Heroes of the Storm Mega Guide: Farming Gold, Talent Builds, Classes, Quests And More

A complete guide for Heroes of the Storm.

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Check out this complete guide for Heroes of the Storm. Using this guide you will know all about the different quests and classes in the game, farming gold, tips and tricks on how you can be a skilled assassin, several talent builds, getting maximum XP and more.Heroes of the Storm is now available for the PC. The game is developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment.


There are four different types of quest:

Starting quest: These are unlocked form the beginning. Practice game will give you 50,000 XP, cooperative game will net you 50,000, winning a game in any mode will net you 50,000 XP, playing capture 2 in mercenary camps will give you 200,000 XP and winning 3 games will net you 300,000 XP.

Daily Quests: In order to begin with daily quests, you need to reach level 6. If you finish in 100 takedowns or win 3 games you will be given 50,000 XP and 300 gold. If you win 2 games as an Assassin, Specialist, Support and Warrior you will be given 100,000 XP and 200 Gold. If you win a game with each hero role, you will net 75,000 XP and 450 gold.

Hero Quests: These quests will get unlocked at level 10.  If you play 2 games, the reward will be 150,000, 4 games will net you 300,000 XP.

Epic Hero Quests: They are unlocked at level 20. Finishing 300 take downs will reward you with Hero Tint 2 and if you play 30 games, you will be awarded with 3,000,000 games.


There are four classes in the game, divided into Assassin, Warrior, Specialist and Support.

Warrior: As the name indicates, this class is tough. They can block and stun attacks from their enemies. One of major responsibilities of the Warrior is to protect the Assassins.

Specialist: This class can do deliver big damage to the enemies in totally different ways which is not covered by any other class in the game. They have specialized roles and are one of the pillars of building a team.

Assassin: Characters under this class do a lot of damage and killing enemy heroes. They can take out enemies who have no idea you are about to kill them.

Support: This class can heal and protect your team. This is essential to keep your allies alive. There is no doubt that the difference between victor and defeat is how your support class performs.

Starting Guide for beginners:

Fast Gold Farming Guide:

How to be a Skilled Assassin:

How to get maximum XP:

Beginner Tips & Tricks:

Johanna Talent Build:

Illidan Talent Build:

Jaina Talent Build:

Anub’arak Talent Build

Zeratul Talent Build

Stitches Talent Build

Brightwing Talent Build:

Valla Build:

How to Get Gold & Tips for New Players:

Nazeebo Talent Build:

Zagara Talent Build:

Abathur Talent Build:

Zagara Talent Build:

Jaina Talent Build:

How to get gold FAST:

This guide will be updated once we have more information about the game.

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