issue has been resolved with today’s changes.

Also addressed the following issues:

  • In Player Career, finishing in first place in your league at the end of the season was not properly awarding the Win The League accomplishment.
  • The Emirates FA Cup Final match being scheduled the day before the final match of the Premier League season.
    • This fix will not impact existing Career Mode save files, only new Career Mode save files.


Made the following changes:

  • The fatigue reduction that is applied to a Pro Clubs player when it was being controlled by someone locked to a position has now also been applied to the players when they are being controlled by someone playing on ‘Any’.

Addressed the following issues:

  • In Pro Clubs, the Club Squad screen was not displaying the stats for each member of the club on the panel on the left side of the screen.
  • Sometimes a Pro Clubs Virtual Pro’s overall rating was incorrect when displayed in the Pro Clubs hub screens.
    • The overall rating that was being shown in a match, including the end of match flow, was correct.
    • The overall rating that was being used during gameplay was also correct, so this was a visual issue only.
    • For players that were impacted by this issue, you could see the overall rating of your Virtual Pro, when displayed in the Pro Clubs hub, be lower than it was prior to the title update.
      • The overall rating used in gameplay and shown during a match should remain the same.
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