Finding Bloodborne Too Difficult? You Can Adjust In-Game Difficulty

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From Software’s Bloodborne just hit the PS4 this week, and of course, as with all From Software ‘Souls’ (or Souls-like) games, it’s hard as nails. That said, exactly how difficult or easy it is depends entirely on you. This has always been true, but with Bloodborne, users are figuring out new tricks to keep the difficulty from spiraling too much out of control.

One of the key mechanics that they have discovered to exploit difficulty is Insight. Insight is an expendable stat that you gain throughout the game, used for multiple things, from co-op to learning more of the world around you. However, it also ramps up the difficulty of the game as you gain more and more of it- enemy placements and attack patterns change, meaning that an area that you had mastered might become a brutal minefield again, all of a sudden.

The flip side of this is, insight can be used to manipulate the difficulty. The threshold for difficulty with insight seems to be 15: as long as you are under it, the game maintains its basic (still soul crushing) level of difficulty. At over 15, it ramps it up.

So if you are finding Bloodborne too difficult, it might not be a bad idea to spend some Insight points and get yourself under 15. if you are finding it too easy, maybe try to rack some Insight up, and get it over 15.

Of course, all of this is useless advice, if you’ve just started the game and are already finding it difficult (Insight doesn’t unlock until after you beat the first boss). If that is the case, then there is only one thing I can say to you- git gud.

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