Ni No Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom Complete Guide: Crafting, Skirmish Battles, Kingdom Management, Recruiting Citizens, And More

A complete guide for Ni No Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom.

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Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom is the sequel to the much acclaimed JRPG. The game follows in its predecessor’s footsteps while also changing things up a bit. In this game, you will explore the story mainly through the eyes of the young Prince Evan. However, you’ll also be able to control two other companion characters who will aid Evan on his adventure.

This is a game with a lot of complex systems that you’ll have to pay attention to including managing your kingdom, exploring the open world, crafting, and much more. If you’ve been looking for any information regarding any such aspect of the game, then look no further because this guide is here to help you out! If you’re ready, then let’s get started.


Once you’ve got to a certain point in the game and Evan takes his seat on the throne, you’ll have to pay attention to your kingdom and how it works. You’ll also have to appoint the appropriate personnel for certain tasks so that the kingdom functions smoothly. Furthermore, you can build different facilities that will provide some very useful benefits.

First off, make sure you build a weapons shop, an outifitter, and a spellworks as soon as you get the new kingdom. These will allow you to craft and upgrade weapons and armor, and learn and improve spells. Just ensure that you’re running some research whenever you can as this will help you out a lot later on. To do any of this, you require Kingsguilders or KG which is different from the normal currency you use to make other purchases. As your kingdom grows larger and you amass more resources, you will be able to earn a greater amount of KG. As the ruler, you’ll be able to gain a share of the harvest from farms and mines, so make sure you collect that and then the stores can continue functioning as usual,  since they have a limit to the amount of resources they can hold.

Once you have this covered, you’ll want to focus on upgrading your castle. It’s certainly not an easy to task to gather the amount of influence and KG required, but you’ll eventually get there. You can build a lot of useful facilities but the most useful are the following:

  • Spellworks: Evan learns the Revive ability which can be very useful in battle. Magic can be levelled up using materials you collect on your adventures.
  • Explorer’s Guild: Offers a range of benefits such as allowing you to move faster on the world map.
  • Basic Training Ground: Increases amount of experience gained and distributed among party members, as well as to those who aren’t in your immediate party.

Naturally, citizens are an integral part of your kingdom and they sometimes offer important Citizen Quests which you can complete to earn some KG and other rewards. You can recruit citizens out in the wilds or just by completing certain quests. You can also obtain new citizens for your kingdom through the Taskmaster after completing certain quests for him and then swapping the coins you receive in exchange for new citizens.


Evan will have to lead his army against opposing factions in skirmish battles. The way these battles work is that each unit type is strong or weak against another unity type. For example, swordsmen may be weak against spearmen, while archers may be weak against swordsmen. You’ll have to constantly rotate your units to ensure that they are going up against a unit type they can defeat. If there is a blue line going from your units to enemy units, then it indicates that your units are more powerful, but if there’s a red line, then it indicates that the enemy units are going to defeat your units.

During battle, you can call for reinforcements so make sure you do so if you want to win these battles. You just have to spend some Battle Points to be able to call for help from allies.

Finally, make sure you bolster or upgrade your army before an upcoming battle. In the skirmish menu, you’ll be able to see different options available to temporarily make your army stronger. Different upgrades are available at different prices (they cost KG), so make sure you understand your battle situation well before you spend any KG on an upgrade.


The world in Ni No Kuni 2 is much larger than the first game and as such it is one that you will spend a lot of time exploring- travelling in and around its numerous areas, even dungeons and the world map and interacting with all the characters (and monsters) you meet here. However, there is an efficient way to travel between major towns and smaller points of interest in-game and it involves the usage of so called trip-doors. They’re essentially portals, marked by a blue aura that once you find, you can use to transport Evan and his companions between areas.


