Medal of Honor Beta – The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

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I got a chance to play the Medal of Honor beta today for a few hours, though I was really expecting this game to be great, I was a bit disappointed.

Keep in mind this is only a beta, and I hope Dice fixes all of the problems or at least the major ones found in the “Ugly” section.

The Good:


Fans of Bad Company 2 will find this game to be very familiar, which is why I did, the controls and movement makes it feel like it’s a battlefield game, makes sense since its made by Dice.


The maps that are in the beta are pretty good, and I’m sure that if a lot of you are already bored with the middle east style maps due to playing too much Modern Warfare 2, Medal of Honor will not change that.


One of the key things to success these days is customization, and though you don’t have that choice in the beginning (like every other shooter), once you level up you will unlock some better magazines, scopes, weapons and camouflages.

Rewards for kill streaks:

Similar to Call of Duty, the game rewards you with things like UAV’s and Mortar Strikes once you get a number of kiils in a row, which is really awesome.

The Bad:


They are just dated, not horrible, but dated, nothing amazing. I can easily compare a 2007 shooter that looks better, known as Call of Duty 4.

Sniper Rifles are horrible:

Sniper Rifles just don’t work they way they are supposed to:

Firstly, the sniper rifle for the Marines is not even a sniper rifle, but I can understand why they gave that weapon to that class, and both the Taliban and US sniper rifles just don’t work good, I had to shoot someone over 4 times just to kill him, with a sniper rifle!

M16 is stronger than the Ak47:

Seriously, that makes no sense.

Team play:

Coming from Dice, team play is a big aspect of their games, such as in Bad Company 2, I could easily communicate with my buddies without using a microphone, Medal of Honor just doesn’t give you that and even in the mission type games I felt like a lonewolf all the time.

It’s Dice, yet no destruction:

Even though its Dice, who are known for delivering a high quality destruction engine known as FrostBite that can be found in a game like Bad Company, I was surprised to see that it just wasn’t there, and felt like Modern Warfare.

The Ugly:

Constant Freezes:

The game just froze on me at least 3 times and i had to restart my console, nothing else can be said about that.


Getting killed is one thing, but having a delay of about 2-3 seconds is horrible, meaning that once you do get killed, the game just freezes for 3 seconds and then you get to respawn, I’m sure everyone experiences this.


Now I’m not talking about the looks of them (though they are not good), I’m talking about them being too small, they seriously look horrible and have a horrible effect on your enemies and the environment.


I had to knife some one two times in order to kill him, and even though he died on my first hit, I still had to shoot him to guarantee his death.

Can’t get off hills:

I happened to respawn on a hill twice, and even though it looked like I could get off, both times I was unable to get off and had to kill myself.

Overall Thoughts:

Even though the game is fun and I would recommend that you will try it out, it suffers from a lot of problems that just have to be fixed, and even though its still a beta, I have never played a beta that suffers the way Medal of Honor does.

If I have missed anything or maybe you found some things to be good/bad/ugly, let us know in the comments below.

The Medal of Honor beta goes live on June 21 on the PS3 and PC, the 360 version has been delayed till next week.

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