The Future of Gaming- Dream Machines and Scary Schemes?

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Gaming has come a long way in the last 10 years. At GB, we were wondering what it might be like in another 10 years.

And by gum has it come a heck of a way. Think about the obvious one, graphics. Take yourself back to the year 2000. Arguably the best looking game of the year was Giants: Citizen Kabuto. It looked like this;

For a decade old game, it actually looks alright. But lets contrast that with a game from 2009;

No contest. Of course, I mean, why should there be?

Now by and large games have improved in just about every concievable way since 2000, but it is difficult to measure anything other than graphics. The issue now is; have we reached our peak in gameplay? Have we actually managed to create a selection of games that are just so darn fun, they can’t get any better?

Whether yes or no, the truth is that game developers are now looking to branch out in other ways than staples of graphics, gameplay, sound and presentation.

The Possibilities…

3D Gaming

It is my firm belief that 3D gaming will become a mainstream part of gaming by 2020. I believe the change will be gradual, yes, and for the majority of the time, optional. For example, I don’t think that 3D gaming will be the compulsory way to game for many years to come, if ever.

However, we have (briefly and occasionally) seen how incredible 3D can be. We have even seen evidence that Sony may be embarking on some 3D escapades in the near future.

So what state will 3D Gaming be in games in 2020?

GB prediction: Mainstream, but optional for the most part.

Mind Control

Mind control I hear you say? Yes, controlling games with your mind. That might seem like something out of a sci-fi magazine, but it is a possibility. One working example is Emotiv’s EPOC headset. By picking up electrical impulses from your brain, the headset translates the brainwaves into movement on screen. It’s really only in its early stages, although the product can be purchased (for approx. $300).

So mind control headsets involved in games are still pretty far off, but they aren’t simply a pipe dream. I reckon that by 2020, the technology will at least have advanced enough for some game developers to be designing products with this kind of thing in mind.

So what state will Mind Control be in games in 2020?

GB prediction: Not mainstream, but definitely being considered by developers.

Motion Control

Motion control is something that is already being used in many modern games. The Wii started it, the PS3 attempted to copy it with the Sixaxis and now Microsoft is attempting to better it with Natal.

Now, it’s my personal opinion that motion control is a pretty lame way to game. Why anyone would want to jump up and down while waving their arms in a variety of disconcerting ways is beyond me. However, motion control in games is becoming bigger, better and more sophisticated. If you look at something like Natal, you can see just how incredible it can be. This is a trend that is not going to end soon.

So what state will motion control be in games in 2020?

GB prediction: Very mainstream, featured in most games, sometimes obligatory

Neverending Games

This is something that we have seen attempted by a few developers now, but it’s never really been perfected. Tom Clancy’s EndWar is probably the best example of a game that attempted to bring about a never-ending online experience, but ultimately it didn’t really work out.

But there is hugely untapped potential here. Maybe in the future massive MAG-esque battles would take place, with thousands of players on one gigantic map, fighting a massive war anyone could jump into, and the fighting never stops…? Who knows what might happen, but this is a feature that could well be in use by 2020.

So what state will neverending games be in 2020?

GB prediction: Probably being used in some games.

The Sillies

Virtual Reality

And by virtual reality, we of course mean a great bloody hampster ball that looks alarming like a giant testicle. Virtual reality is something that has been in the works for some time now, so it’s rather disappointing that our best attempt is running around in a 10-foot sphere where one slipped disc could send you flying.

The idea is, you wear a suit and eyepiece, sometimes accompanied by a weapon or wand, and walk about as if in real life. However, as we can cleary see, this is not yet a domestic device, and probably won’t be by 2020 either.

The Dream Machine

Sounding remarkably like some kind of kinky tripping device, the Dream Machine is a large harness that aims to place gamers right in the action. Instead of using pesky controllers, you can simply roll around in a set of straps that would closely resemble a sex swing if you removed the handlebars…or maybe not.

While the idea looks kind of cool on paper, the possibilities for injuries are numerous and unpleasant, and it looks pretty retarded when sitting in it. Oh yeah, and it’s a pretty epic fail if a girl comes round.

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