Lego Worlds Guide: Building Tools, Character Creation, Tools, Rank Up, Free Build And More

Some tips to get you started on LEGO Worlds.

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LEGO Worlds is Warner Bros.’ LEGO themed take on the Minecraft concept- and much like Minecraft, there is a lot here to uncover, a lot to unravel, layers upon layers of unexpected depth and content. LEGO Worlds can be a bit overwhelming if you don’t go in prepared for it- which is where this guide comes in.

The game does have a tutorial area that can help you learn the ropes- but some help has never been amiss. In this video, courtesy of Kotaku and which you can see below, you can learn a whole lot about the newest LEGO game.  The video will walk you through all the various mechanics in the game, the basics and essentials that you need to know as you make your way through the game.

This guide will cover Character Creation, Discovery Tool, Ranking Up, Landscape Tool, Copy Tool, Paint Tool, Build Tool, and, of course, Free Build. Are you ready? Then let’s get started!

Character Creation: This is you! You get to decide what you look like in the game! Options will actually be a bit limited at first, but you’ll unlock more as you go. For now, just pick a basic look.

Discovery Tool: The Discovery Tool is used to scan anything interesting that you see in the world- and once scanned, you can spend bricks to unlock that stuff, and place it anywhere in the world.

Rank Up: Collecting Gold Bricks makes your rank go, well, up. You get Gold Bricks by completing quests or finding them in the world. You need a certain number of them before you will be allowed to craft your own worlds, so finding these should be your number one priority at first.

Landscape Tool: Used to make holes or bridges of any size.

Copy Tool: Does exactly what its name suggests- you scan massive structures to be able to replicate them with ease later.

Paint Tool: Offering a ridiculous amount of granular control (you can paint one brick at a time, or go for larger, landscape sweeping strokes), the paint tool lets you paint stuff you see.

Build Tool: The in game equivalent of playing with LEGOs in real life, and probably the one tool you will be using the most.

Free Build: Lets you create your own worlds, filled with all sorts of neat things. Free Build is going to be where you’ll be spending most of your time in the game- you unlock it for completing the game’s tutorial.


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