In your travels across the open world, you may have come across some blue chests that you haven’t been able to open. These chests cannot be opened in the normal way, but instead requires you to learn a spell called ‘Spring Lock’. Learning this spell is no easy task however. You’ll first have to gain Evermore and then build a Spellworks facility there. This facility will allow you to learn and research different spells. However, for the ‘Spring Lock’ spell, the building needs to be at least level 3. To upgrade buildings past level 2 however, you need to first upgrade your kingdom. Once all this is done, you’ll finally be able to learn the ‘Spring Lock’ spell and you’ll be able to open all of the blue chests out there using this spell!


As mentioned earlier, citizens are an integral part of your kingdom and not only do they populate it, they also contribute to it with their special skills and attributes. A larger number of citizens also allows you to upgrade your kingdom to different levels. Some citizens will automatically join your kingdom as you progress through the main story. Others can be recruited through the Taskmaster. There are many citizens whom you can recruit simply by completing side quests, so make sure you complete as many of these as you can. You can find a full list of citizens who can be unlocked from side quests below, along with information about their skills and how they can be unlocked.

  • Auntie Martha: : Possesses  ‘Spiffing Smithing.’ Complete Side Quest No. 1 to recruit.
  • Tyran the Untamed: Possesses ‘Perfect Execution’. Complete Side Quest No. 1 to recruit.
  • Munokhoi: Possesses ‘Creative Flair’. Complete Optional Quest No. 3 to recruit.
  • Mileniyah: Possesses ‘Air of Danger’. Complete Optional Quest No. 2 to recruit.
  • Rumpel: Possesses ‘Sense of History’. Complete Optional Quest No. 82 to recruit.
  • Senturi: Possesses ‘Builder’s Eye’. Complete Optional Quest No. 161 to recruit.
  • Tabbias: Possesses ‘Business Sense’. Complete Optional Quest No. 14 to recruit.
  • Dekkah: Possesses ‘Nimble Fingers’. Complete Optional Quest No. 160 to recruit.
  • Tyger: Possesses ‘Nimble Fingers’. Complete Optional Quest No. 140 to recruit.
  • Sin-Gul: Possesses ‘Business Sense’. Complete Optional Quest No. 159 to recruit.
  • Furnest: Possesses ‘Builder’s Eye’. Complete Optional Quest No. 107 to recruit.
  • Andrew: Possesses ‘Sense of History’. Complete Optional Quest No. 76 to recruit.
  • Grampuss: Possesses ‘Air of Danger’. Complete Optional Quest No. 131 to recruit.
  • Francine: Possesses ‘ Creative Flair’. Complete Optional Quest No. 105 to recruit.
  • Hansel: Possesses ‘Perfect Execution’. Complete Optional Quest No. 54 to recruit.
  • Alexis: Possesses ‘Spiffing Smithing’. Complete Optional Quest No. 127 to recruit.
  • Fitch: Possesses ‘Love of Liapacas’. Complete Optional Quest No. 21 to recruit.
  • Morgan: Possesses ‘Swaggie’s Swagger’. Complete Optional Quest No. 106 to recruit.
