MAJOR Kojima Productions update : Two Metal Gears ?

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Yes…Kojima started another countdown timer!

But this time he is not playing around anymore.

The storm got much much stronger now, the rain is constantly dropping.

But thats not why i called this a MAJOR update.


Of course there is another countdown timer, but there are new letters aswell and a special surprise.

P,S,3,e,R,E and..

What seems to be Big Boss.

Yes, this this could be the a new Metal Gear, there is a flashing Big Boss picture, the letters have a PS3 in them so does this mean it will be on the Playstation 3?

Check it out on Kojima’s site here!


So lets put aside all those Lord of the Shadows pictures, we can clearly see that this character is Big Boss.

So let the questions begin once again, Could this game be about Big Boss from the events after Metal Gear Solid 3?

Or perhaps something else?

And does this mean that Kojima will release this game exclusivley on the Playstation 3?, and will show us more of it at E3?


Famtisu had a picture of Big Boss, as well as Raiden! yes Raiden is probobly in this game too!

This is very confusing and we all got questions. lets just wait and see.


New Metal Gear/s Analysed:

Just like you see above, this new Metal Gear will have Raiden, and someone who is, or perhaps looks like Big Boss.

What I came up with is this:

The new Metal Gear will be divided in to two games, one which will be played with Raiden, and the other with Big Boss, or whoever this character really is. The game will be on two different platforms, the one with Raiden on the Playstation 3, and the one with Big Boss on the PSP, or perhaps the PSP Go! if it does exist.

The reason it will be 2 different games is that if this is indeed Big Boss, he is young, and Raiden was not in the same time line if Naked Snake, aka Big Boss. But like all of us know, this is Kojima and who knows what he is up to.

The Raiden game, which who knows what it would be called, perhaps Metal Gear Raiden will be an exclusive title for the Playstation 3. We can see that Kojima will release this on the PS3 due to the letters mentioned, P, S, and a 3, as well as an R which could stand for Raiden.

Metal Gear Raiden will be a game that takes place before we first see Raiden in Metal Gear Solid 4, and after Metal Gear Solid 2.  The game will be how Raiden became a Ninja, or  something else.


What MGR could also be about is the events after Metal Gear Solid 4. (SPOILER ALERT) Raiden is still alive after he was injured in MGS4, we see him laying in a hospital and then he meets his wise and child.

So like i said this could also a game about him after he fully recovered.

Though from the picture of Raiden, you can see he is with a bandage over his eye, maybe thats also tells us that he is after a big fight, either after, or before MGS4.

The second game, will be about Big Boss once again.

We all know that Big Boss (SPOILER ALERT) died at the end of Metal Gear Solid 4, so we will take that option out.

But like i stated before, Maybe its a game about Big Boss on the PSP, or perhaps the PSP Go!

Maybe its another Metal Gear Portable Ops, or maybe even another Acid! game.

Thoguh its never mentioned that this character really is Big Boss, it can even be someone else. As you can see from the photos above, This character has a Hat with a picture of the Earth, but it could also resemble a skull. and Big Boss never wore that hat. So could this be a new character? a new Snake, another clone of Big Boss, the answer is not given, But that guy looks very similar to Big Boss, or perhaps it is Big Boss,  and Kojima is just messing with out once again.


But this also brings up the option if this character and Raiden in one game.

Maybe this character and Raiden are partners, just like Old Snake and Raiden in MGS4…

So again this could be just one game that has both these characters.

There are so many questions, but we only know one answer, this will be on the Playstation 3.

All of the analysing mentioned are just thoguhts about what this could be, but the analyses have a good chance of being true.

We will really like it if you tell us what you think about this in the comments section, and stay tuned to GamingBolt for further details about this game in the near future.

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