Intimidating Villains of 2009

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We have all forms of entertainment from movies to video games. But there is a catch. In all those forms we have a bad guy present. An intimidating antagonist makes such a big impact these days that a game can sail along to success just due to the fact that the gamers felt that the antagonist was interesting. 2009 has been a great year not only in the terms of the quality of the games released but the villains in those games. They will fight super heroes, try and be immortal and what not. GamingBolt is proud to present the five villains in video games that made a huge impact in 2009 (in no particular order).

Please note: We agree this might not be the complete list. But you are always welcomed to voice your opinion in the comments section below.

Alma Wade

Game: F.E.A.R. 2
Catch point: The player will go in to hallucinations when Alma Wade is around.
Biggest Asset: Puts FEAR in to the hearts of the people


Alma Wade. We just cant miss her out, can we? FEAR 2 does those things right at which the original failed. Most of the gameplay is retained as well some of the weapons. The addition of mech robot section adds a bit of variety to the gameplay. The horror elements though are present, but have been implemented in a fashion similar to the original which is not a bad thing at all. Now that said and done FEAR 2 is a solid shooter, it’s not best FPS on market but yes, it really gives a great mix of some fine action and pretty good horror. Alma Wade might be a little less scary compared to when she was a kid in the original. Nevertheless she gave me enough spine chilling moments to mention her in this list.

Scolari Visari

Game: Killzone 2
Catch point: He just wants one thing: The complete annihilation of the ISA.
Biggest Asset: The way he speaks. It is very intimidating and puts fear in to the heart of the ISA.


*Moderate spoiler alert.

Visari, the antagonist of Killzone 2, encourages his followers to fight off against the ISA. The game starts off with Visari coming in and saying: ” The enemy may strike us, but they wont break our spirit”. *Finally in the end it is shown that the Helghast defeat the ISA real hard. And at the end the way Visari says: “In the end, they will know that Helghan belongs to the Helghast!” is truly epic. Visaru was hands down the most intimidating villain of 2009. However he meets his end at the hands of Rico. A shameful ending for such a villain.

The Majini

Game: Resident Evil 5
Catch point: They will attack you from any where. So you have to be on your toes.
Biggest Asset: There are different varieties of Majini. There were tribes, local and some really bad ass Majinis to be found in the game.


General enemies consist of Kijiju villagers which aren’t really smart. But later on zombies will use bows and arrows, machine guns, rocket launchers, grenades and spears. I found them to be much more intelligent and smarter  compared to their Las Plagas friends in the super hit Resident Evil 4. Hell! There was even a scene in the game where the Majini will chase you on motorbikes! Talk about modern zombies.

Zoran Lazarevic

Game: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
Catch point: Attitude and the willingness to sacrifice anything in order to achieve his goal.
Biggest Asset: He is a Serbian war criminal!


Zoran Lazarevic was one of the best antagonists that I have seen in a video game for some time now. Naughty Dog gave their best shot with this villain as Navarro, the bad guy from Drakes Fortune really fails badly compared to Lazarevic. Zoran Lazarevic had a professional team of soldiers supported by tanks and helicopters. The biggest asset of this man was his brutality and his heart of stone. In one of the scenes he kills his own soldier so that he can find the way to Shambala. Truly a bad ass villain.


Game: Batman: Arkham Asylum
Catch point: The archenemy of Batman. Is that not enough?
Biggest Asset: Skills in chemical engineering and weapon design


The story of Batman: Arkham Asylum begins with the opening sequence where Batman is racing through the City of Gotham escorting The Joker to Arkham Asylum.You, with The Joker strapped to a gurney, guards, doctor, orderly and the Commissioner wander down a long corridor to where The Joker is then taken into the maximum security section of the building. within a few short moments, everything falls apart and the action begins. Minor spoiler alert here, but to no surprise – Harley Quinn makes her first appearance and helps The Joker escape and with the help of the other villains and inmates, take over control of Arkham Asylum. The Joker tests Batman, which is a quick tutorial on the controls, by releasing a bunch of inmates in a few near by cells.The Joker is an insane madman who tortures and finally kills off his victims.

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