  • Crispin: Possesses ‘Maid Sense’. Complete Optional Quest No. 38 to recruit.
  • Kimmy: Possesses ‘Insider’s Insight’. Complete Optional Quest No. 77 to recruit.
  • Norbert: Possesses ‘Huntsman’s Eye’. Complete Optional Quest No. 128 to recruit.
  • Brianna: Possesses ‘100 Heartedness’. Complete Optional Quest No. 104 to recruit.
  • Klaus: Possesses ‘Baker’s Heart’. Complete Optional Quest No. 129 to recruit.
  • Brooke: Possesses ‘Ex-ten-sive Insight’. Complete Optional Quest No. 103 to recruit.
  • Ritter: Possesses ‘Higgler’s Instinct’. Complete Optional Quest No. 133 to recruit.
  • Krystal: Possesses ‘Singularity’. Complete Optional Quest No. 80 to recruit.
  • Roden: Possesses ‘Mentor’s Instinct’. Complete Optional Quest No. 129 to recruit.
  • Cindy May: Possesses ‘Technophilia’. Complete Optional Quest No. 103 to recruit.
  • Grimm: Possesses ‘Patissier’s Touch’. Complete Optional Quest No. 132 to recruit.
  • Candy: Possesses ‘Fresh Perspective’. Complete Optional Quest No. 79 to recruit.
  • Raxel: Possesses ‘Magic Touch’. Complete Optional Quest No. 130 to recruit.
  • Jared: Possesses ‘Perfect Execution’. Complete Optional Quest No. 126 to recruit.
  • Muriel: Possesses ‘Hedge Magic’. Complete Optional Quest No. 26 to recruit.
  • Drew: Possesses ‘Fluency in Hig’. Complete Optional Quest No. 101 to recruit.
  • Persha: Possesses ‘Emerald Fingers’. Complete Optional Quest No. 7 to recruit.
  • Price: Possesses ‘Social Network’. Complete Optional Quest No. 74 to recruit.
  • Moggie May: Possesses ‘Smith’s Instinct’. Complete Optional Quest No. 27 to recruit.
  • Oz: Possesses ‘Expert’s Instinct’. Complete Optional Quest No. 73 to recruit.
  • Kitty: Possesses ‘Nose in a Million’. Complete Optional Quest No. 136 to recruit.
  • Brodie: Possesses ‘Technophilia’. Complete Optional Quest No. 81 to recruit.
  • Alice: Possesses ‘Dogged Bearing’. Complete Optional Quest No. 25 to recruit.
  • Kent: Possesses ‘Feel for Steel’. Complete Optional Quest No. 75 to recruit.
  • Henny: Possesses Armorer’s Instinct’. Complete Optional Quest No. 24 to recruit.
  • Trey: Possesses ‘Charisma’. Complete Optional Quest No. 125 to recruit.
  • Rosamund: Possesses ‘Astrologer’s Gift’. Complete Optional Quest No. 137 to recruit.
  • Eli: Possesses ‘Business Sense’. Complete Optional Quest No. 102 to recruit.
  • Marlene: Possesses ‘Deep Dedication’. Complete Optional Quest No. 138 to recruit.
  • Chip: Possesses ‘Knack for Nutrition’. Complete Optional Quest No. 72 to recruit.
  • Grisella: Possesses ‘Cauldron Sense’. Complete Optional Quest No. 135 to recruit.
  • Sibyalla: Possesses ‘Sense of Style’. Complete Optional Quest No. 100 to recruit.
  • Lady Trudy: Possesses ‘Canine Smarts’. Complete Optional Quest No. 139 to recruit.
  • Helena: Possesses ‘Xip Effect’. Complete Optional Quest No. 52 to recruit.
  • Nu Bi: Possesses ‘Builder’s Eye’. Complete Optional Quest No. 4 to recruit.
  • Daphne: Possesses ‘Prospector’s Eye’. Complete Optional Quest No. 69 to recruit.
