God of War: Ascension Mega Guide: Unlockables, Collectibles, Trophies, and more

Use our guide to get the most out of the game.

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God of War: Ascension will be released soon and we already have a lot of videos for you to find all the collectibles in the game.

It features Kratos and the gameplay design from the previous games are back which means the collectibles will be something most people who have played God of War games will know about.

The game is a prequel to all the God of War games released so far and has been received well with critics. Our review of the game should be up soon as well.

It also contains a multiplayer mode and we will be detailing some strategies or posting some videos here so that new players can get a hang of it.

The game is developed by Sony Santa Monica and published by Sony.

Let’s start with the collectibles guide (The videos are courtesy of PowerPyx)

God of War: Ascension – All Gorgon Eye Locations

There are 20 Gorgon Eyes in the game and just like the previous games in the series finding them will increase your health.

They can be found in white treasure chests. Finding them all will also unlock a trophy called “The Eyes have It” Trophy.

God of War: Ascension – All Phoenix Feather Locations

Finding Phoenix Feathers will increase your magic bar. The design is the same as the previous games in the series and you can find them in chests and there are 15 of them in the game.

A Trophy called  “Light as a Feather” will be unlocked if you get all the Feathers.

God of War: Ascension – All Decayed Chest Locations

There are 7 Decayed Chests in the game. These are broken red orb chests that you have to repair using an amulet.

Finding them all will get you a Trophy called “If it ain’t broke…”

God of War: Ascension – All Artifact Locations

There are 10 artifacts in the game and you can find them glowing on the ground. They are something that unlock a lot of cheats and can only be used after you beat the game once.

Using them will probably disable the Trophies. You don’t need to reach the next check point after you collect one.

Collecting them all also unlocks the “No Drake. You can’t have these.” gold trophy.

Trial of Archimedes in Titan mode

You face this trial on chapter 28th and it’s one of the hardest parts of the game. You may find it difficult even on normal difficulty. We have a guide which shows how to clear the section in Titan difficulty so if you are playing it on normal, you should find it easy to breeze past them.

The game pits you against three waves of enemies and the first wave is very important to get past without losing too much health. You can use special attack on the Amazons in wave 2 to get some health and the third wave is pretty easy to beat, or you can just follow this.

The video is courtesy of YouTube user Fr0mWisdomT0Hate.

Note: This guide will be updated once we have more information on the game.

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