Lego Worlds: Legendary Brick Coordinates And Minotaur Unlock Guide

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Through LEGO Worlds, you have probably noticed that sometimes, you find “Legendary Coordinate Piece” from chests and other treasure troves.. These Legendary Coordinate Pieces are one of four- and in this guide, we tell you what to do with them.

Coordinates pieces that are the same are all the same color- once you have four of the same coordinate, you need to put them on to the ground perfectly lined up to become a square- doing so will resolve them into a QR Code. You may need to color in some sections- when the QR code is ready, pull out your phone and scan it- you now get a coordinate to put into your Galaxy Map. Once you use the coordinate to locate where you’re supposed to be, you’ll find a huge gold brick, and a Legendary Brick.

We’re going to make your life easy- here are all the Legendary Brick coordinates. There is also a video tutorial below:

  • 1×2 Slope Brick: x-15y16z17
  • 1×3 Slope Brick: x191y30z-99
  • 1×4 Slope Brick: x77y27z-77
  • 3×3 Corner Brick: x182y13z0
  • 1x2x3 Slope Brick: x12y34z56
  • 2x2x3 Slope Brick: x-201y36z-21
  • 2×2 Corner Brick: x0y13z123
  • 2×3 Brick: x13y33z31
  • 2×4 Brick: x100y75z225
  • 1×1 Brick:x42y42z42
  • 1×2 Brick: x-155y26z-235
  • 2×2 Brick: x-244y30z-244
  • 2×2 Slope Brick:x127y12z-69
  • 2×3 Slope Brick: x79y74z89
  • 2×4 Slope Brick: x105y65z-105


One of the best and hardest quests in the game involves tracking down the Minotaur- the video below highlights exactly how to do so.

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