Metal Gear Solid Rising gameplay details leaked?

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We got a tip from a user who calls himself Kolokovitchk and apparently he has got his hands on the PC version of Metal Gear Solid Rising.  And this is what he had to say about the graphics, story and sound.

Please take this with a grain of salt.

“The graphical atmosphere of the game overall looks very similar to MGS4. From what I was told, they’ve simply taken the engine from MGS4 and upgraded and tweaked it. I myself am NOT a game programmer, so I do not know any technical aspects of engines, haha, so forgive my ignorance on that subject.

The textures of the walls, vehicles, buildings and streets look pretty intense. There were some slow-downs in the heavy battles of the large “Messiah Mechs” as well as in some low-action scenes of sneaking under APC’s and walking around the environment. I can only imagine this is due to the fact that it’s in Alpha still. Though to be fair, Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater for the PS2 did have slowdowns in some areas, namely the part where you first met the Alligators in the swamplands.

The character models, especially of Raiden, are noteworthy for their realistic qualities. A lot of games nowadays seem to make the main character you play as have really good textures and modeling, while leaving your enemies or NPC’s to be stuck with de-colored bland models. It was very refreshing to see the Spetsnaz-looking soldiers up to par with Raiden’s overall look.”

“Given that MGS5 is simply the same engine as MGS4 but tweaked and upgraded, those who played and enjoyed MGS4 will have a somewhat decent idea of how MGS5: Rising will playout. In the same stance as MGS4, the game has a more action-oriented ****to it. Rather than being a isometric-****top-down perspective, it is a behind-the-shoulder/back camera view that moves the game along much quicker than previous installments (MGS4 excluded of course).

While the action-based combat is a good thing, there was one aspect that I didn’t really feel meshed well with the game: the character movement. It seemed to me that moving Raiden around was similar to Fallout: New Vegas: You could move the character’s body without actually having his feet move. Now I can easily chalk that up to the fact that it’s so early in development, but I must still have hope that that was not an aspect they were tryingto achieve, as it would really hinder an otherwise great game.

The motions Raiden makes when he slashes his sword are about the same as in the previous MGS games. As soon as you hit the Square button to start an attack, Raiden lunges forward and moves into a slashing stance as he throws down the blade before drawing it back up to his shoulder in one quick, smooth motion. I would have liked it to be more smooth and not so defined, but again, it is likely just from being Alpha still. The cool aspect of the gameplay was the Cover system. I LOVE Cover systems! The absolute most exciting aspect of this cover system was something I had never seen before.”

“The Sound & Music of video games are some of the most simplist aspects that accompany said product. It’s unfortunate that in most games today, developers and/or publishers tend to accept low-quality audio in even their most privileged of games. I am very happy to report that, as is customary in Metal Gear Solid games, all aspects of the audio in this game are perfectly spot-on. Even though I didn’t get to experience any story-heavy moments in the game, which would surely have had some amazing somber music, I still found the music to be quite enjoyable. It was mostly your typical action music that accompanies these types of games, but it seemed to have its own unique twist and sound that really brought together the heavy battles.”

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