Hogwarts Legacy – All Field Guide Page Locations Guide

A complete guide to finding all the Field Guide pages in Hogwarts legacy.

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Field Guide Pages are yet another Hogwarts Legacy collectible. They are scattered throughout the game, and collecting them grants experience points and lore background, which are important to understand the entirety of the story. There are a total of 150 Field Guide Pages and in this guide you’ll be discovering all of their locations.

Astronomy Wing Field Guide Pages

Astronomy Tower

  • Right next to the blackboard and telescope – Moth Mirror.
  • After descending the staircase from the Floo Flame, take a look at the green trolls painting. Further down the stairs, there will be a statue holding a globe which can be levitated using Levioso.

Charms Classroom

  • Flying the lounge.
  • To find the page in the Charms Classroom, go up the steps and continue climbing until you reach the rooftop. Unlock the doors along the way. The page will be located in a small cell on the rooftop.

DADA Classroom

  • At the back of the classroom, right in front of the raised steps.
  • Right next to the rhino skeleton display in front of the stained glass.

DADA Tower

  • Right in front of your spawn location – Moth Mirror.
  • Bird skeleton inside the display cabinet at the end of the flight of stairs (downstairs).

Professor’s Fig’s Classroom

  • Cast Confringo on the gargoyles and pull the page with Accio.

Transfiguration Courtyard

  • The first page is located in the middle of the courtyard, right in front of the Wyvern statue. You will automatically acquire this spell while doing the Reparo spell assignment.
  • There is another page in the adjacent building that is also part of the same assignment and you will collect it automatically.
  • In the same area where you just completed the Reparo spell assignment, there is a statue near the one you fixed. Cast Casi Leviosa on it.
  • To find another page, head towards the small door near the Floo Flame and check the painting on your right.
  • You’ll find a Moth Mirror in the hallway containing the pungent gas.
  • Within the same gas filled hallway where you found the previous Moth Mirror.

Transfiguration Classroom/History of Magic Classroom

  • The Field Guide page can be found inside the classroom, right in front of the desk.
  • Once you exit the classroom, go through the wooden door in the front and you’ll find the Moth Mirror at the staircase.
  • The History of Magic Classroom is located right across the staircase containing the Moth Mirror. The page can be found on the right-hand side.
  • To find three Field Guide pages, enter the Hieroglyphics Room by unlocking the double doors. One can be found at the Sphinx Statue, another one is flying in between the pillars (use Accio spell), and the last one is located at the Mage Statue (use Levioso spell).
  • After finding the page, head up the staircase right past the Moth Mirror. Once you reach the top, unlock the door and cast Levioso on the statue.
  • To get another page, return outside to the fast travel point. Turn around and unlock the wooden door. Now head up the stairs and cast Levioso on the statute.

Secret Rooms: Map Chamber Field Guide Pages

  • There is a flying page in Hogwarts cellar. Ascend the steps until you reach the spot and use Accio to grab the page.
  • You should see a locked metal door in the cellar. Unlock it and interact with the frog statue and cast Leviosa on the mage statue to collect the page
  • Keep going past the cellar and open the door with a level 3 lock to find the page right in front of you.
  • Cast Confringo in the same room on the gargoyle and grab the page with Accio.
  • Before reaching the dragon statue, there is another room. Enter it and you’ll find the page in front of a canon.
  • In front of the Dragon statute.
  • Head upstairs from the dragon statue and you’ll find the page in front of the Daedalian Cabinet.
  • Enter the hidden door after leaving behind the Daedalian chest. The hidden lair is actually the Wolf Saga room and the page is located in front of the leftmost tapestry.

Bell Tower Wing Field Guide Pages

Bell Tower Courtyard (Music Room)

  • Ascend the steps and go past the pike display. Then check the podium within the music room.

Bell Tower (Main chamber)

  • Inside Broom Display.
  • Inside Armor with a log display.
  • Inside Pike display.
  • Flying over the marble steps.
  • Blank canvas upstairs, close to the pike display.
  • On the landing inside the cat display.
  • Inside dragon brazier.

