Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Guide – Collectibles, Documents, Electronic Parts, Secret Bags, and More

A complete guide for Mirror’s Edge Catalyst.

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Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is finally out, and while the jury is out on whether or not the game is truly better than the original release (most reviews seem to suggest that it is a definite step down from the original, but the original itself wasn’t exactly a critical darling, but player reception elevated its status over time), at least the game is now out for everyone to enjoy.

And for a lot of players, simply completing the story mode won’t be enough (though we do have a walkthrough for those of you who want to do just that, too)- for such players, tracking down every last collectible, and unlocking every Trophy/Achievement is going to be a big part of the game, too.

If you are one of those people, this guide is for you. From documents, electronic parts, and all other collectibles, to the Achievements/Trophies, this guide has it all. Let’s begin the fight against the system.

COLLECTIBLES (Documents, Electronic Parts, Secret Bags, Recordings, Surveillance Recordings Locations)

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst has a lot of collectibles to track down- so many that many players won’t even realize that a lot of these exist. If you’re one of those players trying to get every last one of these, however, then the videos below should help ensure you get everything that there is to get in every location in the game.

Gridleak Map Locations

This is the most common collectible in the game- and unlike the case with similar collectibles in other games, this one is actually quite easy to 100%. That’s because the game basically tells you where to go look- which can be helpful, because there are simply a staggering amount of them to be found.

If you are trying to collect all of these, the below is all you have to do- and you should be able to track down all of them without much issue.

  • Don’t begin collecting them until after you finish the main story.
  • After completing the campaign, go to the Progression Menu, and select the Gear Tab
  • Use an upgrade point to unlock the Gridleak Map gear option in the bottom-left corner of the grid.

And that’s it- this should make it easier for you to hunt these down. The game lets you explore the full map once the main story is complete, so this is absolutely the best time to hunt down collectibles anyway.


Knowledge is power
Complete all of Plastic’s missions

Downton Girl
Complete all side missions in Downtown

I Refuse to Sink
Complete all side missions in Anchor

Building Blocks
Complete all side missions in Rezoning

Complete all side missions in The View

Running Errands
Complete all side missions

Learn to Walk
Purchase Faith’s second upgrade

Run Free
Purchase half of Faith’s upgrade

With Bells On
Purchase all of Faith’s upgrades

Praise the Run
Reach full focus and keep it going

Easy Runner
Springboard, Wallclimb, Turn, Jump, Coil, Skill Roll

Veteran Runner
Shift, Wallrun, Jump, Coil, Skill Roll, Shift

Tenacious Traceur
Wallrun, Turn, Jump, Wallclimb, Turn, Jump, Wallclimb, Turn, Jump

Seb’s Salute
Shift, Springboard, Wallrun, Swing Pipe, Skill Roll

Danger Zone
Reach full focus and take out 10 enemies before it runs out

Hey, it’s-a-me again!
Perform a highground attack as a finishing move

Elegant Flight
Deliver any fragile package without any damage to it

Undetected Surge
Shut down any gridNode without notifying KrugerSec of your presence

Roof Runner
Complete 10 Dashes in the main game

Express Delivery
Deliver 10 packages

Fighting the System
Complete 15 billboard hacks and interventions

Five Finger Discount
Remove 10 electronic parts from Conglomerate terminals

I Saw You On The Battlefield
Destroy all Security Hubs

P.I. Connors
Find every secret bag hidden in Glass

Story Teller
Find every recording and document in Glass

Full Exposure
Collect every gridLeak in Glass

User Generated Finisher
Complete a user created Time Trial

You can’t keep me down
Get yourself to a user created Beat L.E.

Customize your Echo

Peak Performer
Get a 3-star rating on all Dashes in the main game

George’s Garrison
Springboard, Swingbar, Jump, Wallclimb, Turn, Jump, Coil

Belle of the Ball
Vault, Slide, Jump, Wallclimb, Turn, Jump, Wallrun, Turn, Jump, Skill Roll

Law-abiding Citizen
A good Cascadian follows the rules

Resume your old life

Learn to Fly
Take flight with some old friends

In his bad books
Escape with a gift from an old enemy

Witness a terrifying event

Repay Dogen

Never Forgotten
Avenge them

The enemy of my enemy
Seek out Black November for help

Smash & Grab
Resistance is futile

Little Girl Found
Discover the identity of Kruger’s

Into the light
Escape from the heart of darkness

Shattered Dreams
Take what is his and make it crumble

Blood is thicker than everything
Defeat Kruger

Time for a frenzied rumble
First crack the shell, then crack what’s inside

This. Is. Glass.
Send the KrugerSec turrets into the abyss

Vengeful Strike
Claw back what they took from you

Hacker Time
Hack. Tick. Tock. Run. Repeat.

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