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2nd Annual GamingBolt's Game of The Year 2010 Editor's Choice

Hello dear readers! Its that time of the year where we announce the best of the best and the worst of the worst in video games. Yes, it’s time to announce GamingBolt’s Editors Game of the Year Awards. So without any delays lets get started!

Note: Our user’s choice voting for Game of the Year 2010 is currently going on. You guys can check it over HERE.

Best Sequel: Battlefield Bad Company 2

DICE's sequel to the 2008 shooter surprised us all with it's solid campaign and an addictive multiplayer.

Best Protagonist Male: Ethan Mars from Heavy Rain

Ethan Mars played an excellent father. Isn't that reason enough?

Best Antagonist Male: Scott Shelby from Heavy Rain

And Mr Scott Shelby the most deceiving villain ever!

Best Protagonist Female: Bayonetta from Bayonetta does not get any better than this.

Best Antagonist Female: Samara from Mass Effect 2

Dangerous, Deceiving and Deadly.

Best Couple/Duo: Trip and Monkey

One of the best pairs of 2010. You may also call it slavery :S

Most Underachieved Game: Gran Turismo 5

Yes, we gave the game a 9/10...but after 5 years...we were expecting nothing but a 10/10

Most Overachieved Game: Bayonetta

Seriously We never though that this game would kick so much arse!

Most Underrated Game: Metro 2033

I dont know why people rated this gem so low..

Most Overrated Game: Final Fantasy XIII

And why did people rated this game high?

Worst Game of the Year: Quantum Theory

A pathetic rip off of Gears of War...Why did this game even attempted?

Best Innovation of the Year: Microsoft Kinect

We are pretty sure that Kinect is going to change the way people play games. Dont trust me on that. Just watch some of the videos that people are doing with Kinect, well the good things.

Best Downloadable Content: Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare

Killing Zombies in the Wild West is equal to a win-win combination.

Best Environments/Art: Assassins Creed Brotherhood

Rome looked absolutely stunning in Brotherhood...we are truly hyped for Assassins Creed 3

Best Beta: Killzone 3

Killzone 3 Beta had a lot of hype and it was well worth it.

Most Memorable Moment: Ethan Mars Finger Cutting Scene in Heavy Rain

Cut your own fingers and find the next clue to your son's whereabouts. this is what made this scene so memorable. I remember literally keeping my controller up and down since I was not able to decide what should I do ahead. Eventually I sliced it.

Best Boss Fights: Bayonetta

Featuring epic and longer boss fights, Bayonetta was easy pickings for us.

Most Difficult Game: Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker

I was really surprised at the difficulty levels of Peace Walker...It's impossible to finish the campaign without a buddy!

Best Role Playing Game: Mass Effect 2

Mass Effect 2 is a sensational role playing game with elements which revolutionized the genre forever

Best First Person Shooter: Halo Reach

Among the midst of some great first person shooters in 2010, Reach defined the entire Halo franchise.

Best Third Person Shooter: Vanquish

A stylish and a sleek shooter and a game which could have done much better, Vanquish has a great future if ever turned in to a franchise.

Best Action/Adventure Game: God of War 3

Travelling through amazing environments and scaling big bosses, Kratos's epic adventure deserves to win our action/adventure award.

Best Sports Game: NBA 2K 11

2K surprised us all with this epic Basketball game. Easily the most loved sports game of the year.

Best Racing Game: Gran Turismo 5

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit was a very close contender for this title, But GT5 just managed to win because it had more depth, more realism and amazing replay value.

Best Open Sandbox Game: Red Dead Redemption

Rockstar's Red Dead Redemption is untouchable as far as open sand box games are concerned.

Best Survival Horror Game: Alan Wake

Alan Wake along with Dead Space is easily the best horror game since Resident Evil 4

Best Rhythm/Music Game: Rock Band 3

Year after Year Rock Band beats the competition, 2010 is no different.

Best Multiplayer Game: Battlefield Bad Company 2

Bad Company 2's multiplayer is unmatched and untamed.

Best Platformer: Super Mario Galaxy 2

When you speak of Legends, you cant ignore Mario.

Best Strategy Game: Starcraft 2

It was a slow year for strategy games so Starcraft 2 made our lives a bit easier.

Best Fighting Game: Super Street Fighter IV

BlazBlue gave some tough fight to Super Street Fighter IV, but the legend spoke for itself.

