Fortnite Complete Guide: Weekly Challenges, Weapon Crafting, Evolution System, Unlocking Heroes, And More

A complete guide for Fortnite.

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Fortnite Complete Guide: Weekly Challenges, Weapon Crafting, Evolution System, Unlocking Heroes, And More

Fortnite is a game that is nothing short of a tour de force right now. While it was initially easy to dismiss the game as another Battle Royale clone, the game has proved its detractors wrong by bringing its own twist to the genre along with really fun gameplay. There is also the ‘Save the World’ mode in which players have to team up together to take out hordes of enemies. One of the great things about the game is that it is consistently updated by Epic Games with new items and content, so there’s always something new to look forward to. However, this means that there’s also a lot to learn about the game and this guide is here to help you out if you’re in need of any information at all about the game.


Stay Quiet

In this game, survival is key and that means having to keep your presence unnoticed. Trying to get the drop on enemies may sometimes cause too much commotion and draw attention to yourself. Similarly, gathering resources with your pickaxe can also be noisy. Be aware of your surroundings and try and limit the noise you make as much as possible. Of course, there are going to be times when making some noise is unavoidable but make sure you’re ready to handle enemies at such times.

Choose Your Starting Location Well

When you’re first dropping down from your flight, you’ll have to plan where to land. You’ll need weapons and the best weapons are usually found in buildings, but don’t go where all the other players are headed. Instead, look for a few structures but try your best to avoid a fight this early on, at least until you’re more familiar with the game and how it works.

Pay Attention To The Storm

One of the central mechanics in the game is the Storm which keeps closing in as time goes on. A timer will let you know when the Storm contracts so pay attention to it and make sure you run for cover when it does so that you don’t die an early death.

Learn How Building Stuff Works

One of the unique parts about Fortnite is its building mechanic. You can use this to your advantage by building structures to your advantage, either for cover or to gain a tactical advantage. You’ll have to learn to build in the middle of fighting as this can save you your life. Mastering how building works is central to your survival in this game.

Be Careful Even Behind Cover

In this game, even the sturdiest looking structure can be destroyed if the right weapons are used. So while you might think you’re safe behind a structure, you may soon find yourself dead. Always be on the move and be ready to move to another piece of cover when necessary.

Be Careful When Approaching Player Buildings

You can often spot player buildings from a distance away. However, if a player has chosen to sit and wait in a structure they’ve built, it probably means that they’re well-stockpiled and are waiting for some other players to come their way. Remember that players atop tall structures will have a definite tactical advantage, so always think twice when going close to these buildings.

Wait Before You Loot

Right after you kill an enemy, your impulse might be to go ahead and loot the dead player’s body. However, this is a surefire way to get yourself killed. The soudn of battle would have attracted other players who may lie in wait at the prospect of getting some good loot. So instead of directly heading out to grab loot, wait and watch for any enemies approaching so that you can use the element of surprise to down an extra player. Remember, patience is your friend.


You can do weekly challenges and earn some pretty great rewards if you’re Battle Pass holder. You can earn battle stars, XP and even rewards that are specific to the current season. The following are the challenges you need to complete in Week 10 along with details about rewards and requirements to complete them.

Completing all of the Week 10 challenges will net you 4000 XP.

  • Deal Headshot Damage To Enemies: If you do this a total of 250 times, you complete it and earn 5 Battle Stars.
  • Eliminate Opponents: If you eliminate 10 opponents, then you complete it and earn 5 Battle Stars.
  • Search Chest In Fatal Fields: If you do this a total of 7 times, you complete it and earn 5 Battle Stars.
  • Eliminate Opponents In Pleasant Park: If you do this 3 times, you complete the challenge and earn 5 Battle Stars.
  • Skydive Through Floating Rings: If you do this 10 times, you complete the challenge and earn 5 Battle Stars.
  • Search Between A Stone Circle, Wooden Bridge, And Red RV: If you do this once, you complete the challenge and earn 5 Battle Stars.
  • Search A Chest In Different Named Locations: If you do this 12 times, you earn 5 Battle Stars.


Choosing a good starting location is the first step in ensuring your survival in the game. Landing in an area that is heavily populated with lots of buildings can be beneficial since you can get some great loot right off the bat. On the other hand, you’re also likely to get killed earlier by other players in such areas. Your other option is to seek out a place with fewer players so that you can then slowly plan your next moves. Also, keep a look out or a hear-out for the twinkling sound that the really epic Loot Chests make. These chests hold some really rare top-tier weapons and remember that these rare chests can be anywhere and are not specific to any one kind of location.


