New GTA 5 Details Leaked; protagonist, game world, vehicles, combat and more

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Grand Theft Auto 5 was announced some time ago, and ever since then, there’ve been a lot of leaks and rumours circulating the internet. Some new details have been leaked this time, and they look very comprehensive, and they actually look believable.

According to this leak, the protagonist will be a black guy of 30 odd years, and the game world will be four freaking times as large as GTA 4’s Liberty City.

Civilians can be used as human shields in fights, you can barricade yourself in buildings and lock doors, you can build your own weapons, cops will use tear gas, large scale interior environments like hospitals and police stations and malls will be featured in the game and the stamina building and skill upgradation systems from GTA: San Andreas are making a return.

The leak contains tons of other rather interesting details, and they all look rather believable. I just hope they’re true. Here they are:

– The lead will be a 30 something black man
– GTA V will be four times bigger than GTA IV, with settings including countryside, a forest and beaches. It apparently takes as much as 15 minutes to get from the centre of the game’s city to the forest on its outskirts. Tasty.
– The game features all new animations and visuals, which will mark a big improvement on those found in GTA IV.
– Responsiveness has been greatly improved.
– There are more than 100 important, or semi-important non-playable characters.
– There are no children in the game, and apparently there never will be.
– Animals will feature in the game environment for the first time.
– Players can choose to hijack planes.
– Cars need to be refuelled.
– Players can blow up cars by shooting a trail of gasoline.
– You can use random civilians as a human shield.
– The weather will affect gameplay.
– Social mini games are gone, but games like basketball and weight training are necessary to build player stamina.
– You can take part in underground cage fights and arm wrestling competitions.
– Your character’s skills controlling vehicles will improve with experience.
– You can make home made weapons.
– You can lock doors and barricade yourself into buildings.
– Cops will use tear gas, attack dogs and riot gear among other items. Pursuits will be more realistic.
– Weapons available include remote mines, flamethrowers, trip wires, claymores, swords and axes.
– The game will feature large scale interior environments which include shopping malls, hospitals, police stations and sprawling underground sewers.

GTA V releases next year (hopefully). Stay tuned for more info.


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