Best Indie Game: Limbo

Undoubtedly Playdead studios created one of the best indie games ever.

Best Developer: Bioware

With a stunner like Mass Effect 2, Bioware are worthy winners.

Best Publisher: EA

With tons of games published including some biggies like Mass Effect 2, Need for Speed, Fifa 11, selecting EA was easy for us.

Best thing to happen in 2010 for Video Games: Duke Nukem Forever is REAL

Duke will be back in your homes in 2011. Are you ready? Cause we are!

Best Graphics: God of War 3

If you guys have ever played the game, you should check out Kratos's gold plated armor closely. Or even better play one of those head ripping scenes in HD and you will get the reason why we selected this game as the graphics behemoth of 2010.

Best Sound: God of War 3

No Game comes closer to the sound of this game. The background score was ground breaking.

Best Voice Acting: Red Dead Redemption

Rockstar games are always good at voice acting and Red Dead Redemption is the king of all of them.

Best Story: Castlevania Lords of the Shadow

I am not sure how many people liked Castlevania but if you are one of the lucky few than you should know that game told a story of epic proportions.

Best Motion Capture: Heavy Rain

I really have a lot of respect for the people at Quantic Dreams. They are one of the reasons why gaming is bridging the gaps between movies and games. Play this game and you are watching one of the most mind blowing hollywood movies. That is the level of motion capture that the developers have implemented and this is the reason why Heavy Rain wins this award by some margin.

Best Lip Syncing: Enslaved Odyssey to the West

Enslaved lip syncing was amazing and bought the characters to life.

Best Cut scenes: Starcraft 2

This category had a lot of competition in the form of God of War 3 and Castlevania, but Starcraft 2 managed to top them all.

PlayStation 3 Game of the Year: Heavy Rain

There are very few games that manages to immerse the Player and Heavy Rain is surely one of them. The game will play with your mind, in better words, you are not playing the game, the game will play you, force you to do things that you will do in real life. Again a tough choice, but a gem like Heavy Rain should get the recognition it deserves.

Xbox 360 Game of the Year: Mass Effect 2

Eventhough the Xbox 360 had a great deal of exclusives in 2010 in the form of Halo Reach and Alan Wake, Mass Effect 2 was simply too great a game not to win this award.

PSP Game of the Year: Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker

Well again a very tough category for us to choose from, But Peace Walker beats out Ghost of Sparta on two counts. Peace Walker is loaded with great content which will take you hours and I seriously mean close to a hundred hours to unlock them and the amazing storyline.

PC Game of the Year: Starcraft 2

A game in development for almost a decade and which managed to surpassed all the hype attached to it, Starcraft 2 is a game which you should simply just play!

Wii Game of the Year: Super Mario Galaxy 2

Super Mario Galaxy 2 not only has surpassed what the original did, but is easily one of the best platformers around, let alone the best Wii Game of the Year.

DS Game of the Year: Pokeman Heart Gold/Soul Silver

Pokemon still rocking hard.

Multiplatform Game of the Year: Red Dead Redemption

Red Dead Redemption is one of the rare games that plays consistently well on whatever system it was released on. It was a tough choice between Assassins Creed Brotherhood and this game, but we eventually selected Rockstar's latest.

Best PSN Game: Dead Nation

To put it simply Dead Nation is perhaps the greatest game ever to hit the PlayStation Network.

Best XBL Game: Limbo

Limbo is a beautiful game to look at. Too addictive to stop playing and too spectacular to win the best Xbox Live Game award.

Best Wiiware: Mega Man 10

Mega Man 10 is the best Wiiware hear that?

Best Move Game: Sports Champions

Sports Champion along with Shoot were the saving grace for PlayStation 3's motion controller: The Move

Best Kinect Game: Kinect Sports

The Kinect had some awesome games all around, But Kinect Sports was the most enjoyable of all.

Game of the Year 2010: Mass Effect 2

Yes! Mass Effect 2 is our Game of the Year 2010. If you are surprised than you need to play the game...if you are mad at us you need to play the game...if you agree with us you need to play the game. In whatever scenario you need to experience Bioware's best game ever. Mass Effect has set the bar too high. It will be interesting to see how Bioware betters it with Mass Effect 3. So again, Mass Effect 2 is GamingBolt's Game of the Year 2010. And now what is the next game I have to play?

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