One of the important aspects of this game is the Storm Eye. This is basically a circle that keeps contracting until there is only one last player left. If anyone is caught outside of this circle, then they will take a lot of damage and die in no time at all. Just pay attention to where the Storm Eye is at all times and maintain a safe distance as much as possible. Over time, you will get used to it and will learn to automatically move towards the center of the circle as the game goes on.


Once you reach Tier 100 in the game, you can earn the High Octane Glider which is a super cool way to get around. Just complete five out any of the seven secret challenges and the High Octane Glider will be yours. However, the third season will soon be over so you’ll have to get started as soon as you can if you want to complete all of the necessary challenges.

  • Kill 5 Opponents In A Single Match: For this challenge, try and get yourself in a highly populated area and try and get the best weapons possible as early as you can. Killing 5 opponents shouldn’t be that hard if your aim isn’t to survive until the end of the game.
  • Search 7 Chests In A Match: The best location for this would be Snobby Shores as there are usually a lot of chests around in the basements and attics. It would be easier if you had a squad with you as you can cover a larger area and your teammates can also provide cover while you look around for chests.
  • Deal 1000 Damage To Opponents In A Match: This is not that hard to do either. Since players may also have shields, you’d have to kill less than 10 players to complete this challenge.
  • Play Matches With One Elimination Ten Times: Basically just get at least get one kill per match and you’ll be good to go in no time.
  • Kill A Player With A Pickaxe: This one can be a bit tricky since it’s not very easy to kill an enemy with just a pickaxe, especially if they have a better weapon at hand. Your best bet is to use the element of surprise or to try and attack an opponent right at the beginning of a match before they’ve got any good weapons.
  • Place Top 3 In Squads Thrice: This can be a bit difficult, but it’s certainly doable. Just make sure you coordinate and communicate well with your teammates and you’ll soon work together well enough to find yourself at the top.
  • Place Top 10 In Solo Thrice: This is not very hard to do at all. In fact, you can sometimes get lucky if you just stay hidden and stay out of the way of enemies.


There are four different classes in the game and it’s not that difficult to unlock all of them even if you don’t already have them. However, even after they’re unlocked, they may not be usable yet. This is because you don’t have the Leadership skill yet. To get the skill, you just have to spend some points in your skill tree. It won’t take long before you have enough XP to get this skill and then you’ll be able to select any of the classes you’ve unlocked!


One of the collectibles in the game are survivors and they can be found hiding in different areas of the map. Finding them will grant you a People collectible reward at the end of a mission which you can use to transform your heroes. Apart from the rewards, you gain other bonuses as well.

To find survivors, just keep exploring the map and you’ll see them indicated on the map as blue icons. When you’re nearby a survivor, you can hear them crying out for help so make use of this audio cue to locate them.


When you start off the game, you start off with just the Soldier class unless you purchased one of the various editions of the game such as the Deluxe, Super Deluxe or Limited Editions. To unlock other classes, you have to grind quite a bit and open up Llama packs in the hopes of unlocking a new class. Thee packs give you rare loot and they can be unlocked by completing different quests in the game.

The other way is buy Llama packs using Vbucks which can be earned from doing daily quests. Just keep doing these daily quests everyday and soon enough, you’ll unlock all of the other hero classes.


One of the most powerful kind of weapons you can get in the game are crystal weapons. These are Tier 4 weapons that are super powerful but this power comes at the cost of durability. Getting these weapons aren’t very difficult so if you want to, you can have them with just a bit of work.

As your weapon gets more and more powerful through the weapon evolution system, you’ll have the option regarding what material you want to use in order to make them more powerful. You can use either the Shadowshard Crystal or Malachite so as to gain a crystal weapon in the game.


There are four different classes in the game and each of them have their own unique skill trees and abilities. You can upgrade your hero by going to the Heroes tab from the main menu and you can see the various ways in which you can evolve your hero. You may be required to get to a certain level or even to have certain materials to be able to evolve the hero in the desired way. Sometimes you may even be required to have certain skills before you can evolve your hero in a certain way. Once you have the required level, skills, and materials, you can go about evolving the hero.


When you’re going to build a fortress for yourself from where you can take out enemies, the first thing you need to get right is the base. You can use either wood or stone, but stone is definitely a stronger material whereas wood is easily destructible. Once you’ve chosen your base, build a floor, wall, and some doors.You can also try and build half walls so as to force enemies into a tight spot and to give you better cover. Also, make sure you place as many traps as possible but place them in strategic positions and try to predict where they may be most useful before placing them. Continue to expand your building outward as much as you can, but height is also most important. In general, those who are on a higher elevation will have the tactical advantage in a firefight.


