Kojima talks about Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

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Over at jvn.com, they let us in on some inside scoop that Hideo Kojima has answered in an interview. Kojima goes on the explain that he planned on making Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker when he was working on Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops. He planned on leaving the Portable Ops to his team but felt it was to early for them to take it on. But know he trusts and will be overseeing the game. He then states, “This game is the level of a MGS5. From this point of view, Metal Gear Solid is not finished and the Metal Gear saga continues.”

Kojima tries to teach us that nuclear war and war is a bad thing through all of the Metal Gear Solid games, and this title is no exception. He believes that we grow up seeing the “the norm” of what is in society is born into today. But he wants to show what all of this is doing to society. Peace Walkers in based on Espionage and Action but unlike the other Metal Gear Solids. He then explains of the custimizable Snake where you can make him with heavy gear and carry a lot of weapons but be loud, or have light gear and not carry many weapons and be very quit. And yes like the trailer, you can have 2 people inside of a carboard box. Also we see 4 Snakes, so we at Gaming Bolt are guessing a 4-player Co-op.

Update: This video is no longer available.

Kojima then goes on about how the Metal Gear Solid 4 team is working on Peach Walker and they look for the quality of the PS3. But it is difficult to maintain the same quality as the PS3. Kojima then explains the mysterious signs that were on his website.

5 = This is a game of the caliber of a MGS5

S = Snake

(Editor’s note: a symbol can not reproduce) = snake Kanji

E = E3

R = Raiden

3 = 3 for 360 and E3

P and S = PSP and adding 3, it is PS3

“Apart from images of Snake and Raiden, we had a total of 10 symbols and when they were all put in order, they formed a link with the announcements made at E3. The first symbols that emerged were the number 5 and the letter S for Snake representing Peace Walker is an advanced level “5” for me. The symbol does not hide the only lowercase letter E to E3 and is also the kanji for the word snake. Finally, the symbol which has appeared at the very end is a kanji that represents a setting sun that leads to Rising (ie: a sunrise sunrise is written in English)”

“The Rising of Rising Metal Gear Solid leads “the rising sun”, “the shining sun and the sun shining on Raiden”, which was revealed in the images on the homepage. In addition, Rising is also the way Metal Gear Solid will reach a new level. To return to the symbols found on the homepage, they are also related to the conference and 360 to each of the titles announced at E3. When each of these symbols are presented in order, I think you can recognize E3, PSP, PS3, 360 and other things.” So guys, did you like? Were your predictions correct?

So we have found out a little bit more about Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker and those mysterious symbols we were all curious about. So for further information about Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, check back with us at Gaming Bolt.

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