Madden NFL 2010 is not the same game this year: A Preview

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Gaming Bolt has got ahold of both demos (the downloadable one-minute quarters and the demo exclusively from GameStop). We are actually surprised and shocked on how much has been changed. EA announced at E3 that this is a totally new engine that they built “finally” for Madden. They have been using the same engine since the “next gen” consoles has been out. The animations look more realistic than ever with like eight guys takling your running back, or a little corner back just pushing a big running back to the sidelines.

Well a couple weeks ago EA announced that you can have online co-op which two players can play the CPU with headsets. Online, unlike the usual stuff we have seen in predecessors, when you are a wide receiver on the co-op, the camera will position itself to the selected player.


Another HUGE announcement of EA is what fans have been screaming for years for. The online franchise mode. This will be just like the offline franchise mode on how it keeps stats and will give MVPs. This is what hardcore Madden fans want, and if you don’t have a full set of players…you will play some CPU games.

Another feature fans have been asking for is the “proper Super Bowl ceremony.” This year…you will see confetti and a trophy ceremony with jets flying before the game. You get a sneak peak of this on the GameStop exclusive demo. EA announced a post game show held by Fran Charles and Alex Flanagan from the NFL Network called the “Extra Point.”

But when we play the demo…we see the graphics have gone up with the new engine from the quarterback getting laid out and barely just getting the ball off to be a wobbling duck in the air to only get intercepted and returned for a touchdown. We have seen, very rarely (Only seen it once and was playing on All Madden), Parker have four, count it four guys on him and just shake them off and run it all the way to the house.


Football has never been so realistic on a game to date. The quarterback has to now stay in the pocket or risk booting out to the left or right just to get nailed by that defensive end. They said quarterbacks actually have their real life stances. Some shotguns hikes are sometimes not perfect and come low or high. The running back can get grabbed by his shoulder pads on the left or right and it will spin him around. I can just go on and on about the animations on the game.

So this is just something that you will just have to pick up this coming Friday (August 14th) especially if you are a Madden fan or havn’t played Madden in awhile, AND to those who just think Madden is the same game every year. Because I promise…it is NOT the same this year.

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