Metal Gear Solid 5 Gets More Info About Enemies And Gameplay

Control scheme as well as a few tough enemies were revealed in a series of tweets.

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Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain

While the release of Metal Gear Solid 5: Phantom Pain is still months off, Konami recently allowed a number of games journalists behind the curtain in order to get a look at the game and see where it’s at during this stage of the development cycle. Based on the number of tweets that have come out since that viewing, it appears there’s quite a bit to be excited about.

Yesterday, we talked about the fact that the game is going to have a rather dynamic day/night cycle that will play heavily into the strategy employed in Phantom Pain. Today, Antonio Fucito, an Italian journalist tweeted out a number of comments about what he saw when he was able to try out the game. DualShockers was kind enough to give us all a translation of those tweets since they were in Italian and it appears we’ve got even more to get excited about.

Among the tidbits that Fucito let slip was that he feels as though the game is almost done from a cosmetic perspective. He talked about a particular mission where the graphics flowed well and it appears almost cinematic. He also talked about riding a horse through the Afghanistan desert in one particular mission and talked about the “skulls” enemies that are apparently quite hard to kill. He even divulged the best way to take them down, considering he mentioned that some could only be killed if you employed the rocket launcher.

When taking out enemies, the game apparently has two different control schemes to choose from, “tactical or FPS, which change the layout of the triggers. I selected the tactical one, R2 activates CQC, while L2+R2 aims and shoots. X toggles between crouching or lying on the ground. Primary and secondary weapons, items and support gadgets are used with the D-pad. You can carry only two per each type of weapon.” Fucito wrote.

There is apparently an embargo in place until June 9 for even more information, so once that date comes and goes, we should really get some big reveals. Metal Gear Solid 5: Phantom Pain is due out on September 1.

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