Homefront 2 Wiki – Everything you need to know about the game

Everything you need to know about Homefront 2.

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Homefront 2 Wiki – Everything you need to know about the game

Homefront 2


Crytek UK


Genre:First Person Shooter

Release Date:2015

Homefront 2 is an upcoming first person shooter video game and sequel to the 2011 game Homefront which was published by the now bankrupt and defunct publisher THQ, developed by Kaos Studios (Frontlines: Fuel of War) and ported to PC by Digital Extremes (The Darkness II and Warframe).

Homefront 2 is now being developed by the subsidiary studio Crytek UK and published by the parent company Crytek (Far Cry series and Ryse: Son of Rome), developers and creators of the powerful CryEngine. Homefront 2 will be running on the brand new next generation video game engine, currently titled CryEngine 4th Generation. It is currently slated for a release sometime in 2014 but this may slide to a later date in 2015. There are currently no specifics regarding which platforms Homefront 2 will be launching on, but the game will be available at retail and via digital download.

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On December 19th of 2012, the publishing body THQ filed for bankruptcy under the protection of chapter 11 (When the applying entity is not able to service debt or pay the amount due to creditors, under chapter 11 of the United States Bankruptcy Code the debtor can retain control of the business, it’s operations and assets as a “debtor in possession” and is then subject to oversight of the court and jurisdiction.) After filing this claim for bankruptcy, Crytek acquired the the rights to the Homefront franchise and all related assets during an asset sale (commonly referred to as the THQ Asset Auction) for the incredibly low price of $500,000, because of this they will replace THQ as the publisher of this game.


Homefront trailer for representation purpose.

In an interview with VG247, general manager Nick mentioned that despite the game’s expected 2015 release date, it may in fact slide further back due to the sale of THQ, he also stressed that the sale would not affect the development of the game, “Crytek’s focus is fairly similar to THQ’s -namely to make the best game possible, so this will not have too much impact on the development itself. However, we might change the release date that we haven’t announced, and move this to another release date we won’t announce yet either.”

He later elaborated on the reasoning behind wanting to buy the Homefront IP by saying, “The worst case scenario for us was that this situation meant that all that work just ended up being thrown into the bin, so we wanted to buy the IP to make sure the team can finish off the game they wish to make. But we always have and will believe in the potential of the IP. This is why we agreed to work on it in the first place, so it’s now beneficial for us to have control over the IP’s destiny.”


There are currently no details available relating to the plot of Homefront 2, but it is likely to continue from the first game’s plot, at least tangentially. Sometime during the second decade of the 2000’s political tension between North Korea and the worlds various super powers are high due to increased passive military aggression from North Korea, this is following the successful testing of a nuclear weapons program and the sinking of a South Korean vessel.

As sickness sweeps through the US and as the country further destabilizes, the GKR (Greater Korean Republic) detonates a HAND (High Altitude Nuclear Device – A preemptive military invasion maneuver which results in a large radius EMP [electromagnetic pulse] which weakens land based counter measures and computer functions) and begins the invasion and ultimately the annexation  in earnest.


Homefront is a first person shooter that follows the fairly standard FPS template of a mix between impressive battles full of explosions and set pieces, taking cover and returning fire.

The first Homefront game came coupled with a rather well recieved and deep multiplayer component, somewhat similar to that found in Kaos Studios’ first game Frontlines: Fuel of War. Whether or not this is being carried over to Homefront 2 is yet to be confirmed, but with the seemingly constant shift towards online gaming it seems somewhat inevitable.


There has been no mention of characters, both past or present starring in this game or making a return. Any information regarding characters at this point is purely speculation and/or supposition on the part of fans and Homefront enthusiasts.

Note: This wiki will be updated once we have more information about the game.

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