Middle-Earth Shadow of War Guide – How To Make A Powerful Army of Orcs

The most powerful army of Orcs there ever was.

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Okay, so the big new thing in Shadow of War is that you can do something that Tolkien’s heroes would otherwise never do- work with the disgusting orcs, recruiting them over to your side, and furthering your mission to take on the Dark Lord.

Of course, the problem with this is that all orcs are not equal- while most of them will do the job fine, and having a number of any kind of orcs will give you the advantage of overwhelming numbers on your side, having stronger Orcs is even more preferable.

These are the Legendary and Epic Orcs- they are better than your standard fare Orcs. And here, we talk about how to get them on your side:

  • First things first, they are exceptionally rare. If you find one in the game world, do not kill it. Dominate it and recruit it to your side.
  • Game the Nemesis system. The orcs that defeat you level up and become stronger- this can eventually lead to them attaining Legendary and Epic ranks too. Let specific orcs kill you over and over again, and when they have levelled up, dominate and recruit them. But make sure you are leveled up too…otherwise it will be difficult to take them out.
  • Spend real world money on the loot boxes. I do not recommend this, simply because of my distaste for these- but if you want to do it, be my guest. Spend 1,500 Miriam to get a guaranteed Epic orc, and another random orc, in this game’s version of loot boxes.

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