  • Bao Wao: Possesses ‘Canine Smarts’. Complete Optional Quest No. 40 to recruit.
  • Callianeira: Possesses ‘Artisan’s Arm’. Complete Optional Quest No. 124 to recruit.
  • Long Mein: Possesses ‘Dispeller’s Eye’. Complete Optional Quest No. 22 to recruit.
  • Hipponoe: Possesses ‘Indefatigability’. Complete Optional Quest No. 99 to recruit.
  • Fai Do: Possesses ‘Outdoorsiness’. Complete Optional Quest No. 12 to recruit.
  • Lycorias: Possesses ‘Business Sense’. Complete Optional Quest No. 53 to recruit.
  • Hau Ling: Possesses ‘Nose in a Million’. Complete Optional Quest No. 23 to recruit.
  • Thetis: Possesses ‘Dogged Bearing’. Complete Optional Quest No. 71 to recruit.
  • Ya Pi: Possesses ‘Huntsman’s Eye’. Complete Optional Quest No. 122 to recruit.
  • Halimede: Possesses ‘Expert’s Instinct’. Complete Optional Quest No. 70 to recruit.
  • Da Xing: Possesses ‘Nimble Fingers’. Complete Optional Quest No. 95 to  recruit.
  • Mylas: Possesses ‘Fisher’s Fingers’. Complete Optional Quest No. 97 to recruit.
  • Gao Jia: Possesses ‘Spiffing Smithing’. Complete Optional Quest No. 9 to recruit.
  • Nereus: Possesses ‘Metaphysicality’. Complete Optional Quest No. 48 to recruit.
  • Chi Pi: Possesses ‘Green Fingers’. Complete Optional Quest No. 18 to recruit.
  • Thaumas: Possesses ‘Fertile Mind’. Complete Optional Quest No. 46 to recruit.
  • Proteus: Possesses ‘Cauldron Sense’.Complete Optional Quest No. 49 to recruit.
  • Triton: Possesses ‘Huntsman’s Heart’. Complete Optional Quest No. 50 to recruit.
  • Bai Gon: Possesses ‘Luck of the Devil’. Complete Optional Quest No. 10 to recruit.
  • Phorkys: Possesses ‘Fertile Mind’. Complete Optional Quest No. 98 to recruit.
  • Li Li: Possesses ‘Hyperdexterity’. Complete Optional Quest No. 8 to recruit.
  • Filippos: Possesses ‘Sacred Sight’. Complete Optional Quest No. 43 to recruit.
  • Hoi Den: Possesses ‘Even Keeled’. Complete Optional Quest No. 5 to recruit.
  • Peleus: Possesses ‘Fisher’s Fingers’. Complete Optional Quest No. 47 to recruit.
  • Yung Mein: Possesses ‘Taste of Timber’. Complete Optional Quest No. 13 to recruit.
  • Glaucus: Possesses ‘Adventurous Taste’. Complete Optional Quest No. 45 to recruit.
  • Min Ti: Possesses ‘Pescological Nous’. Complete Optional Quest No. 11 to recruit.
  • Speio: Possesses ‘Fisher’s Fingers’. Complete Optional Quest No. 51 to recruit.
  • Pi Chi: Possesses ‘Sorcerer’s Instinct’. Complete Optional Quest No. 6 to recruit.
  • Yip-Yip: Possesses ‘Scholar’s Sense’. Complete Optional Quest No. 96 to recruit.
  • Ah Chu: Possesses ‘Perfect Pitch’. Complete Optional Quest No. 19 to recruit.
  • Tiller: Possesses ‘Charisma’. Complete Optional Quest No. 37 to recruit.
  • Yu Kan: Possesses ‘Sorcerer’s Instinct’. Complete Optional Quest No. 20 to recruit.
  • Keeley: Possesses ‘Outdoorsiness’. Complete Optional Quest No. 42 to recruit.
  • Yo Ho-Ho: Possesses ‘Prospector’s Eye’. Complete Optional Quest No. 123 to recruit.


