New Pokemon X and Y Information Reveals Starter Evolutions, Full Trainer Customization, New MewTwo MegaEvolution

Throw in everything and the kitchen sink!

Posted By | On 14th, Sep. 2013 Under News

Pokemon X and Y are coming, and as they near the release, we find more and more about the titles that have been kept so tightly under wraps so far. The newest video that you see up there reveals the evolved forms of your Kalos region starter Pokemon- and yes, Fennekin, that looked the best until now, looks like it has the worst first stage evolution (although Fennekin fans, don’t worry. Remember, Torchic evolved into the absolutely ridiculous looking Combusken, before it evolved into the badass Blaziken), while the other two seem to have relatively more inoffensive first stage evolutions.

Speaking of evolutions, a new MegaEvolution for MewTwo has just been revealed, and now we know that each version of the game will have one MegaEvolution exclusive to it. This is only the second set of version exclusive Pokemon that we know of for this set of games so far (the first set being the version mascot legendaries, of course). The video also unveiled Mega-Garchomp, because what better way to tackle a Pokemon so overpowered that it’s broken, than making it even more powerful?

Finally, this video confirms something a lot of players have been looking forward to for a while- full featured trainer customization!

Pokemon X and Y launch in 29 days exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS.

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