Halo 4 Mega Guide: Tips, Secrets, Armor Unlocks, and more

All you need to know about Halo 4.

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Halo 4 is one of the biggest games of this year and one of the biggest games Microsoft has ever made, and it’s something that people will undoubtedly play for a long time. It’s also a fact that there are a lot of unlockables in the multiplayer component of the game, which includes Spartan Ops, one of the new episodic format of co-op gameplay 343 Industries have introduced in the game.

The game itself is qood with our reviewer giving it a glowing 9/10 score.

“To summarize, any fears that Bungie’s departure and the return of one of gaming’s most iconic characters would be detrimental to this follow up have been allayed; Halo 4 is an essential purchase and a definite contender for Game of the Year. Suit up solider,” wrote our author bojeeva.

Before we begin, take a look at the achievements for the game. Most of these seem straightforward but the multiplayer ones will take months to get just like the previous Halo games.


1. Dawn (10G) — Completed mission 1 on any difficulty.

2. Requiem (10G) — Completed mission 2 on any difficulty.

3. Forerunner (10G) — Completed mission 3 on any difficulty.

4. Infinity (10G) — Completed mission 4 on any difficulty.

5. Reclaimer (10G) — Completed mission 5 on any difficulty.

6. Shutdown (10G) — Completed mission 6 on any difficulty.

7. Composer (10G) — Completed mission 7 on any difficulty.

8. Midnight (10G) — Completed mission 8 on any difficulty.

9. Wake Up, John (20G) — Completed the Campaign on Normal or harder.

10. I Need a Hero (40G) — Completed the Campaign on Heroic or harder.

11. The Legend of 117 (70G) — Completed the Campaign on Legendary difficulty.

12. Lone Wolf Legend (90G) — Completed the Campaign solo on Legendary difficulty.

13. Skullduggery (15G) — Completed any Campaign mission with 3 or more Skulls on Heroic or harder.

14. Bropocalypse (10G) — Completed any Campaign mission cooperatively on Heroic or harder.

15. Bromageddon (40G) — Completed the Campaign cooperatively on Heroic or harder.

16. Contact the Domain (10G) — Found a Terminal in the Campaign.

17. Terminus (50G) — Found all of the Terminals in the Campaign.

18. Digging up the Past (20G) — Found and accessed Chief’s record in mission 1.

19. Midnight Launch (20G) — Got significant air in the Warthog at midnight in mission 2.

20. This is my Rifle, This is my Gun (20G) — Carried a UNSC weapon all the way through mission 3 on Heroic or harder.

21. Bros to the Close (20G) — Completed mission 4 without one preventable Marine death on Heroic or harder.

22. Mortardom (20G) — Hijacked a Wraith and used it to kill at least four enemy Wraiths in mission 5 on Heroic or harder.

23. Explore the Floor (20G) — Tricked or forced a Hunter to fall to his demise in mission 6

24. Give Him the Stick (20G) — Took out both Hunters using only the Sticky Detonator in mission 7.

25. Chief, Smash! (20G) — Killed 3 Crawlers in one hit with the Gravity Hammer in mission 8.

26. Not Some Recruit Anymore (15G) — Ranked up your Spartan-IV to SR-5

27. Movin’ On Up (25G) — Ranked up your Spartan-IV to SR-20.

28. I <3 Red vs Blue (15G) — Won 5 War Games matchmaking matches.

29. Hanging on the Combat Deck (30G) — Won 20 War Games matchmaking matches.

30. Operation Completion (15G) — Completed a Spartan Ops Mission on any difficulty.

31. A Legendary Episode (40G) — Completed all chapters in Spartan Ops Episode 1 on Legendary difficulty.

32. Dedicated to Crimson (80G) — Completed all chapters in the first 5 episodes of Spartan Ops on any difficulty.

33. Crimson Alone (20G) — Completed a Spartan Ops chapter solo on Legendary.

34. Roses vs Violets (20G) — Found one of the RvB Easter Eggs in Spartan Ops.

35. No One Left Behind (20G) — Saved at least one Marine in Chapter 3 of Episode 2 of Spartan Ops on Heroic or harder.

36. Knight in White Assassination (20G) — Assassinated a Knight in any Spartan Ops mission.

37. What Power Outage? (20G) — Completed Chapter 4, Episode 5 of Spartan Ops without losing a generator on Heroic or harder.

38. No Easy Way Out (20G) — In Ch 1, Ep 5 of Spartan Ops survived the enemy assault during the defense on Normal or harder.

39. The Challenged (10G) — Completed a Challenge.

40. The Challenger (20G) — Completed 25 Challenges.

41. Armorer (5G) — Changed your Spartan’s armor in the Spartan Armor card.

42. Badge (5G) — Changed your Emblem in the Spartan ID card.

43. PWND (5G) — Changed your Service Tag in the Spartan ID card.

44. What a Poser! (5G) — Changed your Spartan’s pose in the Spartan ID card.

45. The Cartographer (5G) — Created and saved a Custom Map in Forge.

46. Game Changer (5G) — Created and saved a Custom Game type in War Games.

47. Snapshot! (5G) — Saved a Screenshot from the Theater.

48. The Director (5G) — Saved a Film Clip from the Theater.

49. Sharing is Caring (5G) — Uploaded a File to your File Share.

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