This game has two types of Collectibles that the dedicated gamer won’t want to miss. Songbooks are essentially just pieces of the game’s various soundtracks that you can collect and listen to at your leisure. As such there are three ways to earn Songbooks. They can be obtained by completing side quests, Tainted Monsters can give you some others and they can also be hidden in treasure chests scattered throughout the game. Use the following list to locate these Songbooks.

Optional Quests Required to Earn Songbooks:

  • Complete Side Quest No. 106.
  • Complete Side Quest No. 48.
  • Complete Side Quest No. 34.
  • Complete Side Quest No. 62.
  • Complete Side Quest No. 92.
  • Ccomplete Side Quest No. 60.
  • Complete Side Quest No. 66.
  • Complete Side Quest No. 87
  • Complete Side Quest No. 22.
  • Complete Side Quest No. 161.
  • Complete Side Quest No. 155.
  • Complete Side Quest No. 170.
  • Complete Side Quest No. 152.
  • Complete Side Quest No. 129.
  • Complete Side Quest No. 168.
  • Complete Side Quest No. 144.
  • Complete Side Quest No. 164.

Songbooks Acquired by Defeating Tainted Monsters:

  • Defeat the Tainted Monster named Ziggy.
  • Defeat the Tainted Monster named Skyrch.
  • Defeat the Tainted Monster named Swellhorn.
  • Defeat the Tainted Monster named Starless Knight.

Treasure Chests Songbooks:

  • Find one in Broadleaf, Dynafloor No. 3.
  • Find one in Forest of Niall, Hard Woods.
  • Find one in Abyss, 3000 Fathoms Deep.
  • Fine one in Cloudcoil Canyon towards the inside.
  • Find one inside a Treasure Chest in Snaketooth Ridge.
  • Find one inside a Blue Treasure Chest in Rubby Ruins.
  • Find one in Ding Dong Dell, the Old Well near the Slums Entrance.
  • Find one on Starboard Isle near a Tainted Monster, that requires a Boat.
  • Find one inside a Treasure Chest in Upheer Plain that requires a Zeppelin.
  • Find one inside a Blue Treasure Chest in Nogo Plateau, north of Rolling Hills.

Higgledy Stones:

Higgledy stones on the other hand, are a bit more functional in that they boost combat stats and help recruit the elusive  Higgledy creatures to help you in quests and combats. They’re secreted away however, in dungeons and are not easy to find and you should read the following list if you want to find the stones in each location.

Rolling Hills:

  • Crosswater Cavern- Find yourself the aptly named Motley the Menace by feeding it a snow-white thread. And remember to learn your Bridge skills before in order to access this area.
  • Old Well- Acquire Babwee the Bandit by feeding it Blossomewheat
  • Old Well- Unlock Dimity the Dastardly with the forked Tailbone.
  • Tumbledown Shrine- Unlock Tilly-loo the Twinkly with a clear Prism.


  • Shiverwood Shrine- Feed Dirgy the Dismal a twisty bone to acquire him.
  • Forest of Niall, Hard Woods- Obtain Phantasmagoria  by feeding it the Nightmare Prism.
  • Forest of Niall, Auld Woods (Dice factory)- Mutton-bane the Mushy; unlocked by using the Gunkshrooms.
  • Unsung Shrine- To capture Whiting the Lighting, feed it some Heavenly Wonderwater.
  • Death’s Door- To unlock Gabardine the Gawker, use Knights Brocade.
  • Hidey Hole- Aquire Mimber the Meanderer by using a Sackcloth from your inventory.


  • Bleachbone Shrine- Use a Fluffy Cloth on Teakettle the Toasty to unlock it.
  • Sunshade Shrine- Vorpal the Volcanic can be captured here using the Sunnysmile Cotton. This particular item can be found in both Dreamers Maze or from the Level 3 Wondrous Bazaar.


  • Shrine that Time forgot- Bolt Eagle Feather unlocks Boss-Woss the Bruiser.
  • Sublime Shrine- Unkimmon the Uncommon, earned by offering it some Coarse-Grained Lumber.
  • Fathomless Forest- Give Bumblebizz the Blowy some Fine Fur and add it to your growing collection.
  • Broadleaf Dyna, 2nd floor- Topturvy the Testy, acquired by using some Scented Sap.
  • Broadleaf Dyna, 3rd floor- Earn Slinsgby the Scorcher by using some of your Whole Milk.

Frost Planes:

  • Ice House- Malignity the Indignity is acquired from using the Sturdy Bone on the particular beast.

Makronos Island:

  • Dampshoe Cave- Use Coral Huebloom to unlock Tundle the Tropical.
  • Seaspray Tunnel- Use Briar Coral to unlock Dishcloth the Dragony.
  • Abyss, 1000 Fathoms Deep- A Bright Button unlocks Haddock the Fishy.
  • Abyss, 3000 Fathoms Deep- A Bighorn Shell unlocks Clambunctious the Calm.