Hogwarts North Exit (Entrance Gate)

  • On a Moth Mirror that’s inside the shed right next to the Floo Flame.
  • To the left of the Floo Flame, inside the shed.
  • Over the shed containing the Moth Mirror, in a torch of the wall.
  • Within the upper-left ramparts. You’ll have to use Levioso on the statue to get the page.

Hogwarts North Exit (Quidditch Pitch)

  • To find a page, follow the ramparts towards the west until you reach an Astronomy Table. The page is located on top of a metal cell.
  • Another page can be found on a broken section of the ramparts that overlooks the Quidditch Pitch.

Hogwarts North Exit (Greenhouse Exterior)

  • Near the Greenhouse exterior, flying above the yard.
  • In front of the beehives, behind some random flying pages.
  • Within the ramparts, along the far-right wall.

Beasts Classroom (Owlery)

  • Within the main room that contains all the owls.
  • Floating on top of the tower.
  • At the top of the tower. Cast Levioso on the statue.

Beasts Classroom

  • Floating above the hut.

Library Annex Field Guide Pages

Central Hall

  • You’ll find it during the Frame quest. Located near the Central Hall.
  • Close to the fountain.
  • The page is flying to the left of the fountain.
  • Near the door that’s leading to the Transfiguration Courtyard there is a statue of a person.
  • Near the Greenhouse entrance there is a locked room (use Alohomora). Then use Levioso on the statue.
  • There is a landing to the left of the Greenhouse entrance. Use Confringo on the brazier that’s on top of it.
  • Head upstairs from the location where you found the previous page. Head up to the Floo Flame and then take a right. You can find the page on a balustrade in front of some portraits.


  • From your spawn location look at the large tree next to you.
  • Just past the tree, in front of one of the smaller rooms.


  • Next to a painting on the second floor.
  • In a Moth Mirror behind some bookcases on the second floor.
  • Floating all over the room.
  • Lying on the frost desk in the Restricted Zone.
  • Lies within the Restricted Zone’s storage area. You’ll have to use Levioso to grab the page.

Potions Classroom

  • Next to Professor Sharp’s desk.
  • Along a hallway decorated with paintings, descend the spiral staircase – Moth Mirror.
  • After passing the Moth Mirror, turn left to find a Puzzle door. Select Elephant and Unicorn to solve the puzzle and the page will be waiting in front of the painting.

Great Hall Field Guide Pages


  • At the back of the Boathouse, right next to the longboat.
  • There is a gargoyle in the Boathouse. Use Confringo on it.

Great Hall

  • After you spawn, you’ll notice it right in front of you.
  • In front of the owl lectern. It’s in the locations where the teachers usually frequent.
  • Look at the back of the tables towards the right where the Daedalian Cabinet is situated.

Great Hall (Garden)

  • Just beside the statue.
  • To your left, floating around the gazebo.
  • Head through the archway and cast Leviosa on the statue in the end.
  • There will be a page floating nearby. Use Accio to grab it.

Great Hall (Reception Chamber)

  • Once you’ve exited the Great hall, you’ll be able to see the Moth Mirror on the wall to your left.
  • There’ll be another page right next to the mirror.
  • Proceed beyond the mirror to the area that links to the Grand Staircase. The page can be found on your right.

Viaduct Courtyard

  • Outer part of the plaza, there is a Moth Mirror overlooking the lake.
  • At the back left section of the terrace there is a statue.
  • Reach the Underground harbor using the elevator and page will be on the boat.

South Wing Field Guide Pages

Clock Tower Courtyard

  • Behind a door with a level 1 lock that’s to the right of the location you spawn in at the Floo Flame.
  • In the courtyard in front of the wall.
  • By using Levioso on the statue.
  • There’s a page flying above you. Cast Accio on it.

Clock Tower Courtyard (Argyllshire)

  • Press the button located over the map of Argyllshire using the Depulso spell.
  • Right in front of the Argyllshire map.
  • Down the steps in front of the statue.
  • Near the statue use Confringo on the brazier.
  • The page can be found in front of the boys’ bathroom in the corridor.