When you’re new to the game, it can be quite daunting to learn which are the best weapons to use and where you can find the best loot. You’ll soon get the hang of it but this section will help you out with regards some of the basics to get you started.

The best areas to get loot will have a lot of people gathering around, so be ready to face some stiff competition. With that said, the following are the best locations to get the best gear, ammo, and items.

  • Salty Springs: This is near the center but not many people drop here. Look around and you will find some chests with loot and some small chests with ammo and items.
  • Dusty Depot: This is a location that is right at the center, so it’s a highly contested location to drop off at. There are three main hangars here in which you’re bound to find some superior weapons.
  • Wailing Wood: This is a place that has a lot of great items and gear for squads, so expect there to be a lot of other players. Oncey ou drop off on the top of some building, you’ll be able to find some chests soon enough with useful gear and items.

There are many weapons to use and try out in the game and you should definitely try out as many as possible, but you can find below a list of some of the weapons which are generally considered to be the best in the game.

  • Scoped Assault Rifle: This weapon is great for medium to long range firefights, and it is great when you want to scout out potential danger in the distance. However, it’s not at all suited for short range so make sure you switch it out when such a situation arises.
  • Pump Shotgun: This is the weapon you want to go for in a short-range fight. It’s great for its high damage and it can also be very useful in the endgame when you’re going to be engaged in short range fights.
  • Scar Rifle Assault: This is the best of the assault rifles and is perfectly suited for short and medium range. However, it’s not very good for long range, so keep that mind if you go for this weapon.
  • Silenced Pistol: The biggest advantage of this weapon is that you can take out enemies without giving away your location. It is also quite a powerful weapon for short range and medium range.

There are a bunch of different items in the game, each of them with different uses. You can find below a list of all the items in the game.

  • Medkit: As you may have guessed, this item is used to heal yourself and it fully heals you. However, they’re quite rare so try and keep any you find for the endgame.
  • Shield Potions: This item helps you gain some extra protection apart from your health and it grants a 50% boost to your shield up to a maximum of 100%.
  • Bush: This is actually a bush that you can carry around to hide in. It’s great for cover and can help you hide in it and players won’t easily spot you, except in teh endgame when they can easily look within the small area that’s left.
  • Mini Shield Potions: This is similar to the shield potion but grants only a 25% boost to the shield and it will only get your shield to a maximum of 50%.
  • Spike Trap: These do a lot of damage and if positioned correctly, can deal a lot of damage and can even kill an opponent. You can place these in your building for some extra defense.
  • Bandages: These heal 15 HP  and can be especially useful in the early game but their usefulness drops off by the endgame.
  • Launch Pad: This item allows you to launch yourself in the air and can be especially useful to catch an opponent by surprise. Once you scout out an enemy from your tall building, use this to land right behind them and then proceed to take them out.


You’ll have to craft weapons in the game if you really want to be good at it. To craft weapons, you will need to required schematics first of all. These can be found in Llama packs or as rewards for quests or even in Treasure Chests. Schematics can range from common ones to Legendary with the better types requiring more materials. Once you have the required materials, you can go ahead and craft the weapon.

You can even get better quality weapons by gaining Schematic XP either from Llama packs or as rewards or by recycling your lower quality schematics. You can keep upgrading schematics in this way until you reach the level limit. Once you reach the level limit, you can make your weapons even better through the Evolution system.

Once the weapon reaches the maximum level of 10, you can Evolve weapons either by recycling older weapons or through the Collection Book system. When you recycle a weapon or schematic, you gain XP which can be used later. When you recycle a weapon through the Collection Book system, the weapon or schematic is gone forever and you earn Collection Book XP. As the Collection Book slowly levels up, you will start gaining useful and rare items. Once its level reach 10, you will gain the items required to Evolve a weapon.


V-bucks are the virtual currency which may be used to purchase Llama packs which give you useful rewards. These can be bought with real money, but there are also a number of ways to earn them just by playing the game. You can  find below the different weapons to farm V-bucks in Fortnite. 

  • Complete Main Campaign And Storm Shield Defense: By completing the main campaign in the game, you can earn some V-bucks. Additionally, Storm Shield Defense also grants you V-bucks.
  • Complete Challenges: You can complete the many challenges available at any given time to earn V-bucks.
  • Complete Collection Book: If you have any heroes or items which you are not really using, you can make use of these by adding them to the Collection Book and this will earn you some V-bucks.
  • Complete Daily Quests: These quests are fairly easy to complete and offer a way to consistently earn some V-bucks in the game.

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