Northern Islands:

Crooked the Cavern- Slithy the Spelunker, using the Glacier Crystal Cluster.

You can check out the following video for more information on where to collect all the different Higgledy Stones.


The crafting in the game does not become available until the third chapter of the game when you get your own kingdom. Once you have your kingdom up and running, you should get around to building an Outfitter and Weapon Workshop so that you can craft new weapons and armor.

You’ll also have to research new weapons and armor by going to the particular building under the Personal tab. Once you’ve researched a particular weapon or armor, you can then proceed to craft it, as long as you have the required materials. Keep in mind that each piece of equipment has a particular rank with the equipment of higher ranks being rare and harder to craft.

You can also upgrade weapons and armor but they have an upgrade limit, so be careful when you choose a particular upgrade for your equipment. As you upgrade workshops, you will also be able to gain access to better items, so make sure you do so whenever you get the chance.


Levels in this game indicate how strong a character is. Your characters level up as you gain XP by killing monsters, going on quests, and doing other such activities. While all characters in your party will earn XP for completing certain quests or killing monsters, your main character will earn the most amount of XP. Except for some special scenarios, you can change who the main character is at any point so that you can focus on levelling up any given character.

The easiest way to earn XP in the game is to simply defeat monsters out there in the world. Defeating monsters of a higher level than you will earn you a larger amount of XP, but they’ll be tougher to defeat. Another way to earn XP in the game is to do all the quests you can find, whether they are story missions or side quests. These will net you a significant amount of XP and offer a quick way to level up your characters. Finally, defeating Tainted Beasts will also grant you good XP but they are of quite a high level and can be fairly difficult to defeat early on. However, you should try and defeat as many of these as you can as the XP you gain will more than make up for the difficult battle.


Tainted Monsters are basically more difficult versions of monsters that you’ll encounter on your adventure. They have huge health pools, and deal large amounts of damage. They can be found across the World Map and many are announced in your Leafbook, so always keep a look out for any new Tainted Monster you can find.

Defeating Tainted Monsters offers some great rewards but these are cumulative in nature and you don’t get rewarded for each specific Tainted Monster that you kill. As you defeat a number of these monsters, you’ll be rewarded with different items. You can find below the full list of rewards along with the number of Tainted Monsters you have to kill to earn these rewards.

  • 2 Tainted Monsters Killed: Bulwark Brooch
  • 4 Tainted Monsters Killed: Champion’s Ring
  • 7 Tainted Monsters Killed: Light- fingered Ring
  • 10 Tainted Monsters Killed: Spellpower-Sweller
  • 15 Tainted Monsters Killed: Sopguard Pendant
  • 20 Tainted Monsters Killed: Blusterguard Pendant
  • 25 Tainted Monsters Killed: Blazeguard Pendant
  • 30 Tainted Monsters Killed: Slippery Pendant
  • 35 Tainted Monsters Killed: Plutocrat’s Pendant
  • 40 Tainted Monsters Killed: Necklace of Enlightenment
  • 45 Tainted Monsters Killed: Uncanny Close-Range Ring
  • 50 Tainted Monsters Killed: Ring of Rancour


Please use the following cheats at your own discretion. Using cheats online will lead to an immediate ban. 

There are a number of cheats you can make use of in the game so as to make things significantly easier for you. It can also be fun to just try out different cheats to see how they impact the game. For this game, you’ll have to download the required Cheat Engine which can provide a number of benefits including the following:

  • Multiply Effects of Status Up Items (Enable Before Loading Save Game)
  • Healing Modifier
  • Infinite MP
  • Weapon Zing Max on Hit
  • Infinite Skirmish Might
  • Infinite Item Usage/Set Minimum Amount On Use/Discard
  • Infinite Kings Guilders/KG Multiplier
  • Complete Research Instantly
  • Maximum Stored KG Per Addition
  • Instant Citizen Maximum EXP Bar (If Working Facility)
  • Get Store Items Instantly
  • Highlighted Citizen Editor
  • EXP Multiplier
  • Highlighted Character Stat Editor
  • Shop Override
  • Pointers to Guilders, King Guilders, Tactical Tweaker Levels, Seconds Between Stored KG Additions

To gain access to any of these cheats, just download the required Cheat Engine here.


