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A great puzzle game that now can be experienced on PlayStation Vita

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Limbo finally joins the indie titles library on the PlayStation Vita. Limbo is a mysterious, eerie, and creepy game that has players solve puzzles in order to traverse the dark world full of hidden traps and secret collectible eggs. So how does Limbo fair on the PlayStation Vita, as opposed to its console counter-parts? Let’s find out.

Limbo is one of those indie games that heavily rely on presentation in order to be fun and unique in its own way, as opposed to other standard indie games. How do you create a world that engages players and makes them curios about the universe they’re in? Well, Limbo has a perfect answer for that, and it would be the game’s simple color scheme.


The game only uses black, white, and shades of gray to present itself throughout its entirety. You will never come across any red, blue, purple or any other sort of colors during your play-time in the game. It’s quite astounding how a game can get away with just using shades of gray and black and white to get away with not having fancy graphics and still look charming and engage players.

Due to Limbo’s simple scheme it allowed the developers to create a mysterious and scary world that seems to be full of hidden dark secrets. Everywhere I walked around in the game I was always somewhat scared and curious on what’s around the edge of the screen. This played into the game’s favor because it made the players explore the world and opened up more opportunities for puzzle solving.

Overall, Limbo has an excellent presentation that still looks nice and crisp on the PlayStation Vita’s OLED display.

Limbo gameplay hasn’t changed in any shape or form since the game originally came out on Xbox Live Arcade a few years ago. As a little boy, you traverse the mysterious dark land and try to explore the world and solve puzzles to get further throughout the game.

Limbo has a magnificent pace to it, at the start of the game the puzzles are self-explanatory and easy. However, once you get to the middle of the game the puzzles become more challenging, and chances of dying are also higher due environmental hazards and traps, especially near the end chapters.


Learning when to time your platforming jumps is essential to beating the game’s later puzzles if you want to get to the end. The platforming in the game is simple and fun as it always was when combined with the fantastic puzzles that Limbo provides.

If you’ve played Limbo before, then there is not much new to expect here. It’s exactly the same game that you’ve played years ago on previous platforms. No new chapters and the price-tag of $14.99 which is quite steep considering how old this game really is, and it doesn’t offer any sort of new content.

Despite, the price though Limbo is still a great game and it’s pleasant to be able to play it on the PlayStation Vita if you haven’t gotten a chance to experience the game yet. If you have played this game before then, there is no point in purchasing it for the PlayStation Vita.

Limbo still packs in the same trophies since the original release of the game. Collecting all of the secret eggs and beating the game in one play-through without dying more than 5 times. The trophy list is solid and challenging enough who actually want to test their patience against the harder puzzles and platforming sections. The game includes a total of 13 trophies that can additionally boost your trophy level.


Overall Limbo is still the same excellent game as it was years ago. If you haven’t experienced this game yet, then I highly recommend that you do. However, it is quite disappointing that the game costs $14.99 considering how old it is. You can actually buy it a lot cheaper from Steam and still experience the same thing unless you prefer a new trophy list for your PlayStation Vita and want to play on the go.

The fact that the game has no additional content is a slap in the face. The developers had all this time to add something new, so it’s quite disappointing that the game doesn’t offer anything new in terms of puzzles or chapters.

In conclusion, I still think Limbo is a fabulous puzzle game and should be experienced at one point or another. Give it a shot if you have the $14.99 to spend on an indie game for your PlayStation Vita.

This game was reviewed on the PlayStation Vita.


Looks fantastic due to it's style, awesome puzzles and good pacing


A little bit too late to jump on the PlayStation Vita, no new added content, same game that you played years ago, $14.99 is expensive

Final Verdict

Same great physics-based puzzle game that everyone has played years ago.The game is now available for the PlayStation Vita which is nice, but also disappointing due to the $14.99 price-tag and no new additional content.

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