Faculty Tower (Outer Hall/Gryffindor Common Room)

  • After you spawn, turn around and use Revelio on the witch statue to your left.
  • Starting from the Floo flame, head straight and ping bull painting to the right.
  • Starting at the bull painting, head up the spiral staircase. In front of the portrait of the Fat Lady use Revelio.

Faculty Tower

  • When you’re facing the puzzle door, unlock the door to your right and check the smaller room towards the side.
  • Head up the stairs and you’ll see the page floating above you.
  • The page is in front of the door with pots.
  • After obtaining the previous page, cast Glacius on the fireplace to freeze it. Then, crawl through the small space that opens up and use Confringo to ignite the brazier.
  • To reach the higher floor, ascend the spiral staircase. On this floor, you can find several pages. One of them can be obtained by using Revelio on the statue located to your right. Another page can be acquired by casting Levioso on the statue located to your left. The last page can be found on the mural that’s located in front of the prefect’s bathroom.

Hospital Wing

  • Next to the Floo Flame, in front of the unicorn statue.
  • Floating around the clinic.

Clock Tower Top/Hospital Wing

  • Right in front of the gear mechanism.
  • Cast Confringo over the torch.

Grand Staircase: Slytherin Dungeon and Hufflepuff Kitchens Field Guide Pages

Grand Staircase/Hufflepuff Kitchens

  • You’ll come across a basket of fruits halfway down the staircase. Use Revelio at this location to find the page.
  • At the entrance of the kitchen where you found the Tickle the Pear prompt.
  • In front of the Hufflepuff Common Room entrance, towards the back of the corridor beside a small stack of barrels.
  • Between the long tables inside the kitchen.
  • Far end of the kitchen in front of the large barrels.

In the Shadows of the Study/Crucio Quest

  • During the quest where you have a chance to learn Crucio, the mission will take you into Slytherin’s Scriptorium. The room has a field guide page.

Lower Grand Staircase/Slytherin Dungeon

  • Starting from the Floo Flame, head left and check the kelpie statue.
  • Head right and follow the corridor until you spot a suit of armor. The Moth Mirror is located towards the right.
  • There’s a bathroom towards the left of the Moth Mirror. Cast Revelio for a reference to the Chamber of Secrets.
  • You’ll notice several locked doors while following the winding corridor. There is a page at the back door.
  • There is a brazier in the cell to the left. Use Confringo to get the page.
  • In the Deathday Party Room, you can locate three field guide pages. To access the room, look for a metal door that leads to it. The first one is situated in front of the benches, while the second one is at the opposite end. The third page can be found floating above you.

Grand Staircase, Trophy Room and Headmaster’s Official Field Guide Page

Grand Staircase/Main Area

  • Check the lion statue after going forward from the Floo Flame.
  • Use Accio to grab the page floating around.
  • Use Levioso on the Wizard Statue after going up the steps.
  • Keep heading up from the wizard statue until you reach a landing containing a cap painting and cast Revelio.
  • Close to the Grand Staircase you’ll notice a torch while heading upwards. Use Confringo on it.

Quad Courtyard

  • Within the garden hall.

Ravenclaw Tower

  • Head down to the marvel staircase and you’ll find the Moth Mirror.
  • Starting from the Floo Flame, head up the marble spiral staircase. You’ll see the page to the right.
  • Keep ascending the staircase until you reach the eagle statue that leads to the Ravenclaw Common Room. You’ll find the page right in front of the entrance to the room.

Trophy Room

  • House Elf armor
  • Troll armor
  • Knight in a large display
  • Goblet of Fire Casket
  • Trophy Cabinet

Trophy Room (Headmaster’s Office)

  • Next to the phoenix gargoyle on the Moth Mirror.
  • Right in front of the phoenix gargoyle.
  • After completing the Niamh Fitzgerald’s Trial quest, go to the Headmaster’s Office where you can find one page in front of the suit of armor and the other one on the desk near the sorting hat.
  • Unlock the door that leads to the outer wall, and enter the Upper Study to obtain the Admittance from the desk. Go downstairs to the area opposite of the phoenix gargoyle, where you’ll find several locks. Use the Key of Admittance to access the small room and obtain the page inside.

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