While not a particularly challenging game, Ni No Kuni 2 features about 9 dreamer’s door dungeons that manage to really push the gameplay to another level. As these are tricky to find, feel free to glance quickly at the list below to help you locate each dungeon.

  • Dreamer’s Door 1: Grotty Grotto, Head east at Auntie Martha’s cottage, where you picked up your first Higgledy.
  • Dreamer’s Door 2: Sundown Woods, Search southwest from Evermore, or east of the Forest of Niall.
  • Dreamer’s Door 3: Eert Grove, Head northeast from Goldpaw, following the path above the sand.
  • Dreamer’s Door 4: Shrine of Pining, Search southeast from Hydropolis on the island of Makronos.
  • Dreamer’s Door 5: Sublime Shrine, Head east from Broadleaf, going up the northern ridge.
  • Dreamer’s Door 6: Tidewash Cave, Search northwest from Capstan-upon-Hull, or south from Goldpaw, in the coast.
  • Dreamer’s Door 7: Crooked Cavern, Head east from the Sky Pirates’ Base.
  • Dreamer’s Door 8: Blowtorch Cave, Head south from Broadleaf, to the very tip of Autumnia.
  • Dreamer’s Door 9: Shivery Shrine, north from Broadleaf in the wintry area and northeast from the plane crash site.
  • Dreamer’s Door 10: Faraway Forest, Head southeast from Broadleaf, and it can be found just a little above Door Eight’s Blowtorch Cave.


Masquerading as familiars in the first Ni No Kuni game, Higgledies can prove to be a crucial addition to your team, especially during battle. They fight alongside you and your companions, boosting their particular skill sets with offensive and defensive abilities. Once you build your own Kingdom in the game, one of the facilities you unlock is a Higglery where you can create and level up Higgledies. The more research is invested in the Higglery, the better the Higgledies it produces. Don’t forget to collect a number of materials and plants etc as they are crucial in crafting and levelling up these creatures.  Basically, since each Higgledy prefers a particular material, feeding it more of that will increase its stats, increasing both their offense and defense attributes as well as their normal and advanced skills. Remember- since materials are scarce, upgrade only those Higgledies that you plan to include in your party.


This RPG uses two types of currencies in-game, Guilders and Kingsguilders to leverage upgrades for anything, from weapons like your swords and daggers to skills and armours. The quickest, if not always the easiest, way to earn Guilders is to battle wild beasts and creatures and defeat them. This yields you sacks of Guilders whose value is directly proportionate to the strength of your opponent. Another way to earn Guilders unlocks later in the game, in the town of Golden Paw. Where there are a number of merchants and trades found in the bazaars of this region, and where you can sell weapons and resources you have collected in your inventory  for  profit. The other currency Kingsguilders,  takes a while to earn, needing the gamer to have passed Level 3. Once you establish yourself in the Kingdom of Evermore, the citizens populating it will provide you with Kingsguilders. And of course,  in order to earn more Kingsguilders, you need to make life more profitable for your citizens and even increase the number of citizens living in your Kingdom. So, erect more buildings and open new shops and vendors and you’ll find your coffers filling up fast.


In order to complete the side quest ‘A Gift for Gao Jia’, you will find yourself on the hunt for Scariwinkle. If you can pay for it, these are sold pretty cheap in a shop in Hydropolis, by a vendor in the Nautes Harbor area. However the only problem is that you can only get to Hydropolis by ship. Otherwise they can also be found in the sea, in Coral caves and on Makronos Island.

Prisms are quite a valuable commodity in-game as they are needed to create Higgles and upgrade spells. The fastest way to find these prisms is to buy them from Swift Solutions. The vendor will exchange them for tokens and you will just need to take up some tasks for him in return. Another way, although one quite rare is by battling the strange monsters that are called Incarnates. These humanoid slimy creatures are easy to defeat, they don’t even try to engage you, they just dance and try to escape so if you beat them you get the corresponding Prism- colour coded. Red Incarnate thus yields a Red Prism.

Ruby Huebloom is quite a tricky plant to find, but important, one that can upgrade some of Evan’s spells for you. Once you’re level 2, you can easily find it in the general store in your Kingdom but before that can be one of the things dropped by enemies in the Calmlands in the Eert Grove and can even just grow in the ground, though that is rare.


One True King: Awarded for achieving 100% completion.

Royal Mint: Awarded for amassing 500,000 Guilders.

Lord Treasurer: Awarded for opening 100 treasure chests.

Royal Treasurer: Awarded for opening 200 treasure chests.

Triple Threat: Awarded for having 50 trip doors remember you.

Make Your Best Offer: Awarded for giving the right gift to a Higgledy stone.

No Stone Unturned: Awarded for satisfying every single Higgledy stone.

A Bit on the Side: Awarded for completing your first side quest.

Side-tracked: Awarded for completing 50 side quests.

Beside Yourself: Awarded for completing 100 side quests.

No Downside:Awarded for completing 150 side quests.

Errand Boy: Awarded for completing your first errand.

All About the Errands: Awarded for completing 50 errands.

Knight Errand: Awarded for completing 100 errands.

Soldier King: Awarded for defeating 1,000 enemies.

Warrior King: Awarded for defeating 2,000 enemies.

Ball Boy: Awarded for collecting a total of 2,000 balls.

Wakey Wakey: Awarded for being awakened by a golden ball.

Wide Awake: Awarded for being awakened 50 times.

Higgledy-Gaggle! : Awarded for getting a set of matching higgledies!

Music Buff: Awarded for acquiring 30 songbooks

Raw Recruiter: Awarded for recruiting your first new subject.

Recruiting Sargeant: Awarded for recruiting 50 new subjects.

Recruiting Consultant: Awarded for recruiting 100 new subjects.

Cooking up a Treat: Awarded for cooking your first dish.

Cooking up a Storm: Awarded for cooking 50 dishes.

Weapon Whizz: Awarded for creating 50 different types of weapon.

Armour Ace: Awarded for creating 50 different types of armour.

Master of Magic: Awarded for upgrading your spells 50 times.

Higgledy Hotshot: Awarded for cooking up 50 different Higgledies.

Master Builder: Awarded for building 20 facilities in Evermore.

King of the Castle: Awarded for upgrading Evermore Castle to Level 4.

Superpower: Awarded for increasing your influence to 70,000,000.

To Arms! : Awarded for winning your first skirmish.

Secret Trophies

King in Exile: Awarded for finishing Chapter 1.

King Reborn: Awarded for finishing Chapter 2.

Kingdom Created: Awarded for finishing Chapter 3.

A Destiny Discovered: Awarded for finishing Chapter 4.

A Matter of Time: Awarded for finishing Chapter 5.

The Price of Progress: Awarded for finishing Chapter 6.

The Mark of Kings: Awarded for finishing Chapter 7.

Peace Breaks Out: Awarded for finishing Chapter 8.

Onward to Unity: Awarded for finishing Chapter 9.

Ocean-Going King: Awarded for making your first sea voyage.

King of the Skies: Awarded for making your first trip in the Zippelin.

Toppler of the Tainted: Awarded for defeating your first tainted monster.

Scourge of the Tainted: Awarded for defeating 50 tainted monsters.

Dream a little Dream: Awarded for entering your first Dreamer’s Door.

Bad Dream: Awarded for hitting Danger Level 5 in a Dreamer’s Maze.

Dream Big: Awarded for surviving 10 Dreamer’s Doors.

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